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THE BIG O Grimoire art of controlling the Heavenly Spirits, Air, Land and Hell W ith the True

Secret of Speaking with the Dead, win the lottery and discovering t he treasures etc. Printed from a manuscript of 1522 Spanish Translation of the F rench edition of 1845 published by B. Renault. Rofocale Lucifuge How to prepare for the blood pact Oh men! Frail mortals! those who pretend to possess deep magical science: trembl e of your rashness! To achieve this you need to place your spirit far above your sphere, to make you strong and unwavering and be very careful to observe exactl y how I will tell you, without which all will turn in your injury, destruction a nd complete annihilation, but if, on the contrary, you observe carefully as you say, will come out easily from the poor and humble position, and success will cr own all your undertakings. Arm because of courage, wisdom and virtue to undertak e this big huge work in which I've been sixty-seven years to achieve some result . Therefore, we must practice then tell you exactly how. You will pass a quarter of a full moon without accompany women or young people, in order not to fall in to the impurity. You will start your practice at the beginning of the quarter mo on, promising the great Adonai who is head of all spirits, do more than two snac ks a day, or two snacks during every twenty-four hours a quarter moon and settin g out the hours of noon and midnight, or if you prefer to seven o'clock and seve n in the evening, while the eyes of Adonai is more pleasing is made to the hours listed first. Throughout the quarter moon must sleep as little as possible, and should not in any way exceed six hours per day to be devoted to the dream. CHAP TER II Every day, after every meal, is recited the following prayer: "I implore you, Adonai great and powerful lord and master of all spirits, I implore you O E lohim! Jehovm oh I implore! I give you my soul, my heart, my heart, my hands, M y feet, my spirit and my being. Oh, great Adonai! SERME deign favorable. So be i t. Amen. The entire quarter moon or you will not have to acicalaros componeros. or have thoughts, rather than for the work you are doing, putting all your hope in the infinite goodness of the Great Adonai. It is clear that you have to make your exercises without the assistance of anyone not being that person you have g uests staying pact with a spirit. The exercises are to practice in a room prepar ed for those purposes and no labor distraigis mind you are going to perform. Will look for a kid virgin, adornaris the third quarter moon, with a garland of verbena that bind them to his neck which will eventually end from the front, ta king the place marked for challenged the spirit, if you pronounce all the fervor and devotion following words: I will offer this victim. Oh great Adonay! O Eloh im! Ariel Oh! Jehovam Oh! as an offering to you, above all spirits, deign to acc ept it with pleasure. Amen. "Degollaris Then the kid making his blood be on a n ew tub, while reciting these words:" I do this in honor and glory and power of y our divine names, oh great Adonai, Elohim, Ariel and Jehovam! deign to receive m y welcome this offering. then remove the skin to be used in making the invocatio n and submit the pact. Without wasting time blood must be mixed in some powdered elder, hollyhock, lily of Florence and quicksilver, to to give it magical prope rties, adding a few drops of your blood, which will be taken of the middle finge r of his left hand lightly with a pin link again, while saying, "Be transformed the blood of the victim in the most proper, so that , for his virtue, is treated the covenant that I will write to her. "Once this is done will be drawn with th e knife which was used to sacrifice, on the surface of the blood, several rays f orming a star and say to them" The planetary gifts are put on this blood that co ntains metal, aromas and spirits, on top of attractive virtues so that the highe r spirits consent to accept the covenant with her and she'll formulate at this t ime. "Then get wet in the same pen Auca, and written on a piece of parchment aga in the following words. "To you, spirits of Light Adonay, Elohim. Jehovam Ariel and, I need and I humbly grant your favor you may make gifts of thanks and frien dship, making few companies that make hand made my desire to look under your ben

