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ARGENTUM NITRICUM Syphlitic (Sycotic) Cancer

The crowd awaits, I must perform, but what horrors if I fail


Ah, whatever we are going to do, we are going to do differently A very high need and wish to perform A Tension: Performance becomes a crisis for them Overcome with irrational thoughts (our most irrational remedy) Urge to Jump Rituals; To keep the weird thoughts down A lot of anticipatory fears; Anxiety Dont want to get Trapped! Panic Attacks (Buildings fall down on them) Anger (Explosive) Its big, its loud, and its sudden Temperamental; Everything is dramatic Strong sense of hurry (I cant stand much more of this waiting) People oriented people Like to have fun! Seldom Bungle! Not Self-Critical; Suggestible Oh god, my throat, my heart, give me a damn salted nut roll! Suggestible Worse morning, Neurological, Heart Palpitations, Weakness Dramatic Hot blooded, Throat, sex, headaches go suddenly Splinter pain like splinter Bubbly Stomach Sensitive, Gassy, Burps Adding Rituals Growths, warts, etc. sycotic side Hot blooded, worse from heat (although not exclusory), Better from cold Craving for sweets (worse from); Strong craving for salt (salty nut rolls) ** Produces warts (sycotic side); cysts, growths, tumors Sudden weakness (pre-menstrual in women, in men after a stressful event) Lots of neurological symptoms, seizures disorders, MS, twitches, tremors, problems with legs, numbness, heaviness, gate problems, staggering ** 6. Vertigo, dizziness ** 7. Headaches: increases slowly and goes suddenly. 8. Eyes; conjunctive symptoms, bloodshot bright red 9. Throats (all kinds with intensity); Painful hoarseness, complete loss of voice; Ulceration of throat, infections of tonsils; Big strep remedy, like splinter in throat 10. Growths on larynx, warts, cysts, nodules 11. Heart disease; with intense palpitations, like heart will jump out of their chest (if anticipating something the next day), worse on right side 12. Very sensitive digestive tracts, generally worse in morning or anticipating 13. Big remedy for burps, frequent, loud, obnoxious, worse sweets, Distention of belly 14. Gas; intense, worse from sweets, worse in morning, doesnt relieve distention 15. Colitis, irritable bowel; Diarrhea from anticipation, from eating sweets 16. Easy vomiting from anticipation, tends worse in morning from thinking of day 17. Very high sex drive Fears Around potential for failure and of being trapped, Anticipatory Fears Test Anxiety; Stage fright; Fear of being late, of being Trapped Claustrophobia (wont sit in middle); Buildings falling, Intense fear of heights (looking up at tall things), going on bridges, Fear an anxiety of health (of being trapped in hospital) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Argentum Nitricum Mental State

A very high need and wish to perform
Want to be stars Warm, loving, quite extroverted; want be w/people Lighter (than Aurum), about entertaining, performing for artistic Goofy remedy, vs. haughty

People oriented people

Ah, whatever we are going to do, we are going to do differently About performing
A silver salt a silver nitrate Nitrates: Want to play have fun, Also explosive quality Miasm: both Sycotic & Syphilitic (mostly) Syph: because needs to create strong rituals, compulsive to prevent disaster They try to organize their life around not having to be in these situations

Like to have fun!

Quite sympathetic, (when not own stuff) (Hard to tell apart from Phos on surface)

Overcome with irrational thoughts That Distract them Impulse to jump off edge of building In this moment, they are overcome with this intense impulse, they cant stop They can explain it all in detail; explain how it feels to fall off to go splat Kids: What would it be like to stick this fork in the socket? and they do it Adults: wonders, yet hold themselves back

Everything is dramatic
(never timid or calm)

To keep the weird thoughts down Often involve movement in space Come down stairs on left side ...or something bad would happen Big stars, no red m&ms Very superstitious Everything is about signs Ill take all of the good luck things you have Often diagnosis with OCD

Seldom Bungle!
(Periodic table in the middle of the row)

Before Oscars, what to wear? to say?

Not Self-Critical
they give a great performance, they know it, they feel great Where they go down, is when they are at the pinnacle and fear of going down Devotion to Classics I want what was shining to shine forever

A Tension
The Nitrate part (brings very high anxiety) All salts have a conflicting part in them Worried about doing their best job Caught in this particular tension, driven to be thought of highly of, and yet equally strong fear and dread of failing

Creates an erratic nervous system

How you feel, if you were a hostage negotiator, life and death, and what if you fail?

