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Retail Management
Topic-- Comparative analysis of two retail stores.
, Reliance trends)

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Praveen Verma sir Piyush Kulshrestha

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Comparative analysis of two retail stores to each on the following parameters: Services Location Size

Merchandising Ambience

Services:Services whatever provided by retailer are very important. Because business always done by their customers. If customer not be satisfied , then how you imagine about your successful business.

After moving Lifestyle and Reliance trends, there are some things which i noticed, written in following side-

Lifestyle provides a better class of services then Reliance trends. Because in Lifestyle, every counter (every different type of product have different counter) have own personal person. But in reliance trends i saw that whenever customer moved on different counter or product out late, most of same person come again and again. Lifestyle also have extra person for service in the condition of if any employee want to leave counter for any reason, so customer not wait for employee, that when employee came. But in Reliance trends according to me not have proper arrangement in this fields. In lifestyle , many employee try to ignore to customer, they were not much more interest to know , what actually customer want, they confuse regarding products or not, etc. but in Reliance trends , i think employee are very trained and always participate , what the customer want. Lifestyle also have separate special room for their customers, in this room customer can leave their kids and free to visit for shopping, thats why target customer fully concentrate on shopping not on their kids. But this part was missing in reliance trends. Lifestyle provides a customer satisfaction survey box. But in Reliance trends, they used customer feedback form or CCF (Customer Comment Form). Where is lifestyle have 6 cash counter, Reliance have only 2.

Location:Location for any retailer is very important, because your location should be like, that customer not has any problem. A specialty retail store located six miles out of town in a free standing building will need more marketing than a shopping store located in a mall.

Lifestyle and reliance trends both of exist at same location mean Viva collage (mall), Jalandhar. But the thing is that in a mall, in which area they located. If i talking about that point of view, then Lifestyle is much batter then Reliance trends. Because lifestyle cover both floors first and second with large space instead of reliance trends located on second floors with less space. Lifestyle located approx middle of mall, instead of Reliance trends in corner side of mall.

Size:On the basis of given details by manager of retail store, the size of lifestyle is 45,000 square feet cover two floors. Where reliance trends cover 11,000 square feet on single floor.

Merchandising:Retail merchandising is the process used in order to conduct retail sales. As part of the process, the merchandiser pays close attention to the types of products offered for sale. Mr. Shankar Suryanarayan, Chief Marketing Officer ( Lifestyle) says that they purchase row material from Delhi and gurgaon instead of reliance also from Delhi.

Reliance trends~~
If Reliance Trends believes in anything, it is the "value for money". Reliance Trends sells Jeans which starts with just Rs. 199, business suits worth Rs. 2499 and sportswear at just Rs. 699 which is much lesser than similar other brands. Reliance Trends stocks leading national and international brands - besides many private labels. Some of the brands available at store include Peter England, John Players, Lee, Bossini, 109F, Fashion Tadka, Lilliput, and many more. So reliance trends Jalandhar offer product experience as well as shopping experience at minimum amount are either currently shopping at or they never thought about it.

Whereas lifestyle believes on " value of fashion and variety" with quality, thats why they offer their product at higher price, very few products like have both range

( lower and above). The man formal start from around Rs.1500 and jeans from Rs.500. The store offers consumers, the choice of more than 250 national and international brands including Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Arrow, Park Avenue, Benetton, Bossini, Nike, Adidas, Allen Solly, Levis, Kappa, Lee Cooper, Police, Tommy Hilfiger, Swatch, Tissot and Tag Heuer etc across categories including Apparel, Cosmetics, Footwear, Toys & Children Wear and international brands like Bossini. The store also offers a dedicated home section Home Centre, providing a one stop shop destination for all home dcor and soft furnishing related needs.
If i talking about merchandising then obvious lifestyle is better than reliance trends. In lifestyle there are separate space for different target market like for kids, women , mans, youth etc. But in reliance trends this part missing.

The variety of product regarding target market, lifestyle give more option then reliance trends. In lifestyle when we enter from lower ground floor then can see a lot of makeup stall ( target market- women) and every stall have own stall holder, then comes dresses for youth ( jeans- t-shirt, formals...etc), gadgets for youth ( purse, chain, band, ) and shoes etc... and from above floor , start from kids product then family products , like interior, kitchen goods, etc but this such type of arrangement not be in reliance trends. There is only two side one for man and other side for women and some cosmetic product put on man side.

In reliance trends cosmetic product just close to cash counter mean not proper gap between cash counter and cosmetic counter, this type of problem not be in lifestyle , there is sprat cash counter.

Ambience:According to visit, there are so many things different between two, following as

The music in Reliance trends used most of Hindi movie song based on love whereas in Lifestyle songs used hip pop and Hollywood soft songs.

If I talking about space for moving within store then Lifestyle have more space and customer feel free to moving then Reliance trends. In Lifestyle, goods arranged very good manner and easily to see , But I think in Reliance trends customer again and again asked to employee , about that such product , where is it ? At the time of any festival and off sales I think in both retail store customer have problem at cash counter because of not have enough cash counter but product and sales manager of Reliance trends says at that time they provide some extra cash counter as well.

Piyush Kulshrestha