evolence, blessing and help."I also ask all my actions are inspired by your sup reme wisdom, and that when he died my mind is taken up by heavenly messengers, a nd led to the presence of the Eternal Creator. I offer you, if you do, keep your good Inspirations humbly, seek, by all means, reach the highest perfection, to acquire the greatest possible sum of wisdom within the powers granted to the hum an nature with all my heart, heart, life, meaning and desire to get to identify with the divinity, in which sign test and certify. FULANO. " At the end of the fourth full moon and in hours of l0 to 12 pm, will be the Invo cation to the gnomes and then the celestial spirits higher, as stated in the sec tion on the Summons, but preparations will continue in the manner shown in the f ollowing chapter. Chapter III contains the true composition of the wand, also kn own as fulminant splint. The day before the start of big business, You will go t o find a stick or splint wild hazel, which no human has ever touched. The length of the wand has to be exactly l9 inches, and form, like that of the mysterious wand: when her stumble, you will not do anything but appreciate the view, having to go to cut precisely at dawn day that you have to start the corporation. Wand should be cut with the same sheet which has been used to kill the kid virgin, d espojaris of any outbreak or small branch that is doped. The operation of the b ranch cut and clean that you will do at sunrise on the horizon, will accompany t he following words: "I beg oh great Adonay. Elohim, Ariel and Jehavam, you may b e lucky and I give it to you this wand, that I've cut the power and virtue of Ja cob, Moses and Joshua, I beg Gran too, oh great Adonay, Elohim, Ariel and Jehova m! I beg comuniquis this wand all the strength of Samson, the immense energy of Emmanuel and the rays of the great Zariataumit that revenge the injuries of men the great day of trial. Amen. "Having uttered these great and terrible words, w ith an eye toward the East, you have earned the wand to your home. He then will seek a piece of wood, with which modelaris two pieces of equal thickness, the t ips of the fork of the authentic wand, trying, however, they are somewhat sharp. These two pieces of wood will serve as a pattern or model, so for them a locksm ith, which ought in person commissioning the work, I make two caps with the leaf used to bleed the kid virgin. Once in possession of the two caps, and found onl y in the room prepared for the experiments, then adaptaris and accurately to th e ends of the range of the wand and a lodestone that you will have gained you wi ll give prevention attractive force the two caps, while saying the following wor ds: "By the power of the great Adonai, Elohim, Ariel and Jehovam, I ordered some and attract all the materials I want, by the power of great Adonay, Elohim, Ari el and Jehovam, I command you by the incompatibility of water and fire, remove a ll materials and were separated on the creation of the world. Amen. " Then you will rejoice in honor and glory of the Great Adonai, can be sure that y ou possess your magic wand, your virgin goat skin, your hematite stone, three wr eaths of vervain, two candlesticks and two candles of virgin wax, blessed by the hand that you will do Young Woman, without blemish, also you will take a brazie r again washed two stones, a piece of tinder for a fire, and four nails that hav e been stuck in a coffin of a child. With all that you persignis in place that should be the great work, with special attention to realize the great cabalistic circle, meeting point by point the lessons that are contained in this treaty. The way of using the magic wand and the splint fulminant The use of the wand to the discovery of hidden treasures, mines, underground water flows and how can in terest the experimenter, will be as follows: The place on earth without reaching it the apex or center of the van, holding the ends with both hands, one on each side. If after five minutes there are not any oscillation in the wand, it will turn upside down, or up the summit in order to determine whether there are any l ittle movement. Can also be used with one hand grasping and placing the tip para llel to the horizon. This is frequently used as a religious former prior of the Cistercian Order,which had for very skilled in the discovery of treasures, spri ngs and other things hidden in the bosom of the earth. Signals to determine the existence of water or minerals will be felt by a slight swing of the wand, which

