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Fact Sheet

As of August 31, 2011 Ticker Exchange Market Capitalization (8/31/2011) Incorporated State Authorized Common Shares Issued and Outstanding Common Shares Authorized Preferred Shares Issued and Outstanding Preferred Shares Total Shareholders Current Issued Shareholder Breakdown Class Officers and Directors Employees Public # of Shares 1,033,446 855,850 4,099,173 Percentage 17.25% 14.29% 68.46 % CNHA OTC Pink Sheets $2,095,964 March 1, 2006 Delaware 50,000,000 5,988,469 10,000,000 None 60

Option Plan - Authorized Issued Weighted Average Price per Option Share Number of Warrants Outstanding Exercise Price Securities Counsel

2,000,000 700,000 $0.69 532,666 $0.50 Cheri Carper Bennett Perry Krumsiek & Jack Washington, DC N/A Transfer Online Portland, OR

Auditor Transfer Agent

759 CJC Highway, #235

Cohasset, MA 02025

Conihasset Capital Partners Inc

Director and Management Biographies

Bradley J. Hoecker. Mr. Hoecker is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and was a partner of Stonington Partners, a private investment firm from 1997 to 2011. He has been engaged in principal investing since 1989, having served as an investment professional with Merrill Lynch Capital Partners from 1989 to 1994. He is currently a director of the following companies: Merisel, Inc., Obagi Medical Products, Inc. and TeleBermuda. Mr. Hoeckers prior investment experience included having principal responsibility and serving as a director with respect to numerous private and public companies. Mr. Hoecker holds a M.M. from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a B.B.A. from Southern Methodist University. Jerry E. Julian. Mr. Julian currently performs consulting services to Stone Pine Accounting Services, LLC. Mr. Julian was a Manager with Stone Pine from 1996 through November 1, 2005. Mr. Julians responsibilities included performing technical reviews for all financial statements prepared by the Firm. In addition, he was responsible for pre-acquisition investigations, due diligence reviews, business valuations and other specialized accounting projects. Prior to his employment with Stone Pine, Mr. Julian was the Chief Financial Officer for a Denver based financial services company. Mr. Julian received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting from the University of Evansville. He is a Certified Public Accountant. Lawrence M. Lipsher. For the past 10 years, Mr. Lipsher has been a principal of Sippican Group, LLC and Martin Associates, LLC, both of which provide management and financial advisory services to small and middle market companies. Mr. Lipsher is a director of The Yale Club of New York City and former Chair of the Yale Alumni Association. Mr. Lipsher holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from Yale University. Richard D. Bailey. Mr. Bailey is the President and Founder of the Company. Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Bailey was Managing Director of Corporate Finance at Kevin Dann & Partners, a NYC based institutional brokerage and investment banking concern. Before joining Kevin Dann he was Executive Director with Oppenheimer & Co, the tenth largest independent brokerage firm in the US and at its predecessor firm CIBC World Markets, the US investment arm of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. From 1996 to 2001, he was a partner and Managing Director of the Stone Pine Companies, a Denver based private equity and advisory firm. From 1987 to 1994, Mr. Bailey worked for a corporate acquisition and restructuring group focused on the specialty metals industry. He holds a MA from Fairfield University and a BA from Providence College.