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09 September anno domini 2011

Jason L. McCandless Asst. County Attorney of Arlington 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 403 Arlington, VA 22201 703.228.3100 Dear Jason-boy, paid servant of Citizens of Virginia,
Judges whose erroneous biases dissolution... withdrawn from the bench save the Republic. ~ Thomas Jefferson The only security of all is in a free press... ~ Thomas Jefferson Quoted by John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Not that I really expect the lap-dog, cover-up judicial crimes JIRC members to actually DO any punitive action against Judge Varoutsas for his Aiding and Abetting Child Neglect by his G.A.L. Karen Grane, but the official Complaint has been mailed this afternoon, as the JIRC requires, and as promised in my emails to many journalists, elected servants, and taxpayer paid servants like you.
PROOF of MAILING to JIRC about JIRCd Judge Varoutsos of Arlington JDR Varoutsos RE: JIRC COMPLAINT on JUDGE VAROUTSOS of ARLINGTON JDR AIDING and ABETTING CHILD NEGLECT by his G.A.L. KAREN GRANE and FRAUD by K. GRANE According to my notes of Karen Granes FRAUDulent Expense Vouchers, after Mrs. Heffernan filed a Petition for Special Grand Jury, GAL Karen Grane & Theo Stamos consulted, as did Granes former law firm Senior Partners with a Virginia Theo Stamos supreme Court (Candidate employee. for Arlington Comm. Atty.)


Is this the face of a Mad Drunk or a Child Abuser ? Is this cheshire cat grin the face of a Child Abuser by Neglect of Virginia Child Abuse Reporting Law 63.2-1509? When do you protect a child rather than your rear?

McCandless (former Asst. Comm. Atty. in Arlington)

63.2-1509. Physicians, nurses, teachers, etc., to report certain injuries to children; penalty for failure to report.
Copy to: Attorney General Cuccinelli, Media

And Jason-boy, like Winchester Police Chief Gary Reynolds who wrote an in your face letter on 28 July 1999 to Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson about the mess he made of the Jeff Washington case, and you may know that Paul Thomson had his Bar Card REVOKED on 26 August 2011, in part due to my 15 mass-broadcast letters to the VSB employees, Citizens and journalists, I am writing to say you Jason, are a disgusting COWARD, picking on a Grandmother and a Mother with a serious medical condition who are trying to protect Ashlie OBrien from the mess of Child Abuse and Neglect of YOU, and your Bar Buddies like Karen Grane and judge George Varoutsas all of Arlington.
For Equal Justice in Virginia, James Renwick Manship, Sr.