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After breaking dawn!

The beginning of a never ending situation


NEWS. Part One Edward had gone into one of his long stares

This was normal when Jacob was around. Edward hated this. He did not mean to see the pictures of his daughters body. Or even think of it! He did not like to dig in to Jacobs brain anymore since Jacob and Nessie got physical. Edward had grown to dislike Jacob more than before. Which I thought was impossible. But I was wrong like most things and how much I would do to keep Edward, Renesmee and Jacob alive. Renesmee Carlie Cullen is actually 15 but has the body and mind of a 24 year old. Her locks are the color of a golden brown aubarn with tinted red. And the eyes I had are here but theyre not mine anymore there are nessie's. Snce she looked older she got to

go to college at an early age. Her dad, my husband, Edward was so happy. He wanted me to live my life in order to have a full life before i died he barganed , commanded that i wait longer but i wanted him and in a split second i became married pregnant and a enemy to my best freind 'JACOB BLACK ' he did not understand untill the end that i wanted edwards baby not knowing that my 'little nudger' was going to be imprinted on, then seriosly taken for what a fellow vampire thought was a immortal child. She could not help herself, she smiled giggled and blushed as Jacob came in. Jacob did not at all look happy. (Something was up!) Edward then turned into a statue. Only one time before had I seen Edward turn into a statue that was when I was

pregnant! So why did he just turn in to a statue? Jacob said are we going to have to tell you guys or do you two already know? I looked at Edward waiting for him to say something. I said what dont I know? Renesmee came over sat by me not minding her dad and said mom I am um. "(she paused looking down at her hands trying to spit out that last word)"Pregnant my jaw dropped and I than turned into a statue too. I stared at Edward he was still in his statue and I was not. I was just as shocked as everyone but Rosalie. Alice was trying to get rid of a migraine that the baby had given her just like when I was pregnant. the word "pregnant?!" slipped through my lips with a slight growl and my shield came up. It made my stomach turn upside down and made me want

to vomit. " moma i know that it's tough giving birth to a baby but you of all people should know how to conqure your worst fear and help your loving family" Renesmee said through sob's her face was faceless she reely had no idea how important she is to her family and me " Baby you are going to be fine! i will do what ever it takes to make you happy ( I turned to my , i guess,granbabys dad) "Jacob we need to talk I said. He slowly walked towards me. as soon as we got away from everybody He said immediately I know how this looks Bella he looked down at his feet and sighed she is doing what you were doing and I now feel like Edward did at that second. I think she shouldnt go through with this but my thought does not count just like Edwards did not(he continued looking down at his feet and once every few second eyed nessie) I

want to kill myself for what Ive done to Nessie I want too! But that will not help that will make things worse just like when Edward found out what he had done" I clenched my teeth, growled a little and remembered Edward in pain watching me die. I said in a low raspy voice you tried to talk some since into me member? It did not work. So me talking to her, you talking to her, anyone talking to her will do nothing! What about Nessie? Will the baby be stronger than she was? Do you remember when you saw the ink spots on my stomach? what if the baby inside her does worse? he said I dont know Bella! nbo one thought you would be able to give birth to her and live but you proved them wrong. if anything i have discussed with her and if she does not not make it i will take care of the baby. i really do not want her to go through with this but she has a

mind of her own " My thoughts went directly towards the vulturi. I whispered what about the vulturi? the words coming out of my mouth made me rethink of the day they told him he was not to be in a relationship with Nessie it was forbidden but of course they grew to love each other. And now their love was interfering with her life. In one day I saw my best friend with my baby telling me that he imprinted on my baby a day after her birth and now not even not 15 years later shes pregnant with a vampire, human and werewolf child. This is one kid right? We all sat on the couch staring at Nessie and Jacob. Carlisle was the first to speak well we know from your moms abnormal pregnancy was

only for like 1 month so for you it can be longer or shorter -he was not done- Edward go and get some food, Nessie go with your father for you to choose out your food. While Jacob goes and talk to Sam to see if this will affect the treaty. Esme go and get some blood. Jasper and Emmet go and look for any info about this magical baby ( nessie smiled at the word 'magical')Jacob and Nessie got up from their comfortable position. Everyone was up and doing something. ______________________________________

Decisions Part Two It did not take a long time for Edward and Jacob to compare me and

Nessie going through pregnancies with SPECIAL babies. Nessie woke up from her comfortable position on the couch with her life electric blanket by her. She stared at her muscular wolf. The first words that came from her mouth were Jacob, I want this baby, Stick needles in me, give me a bucket of blood , do whatever it takes! Jacobs head rotated in her direction. He said softly Well, I cant say I am surprised! You got your moms DNA in you so you are going to be stubborn like she was(he paused ) (remembering me being a THREAT to the treaty because I was pregnant with a half vampire)huh ness? She fought for you and I cant say that it was wrong because I got to be yours but in that process she died for you. Are you going to die for our child?

she stared at him SPEECHLESS because had she thought about her own life she might of made a different decision. Jacob-Bella and Edward can we talk its important Edward replied Yeah what do you want to talk about? He looked at nessie sending edward a message that said 'Can we talk in the other room? ' I was at Edwardss side jacob whispered too low for anyone else in the room to hear " nessie" we all stepped out of the room to the hall way where a family portariat of edward me and nessie hung Me-What about Nessie? Jacob- Well I was going to ask her if she would be my wife and since this

has happened I thought Why the hell not? So the question I have for you is May I ask your permission to marry your loving daughter? We were speechless how could we see this coming? Was it okay to say yes to this when the vulturi was on the loose waiting for my family to mess up? Alice came in and jumped with excitement Shes gonna say yes!!! Jacob asked where should I take her? Alice? Alice had closed her eyes (she was seeing the future )her babling made a horryifying sentence The vulturi have found out their worst nightmare; they found out that Nessies pregnant and it looks like we are going to have to defend her. Alice continued they are going to be here, in forks Washington, in a week or less

We all went to the living room Alice recited the news of the vulturi. Everyone was scared Stunned and alarmed. Carlisle declared its either us or them? The end of their clan or ours!? Really I never thought they would discriminate against the pack? Let alone us!? Edward said well I am going to fight and I know that no one will out not when Nessie and her baby are on the line, so does anyone want to kick some vulturi ass? Emmet spoke up Hells yeah! Lets kick some vulturi ass! __________________________________________

ConflictPart Three Jacobs pack did not agree that Nessie being pregnant was a good

idea they made him choose Nessie or his pack, which I might add is a family gene. He chose Nessie. No surprise there! But it was going to be hard. It did not take long for Billy to find out that he chose his new family over his old family. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place, he loved Nessie and knew that she was worth the fight but he could not get the idea of letting go of the pack. I mean he had been with them since I dont know when but I know he could not choose like his son did. " jake can we have a minute?" I asked unsure of what was going to happen since he left his pack for nessy. TO BE CONTINUED