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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Congratulations on your acceptance of your call to preach.

What an awesome task and great responsibility it is to preach Gods word! The training you are about to embark upon will be challenging, insightful and invaluable. During the next three years, the foundation for serving and preaching will be laid. Please take full advantage of this opportunity, as it will be a period of learning and fellowship that will greatly enhance your ministry. I wish you every success as you enter into the M.I.T. program. I challenge you to be faithful, obedient, and studious while remaining humble in the midst of this season of instruction and preparation. Upon completion of this program, it is my desire that you remain faithful to your calling, use the knowledge acquired to serve others and to make a difference in the community, country and even the world. As Paul said to Timothy, Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus and be diligent to present yourselves approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth. In His service, Pastor L. Frazier White II Lead Pastor Faith Tabernacle UHCA

Table of Contents
Vision and Purpose Affirmation of Faith Admission into the M.I.T. Program Orientation Recommended Reading Dress Code Ministerial Protocol Contact Information 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 6

Vision Statement
The Ministers In Training Program is designed to provide relational and practical training to men and women of FT with an emphasis on personal development, Pastoral impartation, and practical experience so ministers will be better prepared for full-time or bi-vocational ministry. The Senior Pastor serves as the chief mentor imparting wisdom and providing empowerment by exposing ministers to the principles of ministry and preparation for their God-given call. Missional Objectives: a) Spiritual Development b) Theological Understanding and Development c) Understanding of Christian Ministry especially in holistic urban context d) Understanding the road ahead e) Understanding the practical and academic requirements f) Understanding Urban ministry perspective & African-American experience g) Understanding expectations and Covenant

Purpose Statement
This training is meant to equip, train and educate men and women called to the preaching ministry. Its purpose is to provide holistic ministerial training that emphasizes ministerial excellence along with personal development that will ultimately empower the ministers that complete it to be effective within the church and to reach outside the walls of the church and into neglected communities.

Affirmation of Faith
We believe in the Father who is God almighty. The creator of all things and the preserver of light and life. We believe in the Son who is Jesus Christ, Gods only begotten Son. He was human and divine; truly lived, suffered and died, rose again from the dead, ascended on high and is coming again. We believe that Jesus was sent by God to reveal God to man. That the Holy Spirit convicts and converts sinners, dwells in the believer, keeps the believer from the power of sin and leads him to the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible is the Word of God, given by inspiration through holy men. That in the Bible, God seeks to reveal His will to man and man seeks to respond to Gods revelation. We believe the union of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is revealed through His Church. That all believers are united into one Body, the Church. We believe that Christ is coming back for His Holy Church without spot or wrinkle. That without Holiness in spirit, soul, and body, no man shall see the Lord.

Admission to the M.I.T. program is open to men and women called to the preaching ministry who are in good standing as a member of Faith Tabernacle Church and has been approved by the Lead Pastor.

Eligibility Criteria
1. Must have publicly professed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 2. Must have been baptized as a believer. 3. Must be spiritually mature and growing. 4. Must have sound doctrine regarding the essentials of the faith. 5. Must live a Christian lifestyle that is beyond reproach (blameless). 6. Maintain a daily private devotional life. 7. Must totally support the Pastor, his vision and the church. 1. Must have completed New Member Orientation classes. 2. Must be a financial supporter of the Church (tither). 3. Must have been a member of Faith Tabernacle for at least one year. 4. Must affirm the statement of faith as outlined by Faith Tabernacle

5. Must attend church regularly. 6. Must be actively involved in a ministry for at least six months prior to entrance into the M.I.T. training program. 1. Will meet with the Senior Pastor after successful completion of training program. 2. Must complete all required assignments given by the Senior Pastor. 3. Must satisfactorily complete all requirements and obligations set forth in the Ministers in Training program. 4. Will not be considered for ordination until completion of M.I.T. training program. . Probation/Dismissal A student may be placed on probation or dismissed from the program for any conduct deemed unbecoming to a minister. This may take place if a minister at any point in the program no longer meets the expectations required for entry into the program. Reinstatement may be granted on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Pastor.

