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Three Conditions for the Acceptance of waif from Fatw Radawiyyah
To achieve the effect of waif [litanies] and aml [exercises], (the fulfilment of) three conditions is
1 :. _. [confident expectancy]
For the heart to be free from such anxiety where one is constantly deliberating whether it has had an effect
or not. Rather, one must trust wholly in Allh that He will definitely accept (this action). It is mentioned
in hadth that the Messenger of Allh


Supplicate to Allh in such a state that you remain certain of its acceptance.
[Sunan at Tirmidh; V5; P292; H3590]
2 _. ,,. [patience and forbearance]
For one not to become fearful with the passage of time, where one thinks even after so many days, no
effect has become apparent! This itself will come to be the cause of (the action) not being accepted! Rather,
embrace the mindset that without doubt, Allh and His Messenger

are about to
generously favour you! Allh states

Translation of Kanzulmn
If only they were content with that which Allh and
His Messenger have given them, and say, Allh is
enough for us He will give us some of His bounty
and so will His Messenger to Allh alone we turn in
hope. [Surah al Tawbah; V59]
It is mentioned in a hadth

Your supplications are accepted as long as you do not hastily say I supplicated but it is yet to be accepted.
[Sahh Muslim; P1563; H2735]
With regards permission (to act upon) the entirety of my (meaning `l Hadrats ) waif
[litanies], aml [exercises] and tawt [amulets,] I have stipulated the condition that one must remain
regular in offering the five daily salh with the congregation in the masjid. And with Allh is tawfq.
[Fatw Radawiyyah; V23; P558]