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Product data sheet



TSX Micro 37 05/08 PLC configurations

Range of product Product or component type Primary voltage Input current Immunity to microbreaks Output current Modicon TSX Micro automation platform Modular base controller 100...240 V 90...264 V AC 2 mA < 60 A < 20 ms 0.5 A

Number of slots Module type Discrete input number Discrete output number Integrated connection type Memory description Maximum size of object areas 2 Screw terminal discrete I/O 16 24 V DC 12 relay 1 serial link Uni-Telway 19.2 kbit/s 1 Modbus Modbus RTU 19.2 kbit/s Internal RAM 11 Kwords data Flash 12 Kwords data 256 %Mi 1 %MWi internal words 128 %KWi constant words 0.25 s Boolean without PCMCIA card 4.81 s arithmetic REAL floating without PCMCIA card 3.03 100 % Boolean without PCMCIA card 0.25 65 % Boolean and 35 % numerical without PCMCIA card 1 fast task 1 master task 8 event tasks 1.9 ms master task Overload protection Short-circuit 50...60 Hz 24 W Electrostatic discharge IEC 1000-4-2 level 3 Electromagnetic field immunity test IEC 1000-4-3 level 3 Resistance to fast transient IEC 1000-4-4 level 3 Immunity to impulse waves IEC 1000-4-5 Damped oscillatory wave IEC 1000-4-12 Immunity to electromagnetic interference IEC 61131-2

Execution time per instruction Execution time for 1 K instruction Application structure

System overhead Protection type Network frequency Total useful secondary power Electromagnetic compatibility

Ambient air temperature for operation Ambient air temperature for storage Relative humidity Operating altitude Width Height Depth
May 31, 2011

0...60 C -25...70 C 10...95 % without condensation for operation 5...95 % without condensation for operation 0...2000 m 187.3 mm 151 mm 152 mm

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Product weight

2.37 kg

Product data sheet

Dimensions Drawings



(1) (2) (3)

PLC empty. With screw terminal block. With HE10 or SubD connector.

Product data sheet

Mounting and Clearance


Spacing Requirements

a (1) (2)

50mm/1.97in. minimum Installation or casing Trough or cable tray

Panel/Board Mounting


The diameter of the fixing holes must be sufficient to take M4 screws.

Telequick Board Mounting Side View

Use 4 screws with M4x16AF1-VA416 captive washers and 4 M4 AF1-EA4 clip nuts.