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Headquarters :

75015 PARIS


388914681 00027

Professional Trainer Certified Number :

11 75 46725 75

Phone :
+33 6 63 78 08 13
Fax :
+33 9 56 01 56 75

Email : / Website : www. CieAgor

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I- A. C. C. D.
(Les Ateliers Chorgraphi ques Contemporai ns de la Danse)


The Dance Academy A.C.C.D. was created and is managed by Ccile Berrebi de Noailles.

The training is for adults and artists wishing to progress to the contemporary scene and / or
benefit from developing their skills.

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A training catalog conventioned towards adults and artists at all levels is published for short
courses, modular Paris and Delhi (India)

Ccile Berrebi de Noailles offers classes in contemporary dance techniques and classical
basic work of breathing, work of text and voice, motion
analysis, during DALCROZE rhythm, improvisation workshops, contact dance,
choreographic composition , yoga classes are also scheduled as well as during the ground bar.

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It offers several options to students :
- Open courses and classes
- Workshops in schools or with different structures
- Professional training of Contemporary Dance Preparation stage
- Open Professional training individual or in group in sessions
in Paris and Delhi (India)

The academy also provides a various courses floor contemporary barre a terre and yoga

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It allows students, in addition to a solid preparation for contemporary dance scene, to in vivo
experiments in the world of entertainment with, among others, the opportunity to participate
in creation.

Weekly workshops for research and choreographic composition in relation to another art are
offered to students in the school training, allowing an approach to choreography and
multidisciplinary work complementing the technical dance training.

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B- Historical :

1995 Contemporary Choreographic CreationWorkshops Dance (ACCD), contemporary
dance school and vocational training
Since 2000
- Agreement with the Paris Town - Ministery of Youth
and Sports and DASCO. Coaching workshops contemporary dance and cultural
workshops, theater, visual arts and music and songs in the world
- Creating a professional dance courses for young artists.
2010 Implantation Artistic Residence to Cochin in India (Directorate of Development
and International Workshops with Indian classical dance masters)
2011 - Implantation of the A. C.C.D. in Paris 75015

- The A.C.C.D. Dance Academy obtains National Agreement for the contemporary
dance courses.
- Catalogue`s edition of professional dance training with an agreement in direction
of public employees and adult artists

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I I- Ccile Ber rebi de Noailles

Ccile Berrebi de Noailles is the choreographer of the company Agora
and Artistic Director of Contemporary Choreographic Workshops of Dance (A.C.C.D.)

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A- Biography :
Born December 10, 1966 in PARIS 14th, Cecile Berrebi de Noailles discovered ballet at age
First student Irina Grjebina (Paris Opera), it is then formed by the National Conservatory of
Music and Dance PARIS and began Contemporary dance at the Conservatoire de Bagnolet
at the age of 17.
Graduate of the Conservatory, she studied art at RIDC Paris with Franoise and Dominique
Dupuy, then in the famous School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and finally to
the Folkwangschule Essen in Germany.
She is also graduated of the University of Paris V and VIII, Dance Department. Many
professionals workshops in Japan and India, particulary with masters of traditional technics
(N, Kabuki, Taiko, Mohiniyatam, Bharata Natyam) have enriched her career as a
contemporary dancer and choreographer.
Throughout his career, Cecile Berrebi de Noailles met choreographers such as Carolyn
Carson, Pina Bausch, Dominique Dupuy, Alexandre Yterce, Alain Germain.
Soloist dancer, choreographer-Researcher, Ccile Berrebi de Noailles has worked in the
"Partnership Estate Search" at the Museum of Montreuil for 11 years and for cultural and
educational projects of the City of Montreuil, in the suburd of Paris.
Since 1989 Ccile Berrebi de Noailles created for the company Agora.
Between performances, shows and exhibitions around specific creations in museums,
choreographer and solo dancer of the company Agora now has to his credit forty creations and
several orders of shows for museums.
Since 2001, she manages the artistic direction and the teaching of A.C.C.D. (Contemporary
Choreographic Workshops of Dance), private school vocational training and preparation for
the dance scene. It has an agreement with the city of PARIS in the direction of the
management of several workshops of contemporary dance in the direction of primary school
In 2010, she developed a creative work in video.
In residence in India several months of the year, she develops a work as a choreographer and
master in contemporary dance in Cochin (Kerala) in connection with the masters of Indian
classical dance towards all audiences.
Two placements of three weeks mingle contemporary dance and classical dances of Kerala,
every summer French artists will work intensively in the Arts cultural immersion in Delhi.
In 2012, she will create an Academy of Contemporary Arts in Delhi (India) and a professional
She will manage also some workshops in collaboration with main of the great Indians dance
academy to mix knowledge between Orient and Occident.

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B- Dance Training :

x Irina Grjebina (Paris`s Opera)
x National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (C.N.S.M.)
x Conservatory of Bagnolet (Contemporary Dance)
x International Meetings of Contemporary Dance (R.I.D.C.).
Teachers : Franoise and Dominique DUPUY
x School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam
x Folkwangschule, Essen, Allemagne
x KANZAI Academy, Japon
x Shamala Shivanandran Academy, India

C- Diplomas :

x Irina Grejbina Graduated Classical Dance (Paris`s Opera)
x C.N.S.M Paris Graduated, Bagnolet
x RIDC Graduated Contemporary Dance interpretation and research, analysis of dance
movement, dance history, musicology, Paris
x SCHOOL FOR NEW ART DEVELOPPEMENT Graduated Contemporary Dance and
release technics, Amsterdam
x FOLKWANG HOSCHULE Graduated, Fourth year classical and contemporary
dance, character and motion analysis, Essen
x Official recognition of the Ministry of Culture forthe exemption Diploma dance
x A graduate of State professor of contemporary dance (D.E.)
x Master and Bachelor degree Dance Design and Research of the Universities of
Paris V and ParisVIII, Art and Dance Department

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D- Wor k Experiences :

Dancer for various choreographers :
Carolyn Carlson ; Pina Bausch ; Dominique Dupuy ; Alexandre Yterce ; Alain Germain.

Guest Soloist International Dancer :
Vichy`s Opera
Nancy`s Opera
Comique Opera of Paris
Dance Festival in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Turkey, Netherlands, Switzerland,
Spain, Italy, Great Britain, India

Artistic di rector and teacher since 2000 up to date
Professor of classical and contemporary dance at all levels f rom children
to professionals :
- Director and Professor of Contemporary Choreographic Workshops of
Dance (ACCD), vocational school and preparation for the
contemporary dance scene.
- Executive director of studies for the city of PARIS for framing art dance
workshops in schools towards children.
Choreographer / dance teacher asked in various st ructures :
- Primary schools for evening workshops
- Remand Fleury-Merogis for the "Dance and Writing", 2006
- Visiting Professor MasterClass in New York, Tel Aviv and Italy.

Choreographer :
- Guest Choreographer within the National Museums of Savigny le Temple, Marly
le Roi and Saint Quentin en Yvelines
- Collaboration with many European galleries
- Ballet Master for Bals Baroque Palace of Versailles from 2001 to 2004
and 2010 in Louveciennes.

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I I I- Websitess Links


MUL TI MEDI A LI NKS PRESENT ATI ON : media_photos_et_videos_261.php


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VI I Contact

Headquarters :

75015 PARIS


388914681 00027

Professional Trainer Certified Number :

11 75 46725 75

Phone :
+33 6 63 78 08 13
Fax :
+33 9 56 01 56 75

Email : / Website : www. CieAgor