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Fourth Grade Notes

By: Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Strube

Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies
This Week in Mrs. Strubes Class
Reading We will continue setting up Reading Workshop and discussing things good readers do. Language We will continue working on sentence writing with an emphasis on subject-verb agreement. We will also continue working on expanding sentences with the children. Writing We will continue setting up Writing Workshop along with discussing writing Personal Narrative. We introduced linear and webbed paragraphs this week and will continue to discuss it further. Social Studies We will begin to discuss the regions of Texas and their attributes. We will give a review sheet over the regions to the kids on Tuesday to prepare for a quiz the following Wednesday, September 14. Spelling Scientific Spelling Rule the floss rule Dress, scoff, drill, thrill, cross, bless, glass, class, cliff, dwell Extra: your, youre, beautiful, thought, because Bonus: exclamatory, declarative, interrogative, subject, predicate

School News
Fall Open House will take place on the evening of September 15th from 6:007:30pm. We cant wait to see you there, so we can share with you all the things you need to know to help your child be successful in 4th grade. Parents only, please! Daily Communication Please check your childs binder nightly. Their conduct folders and agendas are in their binders. Please sign your childs conduct folder weekly. Daily homework will be written in their agenda each day. Contact Information or 281-634-3987 or 281-634-3967

Math and Science

This Week In Mrs. Jones Class
Math We will continue working with decimals to the hundredths place. We will be preparing for our first math test by sending home a review sheet for the students to correct on Thursday, September 8th. The review sheet will be due back to school on Monday, September 12th. The math test over numeracy will be on Tuesday, September 13th. Science We will continue learning about safety rules and scientific tools. We will also be conducting our first scientific investigation. Thursday, September 8 their will be a science test over the science tools. This can be found in your childs scientific notebook. There will be 36 questions. The student will have to match the words with the picture in one section and then match the words with the definition in the second section. Thanks for helping your child study. Please visit our classroom blog daily homework and other important information will be posted here.

Important Dates September 5 Labor Day School Holiday September 15th Fall Open House October 6th Early Dismissal and Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences November 4th LCE Fun Run

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