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In this issue, travel with Wally and Ksongz staff to Susquehanna Middle School, John Harris High School and New Jerusalem Church for the New Beginnings Summer Program. Play games while checking out cool photos. All this is more!
Wally makes his debut at the New Beginnings Summer Program.

Back to School!

The pencils have been sharpened, the buses have been filled with gas & parents & children have emptied Walmart of every notebook in stock. This can only mean one thing it's time to go back to school. Are you worried? Don't be. This is a very exciting time for everyone. It's time for students to learn, teachers to teach, parents to get more homework & all Ksongz students to begin tuning their voices for another fabulous year! We'd like to thank: Ben Franklin, Camp Curtin, Downey, Foose, Harrisburg High, Lawnton, Marshall, Melrose, Rowland, Rutherford, Scott & Steelton-Highspire Elementary for making 2010-2011 a great year! We are looking forward to working with you again and many more students for the 2011-2012 school year!

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Wally and the Pink Ladies from Susquehanna Middle School.

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Words from Wally

We had a great summer! We had the privilege to participate in the New Beginnings Summer Enrichment program. The kids and staff were wonderful! We were in 3 locations: Susquehanna Middle School, New Jerusalem Church in Steelton and John Harris in Harrisburg School District. I want to give all of the Ksongz students a shout out, you all did a great job! Our kids from John Harris and New Jerusalem performed Love at the final program. They were awesome! And the kids from Susquehanna Middle School performed a song that they wrote. We want to say thanks to The Pink Ladies for their rap. Great Job! We look forward to seeing you all this year in a school near you! For more information, videos and pictures please visit us at
Visit us at to see more photos Ksongz Thanks! - Wally

PO Box 15306, Harrisburg, PA 17105

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Kids Korner


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ACROSS 3. What we love to have lots of! 4. They tell us lots of cool stuff in class. 5. Place we go to learn. 7. What we do when our favorite song comes on.
Steelton-Highspire & Lawnton Elementary Schools

DOWN 1. Best music program ever! 2. What we do outside with our friends. 3. People we hang out with at school. 6. We do this everyday at school.

Lets Have Some Fun!

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PO Box 15306 Harrisburg, PA 17105
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drum instrument notes percussion vibrations

guitar interval octave piano wind
Did you know??

The average child will eat 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by they graduate high school. Thats a lot of bread!!
- Fun Fact from National Peanut Board at:


PO Box 15306, Harrisburg, PA 17105

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