will be attracted to the part where you have current or metals. In the absence of any of this, the rod will remain at absolute rest, in this case should try el sewhere. CHAPTER IV Concerning the true representation of the great cabalistic c ircle True 'Sanctum Regnum "of the great Clavicula of Solomon, has an utmost imp ortance, and to acquire treasures and to obtain possession of the desired woman, and to discover the hidden secrets as to become invisible, and to make you move to the point you want, and to open all locks, and, finally, for all sorts of wo nders. When you want to enter into a pact with a major spirits, you will begin t he eve before the covenant, to go to cut, with a new knife that has served ever a wild hickory stick at exactly the moment the sun appears in the horizon is done, you proveeris of a lodestone, two blessed candles, two talisma ns and then will choose a place for execution, where nobody can bother you, it c an also be made to the pact, in a room prepared for the purpose, or some room of a ruined castle, although it safer has always been considered the top of a moun tain or crossing a road is made up of four different paths and close to a river. After choosing the site for the invocation will: in the soil will tend a virgin goat skin which has been sacrificed on Friday, will be drawn on the skin with c oncentric lodestone, the triangle on which way the path T. generally called the treasure, but they really should consider under the following meanings: Path of eternity, infinity, space, the unknown, time, the occult, the mysterious, and so on. To which can be drawn correctly on the great circle cabalistic drawings, or covenants, then expose it The talismans are placed under the candelabra that hold the blessed candles, put ting the sides three crowns of verbena, basil or Elderflower, caught on the nigh t of San Juan. It is like one of those plants or three distinctly. J. Signs H. S. and crosses to the foot, serve to ensure that no harm spirit can be invoked, but the person making the invocation is particularly brave or foolha rdy, you can delete them. When everything is found and executed in front of the triangle will be a metal bowl with some coals, where they will cast perfumes sme lling incense powder and bay leaf. See the triangle model and great cabalistic c ircle of the covenants, the placement to be carried by each object. All being we ll prepared, and at the hour of twelve o'clock at night, you colocaris in the m iddle of the triangle, taking his right hand with the big stick mysterious appea l to the spirit, and left the handle, or clavicle of Solomon, the request that y ou have to do, and also the covenant and the farewell to the spirit, all of whic h shall be written in advance. Having executed exactly what has been detailed by the two candles will be lit and will begin to recite the following invocation a ppeal or, with hope and fervor. First Sentence Oh great living God, subsisting i n one person, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I adore you with the deep est veneration, and I will give the trust vital to your holy and sufficient prot ection. I believe with the most sincere faith that you are my creator, my benefa ctor, my preserver, my lord, and I testify to his sovereign majesty, my only des ire is to belong to you to you for all eternity. So be it. Amen. Second Prayer O great living God, who hast created man to enjoy happiness in this life, all thi ngs have adapted to their needs, and that you have declared all things shall be subject to their will, be merciful to this my design, and let not the rebellious spirits to take possession of those treasures that were formed with your hands for our temporary needs. Oh great God grant me the power to dispose of them by t he powerful and terrible names of the clavicle: Adonai, Elohim, Ariel, Jehovam, Tagle, Mathon, thou my strong habitation environment. So be it. Amen. Offertory I present this incense or long Adonai, the purest I could choose and in the same way I present this carbon prepared in the woods more ethereal. I 'll I offer, g reat and powerful O Adonai, Eliom, Ariel, and Jeovam, with all my soul and with all my heart.O great Adonai deign to receive an acceptable holocaust. Amen. First Conjuration Addressed to Emperor Lucifer Emperor Lucifer, Master and Comma nder of the rebel spirits, I abjure you to leave your domains, regardless of whi