Ministers In Training Required Reading

Gods Armor Bearer Leading at a Higher Level Purpose Driven Church What Color is your Parachute

1. M.I.T. handbook distributed along with M.I.T. Application. 2. Mentoring options 3. Program overview

The MIT program is not a series of classes but a process that combines systematic study, personal growth and development, mentoring, and accountability. Ministers in training are expected to position themselves in the Faith Bible Institute with the ministerial ordination track. You also have the option of going the route of higher education outside of the Faith Bible Institute but please do so in consultation with Pastoral leadership. Ministers will also spend time one-on-one with Pastor White developing a personal growth plan that they will be accountable to. Each MIT will have a mentor that will support them through the process.

Dress Code

Communion Sunday: Men are to wear black suits and white shirts; women are to wear black suits or dresses and if a blouse is required, it must be white or black. Women are to always wear modest jewelry, closed toe shoes and pantyhose (please do not wear pants). Traditional Sunday and Event Dress: Men are to wear suits or business attire. Women are to wear hosiery, business or church attire with sleeves. If skirt or dress is above the knee, a lap scarf is required. Also, please do not wear low cut blouses. All shoes (open or closed toe) require hosiery except for African attire. Men wearing shirts or polo should have shirt buttoned appropriately. Dress down occasions: (Bible Study, non-service events, stated dress down services) If women are to wear pants suits, please make it appropriate, not tight fitting or form revealing.

Pastoral Protocol for Associate Ministers and M.I.T.s

Pulpit: v Only enter pulpit upon invitation from the Senior Pastor or pastoral staff. v Do not chatter in the pulpit. v Refrain from walking from the pulpit during sermon.. v When led, stand in support of the preacher. v No dozing and gum chewing. v Ladies and gentlemen please sit appropriately. v If you are an M.I.T., please yield sitting to associate ministers in the pulpit or the reserved seating area. If you are an associate minister, please yield to the pastoral staff in the pulpit or in the reserved seating area. Other: v Let your staff minister as well as Senior Pastor know of preaching engagements. v Only associate ministers of FWBC (persons who have completed the M.I.T. program) are allowed to preach at FWBC (this includes special events, youth and childrens church and Singles worship service). If you are asked and have not completed the M.I.T. program, please refer the staff pastor to the Pastor of Christian Education. v Follow strict protocol (chain of command) when addressing issues or concerns. v Let the lead Pastor know if you will be away from the church for an extended period of time. v Be respectful to all ministers at all times.

v Address personal issues in private, not in public. v Always arrive early, rather than on time. v Be obedient and be careful not to take liberties. It is better to be asked up than down. v As newly called ministers, you will be approached by many that will offer you advice, instruction and mentoring. Please use your discernment in these areas. v If you are in the M.I.T. program and are approached and asked to attend informal or formal classes regarding your calling, teaching, preaching, or leadership by anyone, please confer with the Pastor. v Any act of dishonesty or sexual harassment (including inappropriate words, contact or behavior) will result in disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion from the M.I.T. program. v Associate ministers or M.I.T. students are not to disrespect each other or the pastoral staff in any manner, such as using insulting words or by inappropriate conduct. Preaching: v If preaching, acknowledge God, Senior Pastor and ministers in the pulpit. v Be careful using humor in the pulpit when it is directed at a fellow minister or friend in the congregation. v Practice humility in the pulpit but make no apologies for being there! v Be obedient to the time restrictions or parameters given. v When referencing ministers in the pulpit, classroom or in a formal situation refer to them as reverend or pastor, as opposed to their first name. v Profanity is not permitted. Funerals: v Follow the lead of the Pastor. Address any questions or misunderstandings to the Pastor v If asked to speak, be obedient to the time parameters given. When in doubt be brief. v In all leadership situations, especially in pastoral care situations always confer with and or yield to the pastor or their designee, i.e. hospital visitations, prayer, or speaking with the family. (Associate ministers or MITs who are not in right standing or are ineligible for rotation, should Not attempt to do visitation on the behalf of the church)

Contact Information
Faith Tabernacle UHCA Pastor L. Frazier White 202 547-1616 office 202 297-9867 cell 301 555-5555 admin. assistant