One of our most irrational remedies

Spouse is trying to trap me Leave jobs for weird reasons They dont make sense (in an extreme state) Can be for early dementia if not treated

Especially about their health Case of Polio in MN; they were the ones that called, easily reassured

This is how they approach life

Performance becomes a crisis for them

Oh my God, could that happen to me?

(Like Phos)

Strong sense of hurry

I cant take much more of this waiting From erratic mindset Arg-N; cant hardly contain themselves, will ask how much longer, will go out in hall and pace, just all the more anxious Relationships Rocky Married and Divorce Loving in relationships, but explosive

What am I going to do, there are 50,00 people out there to see me, what if I fail?
Anger (Explosive) Temperamental
Over-reactive State (what they are trying to avoid) In this impulsive state, they will blow up at anything They can have huge temper fits

On one hand, they want to shine On other hand, they dont want to fail

They begin to live in this world of irrational thoughts A lot of anticipatory fears
Anxiety, sets in as soon as date is set (might not even realize it, so habit) If I do fail, I have a long way to fall High test anxiety People who fail tests because of anxiety

Even for a simple unrecorded quiz Major stage fright remedy Dont want to get Trapped!

Its big, its loud, and its sudden

And when its over, its over Not physically violent, they are loud, they rant (a performance)

Demanding Kids
A Handful Frequent temper tantrums at Home

Closed in places; panic Great claustrophobia

They panic if they cant get out (Syph) Emotionally; they feel trapped, they want to perform, they are sure it will be terrible Same feeling they get in a closed in room

Irrational Fear of Failure Dreams Falling, things crashing on them, of being trapped, of performing and failing; of giving graduation speech naked; of loosing control in absolutely critical situation The Actors, Performers Reagan had a silver tongue, but couldnt handle complex issues (not Aurum) approaches in an artistic way Arg-N are not interested in running the show
Cant articulate why

Its not rational, its just a feeling they have If Failure

Pathology sets in

(how will I get out?) huge

Never sit in the middle Wont sit by window, why? Might jump

Fear of buildings falling down on them

Panic Attacks Im going to fail, fall, cant get out, Im trapped
From 0 to 100 in one second

The anxiety might create that terrible performance

Arg-N has the lead, they have a terrible performance, they will likely come down with physical illness


Syphlitic (Sycotic)


Main Pathology Arg-N effects the mucus membranes especially the throat with much ulceration, causing often a splinterlike pain and the digestive system with much distention, bloating, gas and belching.

Themes Throat; Heart; Eyes; Digestive Staggering & Twitching Salted Nut Rolls (worse from sweets) Burps & Gas From Anticipation, in Morning (looking ahead at day)

Mind Greatest fear is of having to perform in a crisis because of underlying fear they will loose control in that kind of a situation Very impulsive, impulsive thoughts, elaborate compulsions, superstitious, irrational, from silly and foolish to violent and scary (person cant explain them) Very suggestible Main fear is being trapped, claustrophobia Intense fear of heights and looking up at tall things Fear of going on bridges Fears and anxiety about health (fear of hospital, can be trapped there) Fear of anticipation Fear of being late Stage fright, exam phobia Hurriedness Superstitious nature Quick to anger and irritation, quick to explode, very fast Dreams are chaotic Salts (dreams of trying to get somewhere and all kinds of obstacles) Generalities Hot blooded, worse from heat (although not exclusory) Better from cold, cold air, injury they want it iced Worse from sweets (crave them strongly) ** Produces warts (sycotic side) Sudden weakness (pre-menstrual in women, in men after a stressful event) Lots of neurological symptoms, seizures disorders, MS, twitches, tremors, problems with legs, numbness, heaviness, gate problems, staggering, stumbling ** Head Vertigo, dizziness ** Big headache remedy; increases slowly and goes suddenly ** Eyes; conjunctive symptoms, bloodshot bright red

Throat (all kinds) Hoarseness


Syphlitic (Sycotic)