ch quarter of the universe can be located, and come quickly to contact me. I wil l command and I conjure thee in the name of the great living God, Father, Son an d Holy Spirit, without scandal and appear without any evil smell, to respond in a clear and intelligible voice, point by point, all questions can make, You will be compelled to obedience by the power of divine Adonai, Elohim, Ariel, Jehovam , Tagle, Mathon, and for the whole hierarchy of superior intelligence, who conta in you against your will, Venite!, Venite! Lucifuge Submiritillor or eternal tor ment befall thee by the great power of this rod lightning. In subito. Second Con juration I command you and I abjure, Emperor Lucifer, as the representative of t he powerful living God, and by the power of Emmanuel, his only son, who is your master and mine, and by virtue of his precious blood, which the shed to redeem m ankind from their chains, I command you to leave your home, wherever that may be located, jrote I'll give you fifteen minutes only, if your you are going direc tly to meet me and you communicate with me in a audible voice and intelligent, o r if your presence is not possible, send your messenger Astaroth in a human way, without noise or smell evil, and if it fails fustigar him and his whole race w ith the terrible lightning rod deep into the abyss fund and the powers of the gr eat words of the Clavicle, Adonai, Elohim, Ariel, Jehovam, Tagle, Mathon, Almouz in, Aryans, Pithon, Magots, Sylphae, Tabots, Salamandrae, Gnomus, Terre, Coelis, Godens, Aqua. In subito. If the spirit refuses to obey read what follows in the clavicle and shake both e nds of the rod over the fire, and do not be alarmed by the terrifying screams yo u can hear, because at this moment all the spirits are manifesting. Amid the com motion recite the third plot. Third Conjuration I will abjure Emperor Lucifer, as the agent of the strong living God, of his bel oved son, and the Holy Spirit and the power of the great Adonai, Elohim, Ariel, and Jehovam etc. If the spirit is still missing reinsert both ends of the stick in the fire and r ecite the following potent words of the Clavicle: Extracted from the Great Conjuration Veritable Clavicle I abjure you spirit oh! By the power of great Adonai, to appear instantly and Elohim, for Ariel, for Jeh ovam by Aqua, Tagle, Mathon, Oarios, Almoazin, Aryans, Membrot, Miscellaneous Pi thon, Majods, Sulphae, Gabots, Salamandrae, Tabots, Gingua, Jana, Etitnamus, Zar iatnatmix, Adonai. Elohim. Ariel. Jehovam. Tagle. Mathon. Oarios. Almoazin. Arya ns. Membrot. Miscellaneous. Pithon. Majods. Sulphae. Gabots. Salamandrae. Tabots . Gingua. Jana. Etitnamus. Zariatnatmix. Of the Manifestation of the Spirit, I'm here! What are you looking for me? Why interrupt my rest? Do not torment me mor e with this terrible stick. Reply to Spirit Lucifuge Rofocole Since you appeared when I called, by any means will torture you, remember, if my requirements are disputed, I am determined to torment forever. Answering Solomon Spirit not torme nt me more, tell better what you require of my hands. Lucifuge Rofocole The Requ est I request that will need to contact two times every night of the week, eithe r myself or those who are in possession of this book, which must approve and sig n, I allow you the choice of hours you are more favorable if not proceed to appr ove that list: On Monday at nine o'clock and midnight. On Tuesday at ten and at one o'clock in the morning. On Wednesday at eleven o'clock and two o'clock On Thursday at eight and ten. On Friday at nine in the evening and midnight. On Saturday at nine in the evening and at eleven at night. Besides, I command you t o surrender the nearest treasure, and I promise as a reward the first piece of g old or silver touched with my hands on the first day of each month. Such is my d emand. Answer Solomon Spirit I can not fulfill your order in such terms, or in a ny other terms, unless you surrender to me in 50 years, to do with your body and soul as I please. Response Rofocale Spirit Lucifuge What you torment yourself a nd your entire race, by the power of great Adonai, if the opponent does not indu lge my requirements. (Meta both ends of the rod in the fire Fulminant and repeat

the Great Conjuration of the Clavicle.) Response and Compliance of the Spirit n ot torment me againI pledge to do what you want twice in every night of the wee k. Judging: On Monday at ten to midnight. On Tuesday at eleven to one o'clock. O n Wednesday at midnight and two o'clock on Thursday at eight and eleven. On Frid ay at nine in the evening and midnight. On Saturday at ten and at one in the mor ning. I also approve of the book, and I give my real signature on parchment, whi ch has to prepare its purpose to be used as needed. Even I am at your disposal t o appear before your presence to your call, being purified, and lightning rod holding the fearful, you open the book, having described the circl e Kabbalistic and pronouncing the word Rofocale. I promise to be business friend ly to those