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CNS: 1.What are different security services and explain their mechanisms? 2.Design a model for network security?

3.Explain how ceaser cipher is going to convert plain text to cipher text and write in detail about other substitution techniques? 4.what are different rounds performed to convert plain text to cipher text in DES algorithm/ 5.which mode of cipher can be used as both block and stream ciphers and explain about other block cipher modes of operation. 6.Classify security attacks possible on DES?

OOAD 1. Explain RumBaugh methodology with example. 2. Differentiate Macro Development process and Micro Development Process with reference to Booch methodology. 3. Explain Jacobson methodology with example. 4. What is a model, what are the formal models and what is a modeling language? Discuss different types of models used in the unified approach. 5. What is a Pattern? Explain in detail the essential components of a pattern template. 6. Write about frameworks and layered approaches for software development process? STM 1.Explain v-model for testing? 2.Write abuot importance of bugs and consequences of bugs? 3.What is path sesitizing,path instrumentation? Explain them. 4.Write short notes on i.prdicates ii.path predicates iii.achivable and unachievable path 5.What are the transaction flow testing?Explain them. 6.Briefly write about taxonomy of bugs in s/w testing?

IMF 1.Define management.Explain its working. 2. Managament is an art of getting things done to the people. Explain the statement. 3. Discuss the nature and importance of principles of management. 4. Discuss theory-bias contribution to scientific management. 5. What do you mean by scientific management. Explain technique of scientific management. 6. Who is Sole trader. What are the advantages of sole trading business.

DWM 1. Define each of the following data mining functionalities and give examples of each data mining functionality with which you are famous? i)Characterization ii)Discrimination iii)Association & Corelation Analysis iv)Classification v)Prediction vi)Clustering and vii)Evolution Analysis. 2. List & describe the 5 primitives for specifying a data mining task? 3. Describe 3 challenges to data mining regarding data mining methodologies and user interaction isues? 4. Briefly compare the following concepts use an example to explain your points? (i)Snowflake schema, Fact conssellation schema (ii)Data cleaning, Data transformation, Refresh (iii)Enterprise ware house, Data mark & virtual ware house 5. Suppose that a dwh consists of the 3-d time, doctor & patient and the 2 measures count & charge, where charge is a fee that a doctor charges a patient for a visist. (i)Enumerate 3 clases of schemas that are popularly used for modeling dwh. (ii)Draw a schema digm for the above dwh using one of the schema classes listed in (i). (iii)Starting with db cuboid [day,doctor, patient] what specific OLAP operations should be performed in order to list the total fee collected by each doctor in 2004? (iv)To obtain the same list, write an SQL query assuming the data are stored in a relational db with schema fee (day, month, year, doctor, hospital, patient, count, charge). 6. In dwh technique, a multiple dimensional view can be implemented by areational db tech (ROLAP), or by a multi dimensional db technique (MOLAP), or by a hybrid db tech(HOLAP). (a)Briefly describe each implementation tech. (b)For each techniq, explain how each of the foll funcs may be implemented: (i)The generation of a dwh(including aggregation) (ii)Roll-up (iii) Drill-down (iv)Incremental updating. Which implementation technqs do you prefer and why?

CD 1) Are phases required for designing the compiler, why? And what happens to the input string position:=initial+rate*60 in each phase? 2) What is the role of lexical analyzer? Draw the transition diagram to the Regular expression letter(letter|digit)* 3) For which purpose we are using LEX tool? 4) What is ambiguity and how we are eliminating that ambiguity? 5) Design Non recursive predictive parsing table to the following productions E------>E+T/T T------>T*F/F F------>(E)/id And check the input string id+id*id is valid or not to the above recursive predictive parsing. productions by using Non

6) Shift reduce parsing comes under bottom up parsing or not? Describe it with one example.