Painful hoarseness, complete loss of voice (at end of illness or exertion) Intense splintering pain in throat, Ulceration of throat, infections of tonsils Big strep remedy Growth on larynx, warts, cysts, nodules Any kind of throat symptoms (with emphasis on intensity) Chest Heart disease; with intense palpitations, such hard strong palpitation, like heart will jump out of their chest (if anticipating something the next day) Palpitations worse lying on their right Digestive Big remedy for burps, frequent, loud, obnoxious, worse after sweets Distention of belly, try to burp to get rid of it (but does not relieve) Gas; similar intensity, worse form sweets, worse getting up in morning, doesnt relieve distention Colitis, irritable bowel Diarrhea from anticipation, from eating sweets Easy vomiting from anticipation, tends to be worse in morning from thinking of what they have to do that day Craving for sweets Strong craving for salt (often sweet and salty together salty nut rolls) Craving for cheese Craving and aversion to fat Summary: very sensitive digestive tracts, and generally worse in morning or when anticipating Reproductive tract Very high sex drive May marry and divorce frequently, sex drive with irrational thoughts Big for impotency, young high sex drive Cysts, growths, tumors, testis, ovaries (mostly benign) Extremities Paralysis of lower legs Awkwardness of lower legs and feet, stumble, trips

43 Male Complaining of rosacea, on face was mild Irish fellow Had a vasectomy and pain in testicle difficult to perform Wanted more energy He was somewhat depressed Its not bad Dull drifty feeling if not crisis going on


Syphlitic (Sycotic)


He was crisis manager in company Had to fly overseas to deal with high level problems Wasnt happy when crisis not going on But didnt like crisis either (avoidant) In dull place he would get tired Wakes up in morning, with a lot of tension in body Hot at night Feet out of covers Can only wear sandals in summer Gets angry very easily Wrecked 10 sets of golf clubs When he wouldnt perform, wrap them around tree trucks Impulsive explosive anger started when a kid He wrecked and lawnmower when wasnt working My anger is flashing, tends to only yell at home Hes obsessive getting things done, getting things done right Cleanliness is very important to him Its always good to have a great fight because then you have great sex If there is not a crisis, I make a crisis I stack my schedule, if someone is late, I get anxious and can hardly stand it Biggest fear of failure Of being incompetent Also fear of heights, intense vertigo and impulsive to jump Has reoccurring dream of a little baby crawling into elevator shaft and falling Most exhilarating, is giving a talk, when Im finally there, I love it, its a love fear thing Loud gas that he cant control Quite anxious when up in morning, has to get up and get moving He exercises, lifts weights He tried running, and the more hed run the faster he needed to run Arg-N 1M Came back, I have no more anger

(not so clear) 49 male CEO of major hospital Came in this is absolutely confidential Stomach pain, throat symptoms Ulcers burning pain No pattern Chronic sore throats (once for a year) Headaches, backaches Getting faint feeling, need to lie down All symptoms got worse when collapse at 45, on fast track of life, eating, drinking Extremely impatient Wouldnt go to movies, didnt want to wait in line Worked 7 days a week All the time Boiling hot Im too hot


Syphlitic (Sycotic)


Sleeps okay Snores Sleeps on right side, stomach relief Vivid dreams doesnt remember them Even mood wise Can have mood swings Gets down something Excited about future A lot of regrets Hes divorced Divorce not his idea His wife left him to move in with guy across the street Regrets that he kept working all the time He married women from across the street as well Still mad at wife for leaving Eating him up inside Good that marriage ended because he couldnt swallow what was happening (literally sore throat for a year) Fear of heights Doesnt like to look down Fear of burglars Anticipation of trouble Fear of snakes Fear of cancer, why? Its one of the worse things Sometimes intense heart palpitations Real strong tendency to throw up as child when nervous about something Likes being with people Craves sweets and salty foods Hates meat fat Hates anything around neck Had some difficulty concentration when stressed, mind goes on tangent (asked about strange thoughts) No but When hes driving and theres altitude, has desire to drive car off the edge He is a crisis manager (CEO of hospital) Thrived on crisis I pride myself on excellent work 1M Says his anxiety is gone Then later new job, developed colon cancer 50M Has dream of tumbling off a cliff He left the job He finally feels free Realized he had a compulsion to take on these high crisis jobs