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Call ahead and ask how much it costs to apply. Bring identification and proof of income with you. Think of questions or concerns that are important to you prior to spending money on the application. It is important that you know that a lease is a legal document and there are things you must know about and understand BEFORE signing a lease. Landlords have obligations to their tenants just as tenants have rules to follow.


Rent Know the amount of rent, when it is due, and if there is a grace period for late payment before penalties or interest are charged. Length of time on the lease Is it a year or is it month to month? How and when do you renew? Are there penalties for ending lease before specified length of lease? Deposit If a deposit is required, is it refundable within a specified length of time and what is the procedure for obtaining it? (See section on Security Deposits) Notification of Landlord Know the amount of notice (one month or less) required if you plan to move. A form for your use is enclosed.

Utilities What utilities are included in the rent figure? Be sure electric and gas bills are sent to BFMA directly under the tenants name. Pets Policy and Smoking policy Policy for having visitors; how long they may stay. Availability of laundry facilities and location of trash containers and mail boxes Fire exits and location of fire extinguishers Inspection Does landlord have the right to inspect the property at any time, or must he give notice? Lost key policy


Have a walk-through with owner or building superintendent regarding conditions of the facility. Record any problems so you cannot be held responsible for them at a later date. Are there certain hours when you may move in (or out)? What should you do if you lose your key or get locked out? Get the phone number for a locksmith in case one is needed.

Provide address change to Post Office Know who to call for maintenance problems - and if there is an emergency phone number for the landlord or maintenance company. Is there a smoke detector?


Show respect and consideration for the property. Be sure you do not damage common spaces such as hallways. Show respect and consideration for your neighbors; be mindful of noise (voices, radio, TV). Be sure you do not allow illegal activities in your apartment because you are responsible for your apartment. Make requests for repairs and complaints properly. Keep a record of when and to whom you report complaints/repair or maintenance problems, or put your request in writing and keep a copy of your request. (A request for repair and complaint form are included.) Ask for a time when you can expect response. Your heat and plumbing should work properly, but dont take inappropriate action. Discuss matters with your case worker. Failure of the landlord to handle complaints or correct maintenance problems does not excuse you from paying rent.

Are you following the rental agreement provisions? Take care not to cause any damage when you move out. Leave your apartment as clean as you found it so you will not be charged for cleanup and damages. (Clean your stove, refrigerator, cabinets and floors. Vacuum and dust the apartment. The bathroom should be clean. Take all trash to the dumpster.) The condition of your apartment when you leave determines the amount of deposit returned to you. Remember that items such as damage to walls, carpet stains and broken blinds will cost you money. Generally, moving should be done during business hours and must not interrupt sleep of other tenants. Utility companies such as gas, electric, phone, cable and water must be

notified in a timely manner. Notify BFMA if you plan to move so the rent goes to the correct landlord. Be sure you give sufficient notice in writing.

The property must meet building and housing codes. If unsafe, unlivable, or in bad repair, you should request, in writing, that your landlord make the repairs. Send your notice by certified mail so you have proof that the notice was received, and keep a copy. (A complaint form is included in this packet for your use.) If the needed repairs are not made, call your local housing or building code department (in Kansas City, Neighborhood Preservation at 5139000) and talk to your BFMA case worker. There must be adequate heat in winter, water, and utility service. The rent may not be raised or other lease provisions changed without giving the tenant proper notice (generally, one months written notice from the date rent is due unless the lease says otherwise).

A landlord may charge no more than two months rent as a security deposit (excluding pet deposits). Get and keep a receipt for any deposit you pay. Unless your landlord agrees, you may not use a security deposit as the last months rent. Within 30 days after the lease has ended, a landlord must return your full security deposit OR give you a written list of reasons that all or part of the deposit is being kept and give you the balance. A landlord may keep all or part of your deposit for the amount of rent owed, OR costs of repairs and cleaning after the tenant moves. The landlord cannot charge for repairing ordinary wear and tear.

Please use the following forms to help you be a responsible tenant

1) The first form can be used to let your landlord know you plan to move out. Please refer to your lease to know how much notice the landlord requires. Many times it is at least 30 days. At this time, also let your BFMA worker know. 2) The second form is a written notification that maintenance is needed. It is best to call your landlord with your request and if there is no response then you may use this form. 3) The third form is a complainant notice. This can be used for a variety of issues you might be experiencing. If possible, it is always a good idea to keep a copy of any written notice you submit for your records.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Landlord Move Out (Vacate) Notification

Todays date______________ Landlord name______________________________________________ Landlord address____________________________________________________________ __________________ ____ City State Dear_____________________: This is to inform you that on ________________ I, _______________________ Date of Move Your Name intend to move and vacate apartment #_____ located at ________________ Street Address in_________________, __________, ______________
City State Zip

__________ Zip

This provides ______ days notice in agreement with the lease. Please send the refund and forwarded

mail to ______________________________, __________________, ______, Street address City State



REQUEST FOR REPAIR Tenant/Landlord Notification Letter Date: __________________ My name and address: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Dear Landlord: I would like to request that you make some repairs in the dwelling/apartment that I am renting from you. I have ( ) have not ( ) told you about these problems. (check applicable item) / ___ months.

( ) The problems have existed for about _____ days

( ) Repairs have been attempted, but the problem remains. ( ) You have promised to repair these problems and have not done so. The problems are: (please print legibly)

You can reach me at _____________ to schedule the repairs. The best time to call is ______ AM/PM.
(phone #)

Thank you for your attention to this matter. ____________________________ Tenant


LANDLORD/TENANT COMPLAINT FORM TO: Name of Owner/Complex ______________________________________ Contact Person Name _________________________________________ Address ________________________________,_________________, ________, ______ Street City State Zip

Type of Complaint:

( ) Property Condition ( ) Security Deposit

( ) Lease

( ) Other


(Please write or print legibly)

Signature of Complainant:___________________________ Address: ________________________________________ Phone: ____________________