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YES Prep North Central 2011-2012

(Sra. Awilda Rivas, Spanish II)

Unit Name Unit Essential Question Quin quiere ser bilingue? Why do we strive to be bilingual? SWBAT: 1) Identify pronouns: yo, t, l, ella, usted, nosotros, and vosotros. a. Transform sentences from noun to pronouns. b. Identify the pronoun in a sentence. 2) Identify nouns, adjectives, and articles. a. Create ten phrases with correct gender/number/adjective agreement. b. Use de with a noun or pronoun to show possession. Sobrino/Silman/Vergara/Taggart, Repaso de Espaol, Lo Esencial Third Edition Jarvis Sladky Kay, Los secretos de familia, Revised Edition Key (graded reader) Points Power Points Spanish Subject pronoun.pptx Los sustantivos en Espaol.pptx Gender/number agreement is essential for proper grammar. Reading in Spanish will help improve their vocabulary. Day/Date August 22, 2011


Materials, Texts & Reminders

Big Questions

Why is grammar an essential part of being bilingual? To include: articles, nouns, and descriptive adjectives. Additional vocabulary will include the readers chapter vocabulary. Students are responsible for identifying the words for which they dont know the vocabulary and look up and write in their notebooks their meaning. Exit ticket Gender agreement quiz. Everybody will complete the same lesson; this will help initiate the differentiation of native vs. non-native speakers for tracking purposes. Do first 10 minutes Opening 5 minutes Introduction to New Material 5 minutes Guided Practice -10 minutes (Interactive Power Points) Exit Ticket 20 minutes Closing 5 minutes Everyday for the next twelve days students will read a chapter in the graded


Assessment Tracking Data Utilized During Lesson Time Management

Do First

reader Los Secretos de la Familia. Every chapter is followed by comprehension questions that will be answered in their notebook unless otherwise instructed. Opening: Emphasize objectives and key points. Intro to New Material: Introduction to reader and assignment requirements. Guided Practice: Review of previous day worksheet. Show interactive power points. Review reading strategies for limited Spanish Proficiency. Independent Practice: Complete second part of the gender agreement worksheet. Exit Ticket: Gender Agreement Quiz Closing: Encourage independent reading, Homework 1) Answer reader comprehension questions.

Lesson Execution

Modifications/ Accommodations/ Differentiated Instruction

IEP Students: Mixed groups/partner s Visual aids Modified test (oral, simplify) Extended time Repeated review

IEP Students (cont.): Study aids/manipulativ e Small group instruction Note-taking assistance Shortened assignments Other

Advanced Students: Enrichment Compacting Tiered assignments Other