who are in possession of the book, where my true signature is, provi ded they invoke me according to the rule, requiring the first time me. I even pr omise to deliver the treasure you seek, under the condition that you keep the se cret for ever inviolable, you are charitable to the poor, and give me a gold or silver on the first day of each month. If you fail you will be mine for eternity . Imprimatur Rofocale Response Lucifuge Spirit I agree with the conditions. Solo mon. Invite the Spirit Follow me, and rest your hands on the treasure. (The oper ator armed with rod and stone Ematille Fulminante, must move through Route T whe re the door of the mighty Adonay is figured, and should follow the spirit, but h is aides will not move regardless of where they can see or hear. The spirit will lead the operator to the vicinity of the treasure and the operator will see the emergence of a large and angry dog with a collar like the sun shining. This wil l be one where the Gnome can dismiss with the tip of the rod. The operator will continue and you will see that hid the treasure who tried to stop him but is una ble to do so as close to it. The operator must be provided with a sheet of parch ment he had written the Great Conjuration of the Clavicle, which must of be read to the Treasury taking a coin at the same time to give security and certainty a nd having previously thrown the piece of his own money for their own teeth bite, after which they may retire, walking backwards, and carrying everything you of the said treasury, will be driven to enter the circle again by the spirit and sh ould not be afraid of anything or look back. Then the operator must deliver the following farewell farewell spirit or Spirit Conjuration O Prince Lucifer, I'm a t the moment happy with you. Now I leave you in peace, and let you retire so tha t you feel appropriate, quietly and without leaving any evil smell behind you. R emember our commitment, because if you miss even a moment, you can be sure torme nt you forever with the great Rod Fulminante Adonai, Elohim, Ariel, and Jehovam. Amen. Thanksgiving Oh Almighty God, who hast created all things for the service and convenience of mankind, we return most humble thanks for the benefit, in the great reward, have poured upon us in this night of your invaluable support, in which we has reward ed according to our wishes. Now, O God Almighty, we realize the scope of your gr andiose promises when we said, seek and find, knock and you will be open and as you have commanded us to relieve the poor, we promise in the presence of large A donai, Elohim, Ariel, and Jehovam, be charitable and pour upon them the benefici al rays of the sun, with which these four powerful divinities have enriched us, Amen. Amen. Vale. Part Two REGNUM sanctum Hierarchy of the spirits Hell is very useful for the neophyte to know also the w hole hierarchy of infernal spirits must have at its disposal by the pact. Lucife r, Emperor Belzabet, Prince, Astaroth, Grand Duke. These are the main spirits of the Infernal Kingdom. They come after the higher spirits that are subordinate t o the above and are: Lucifuge Prime Minister: Satanachia, great general; Agaliar eth great general; Fleuretty, Lieutenant General; Sargatanas, Brigadier; Nebirus , quarterback. The six great spirits just cited, lead by the power Infernal powe

r has been given to the other to his immediate orders and danced as special emis saries top three spirits whose job is to transmit the orders that are named are: Miirion, Belial and Anagaton. They are at your service eighteen spirits but the y are subordinate, namely a Bael BELZEBBUTH 2.3 Marban LUCIFER Agares Astaroth 10 Bathin 11 Purean. 12 Abig Pruslas 4 5 6 Barbatos Arimon Gustate 7 8 9 Boti Buer Loray Balefar 13 14 17 15 Foran 16 Ayperos Blayabolas Nuberus 18 After stating the names of these eighteen spirits, which are lower than the top six, should know the following: Lucifer in the first three orders, called Bael, and Marban Agarea. Sanatachia on Pruslas, Arimon and Barbatos. Agaliaroth on Bue r, and Botis Gusatan. Fleuretty on Buthina, Pursan and Abig. Sargatanas, brigadi er, has the power to make you invisible. Nobiros on Ayperos, Nurbus and Glassya bolas. And while there are still millions of spirits, which are subordinated to the foregoing, it is useless to name them, because it uses them only when the sp irits higher place them in his place, then have them as servants or slaves. This is precisely the powers, science, arts and talents of the top six spirits and i ndicators, in order that the person who wants to make a deal, you can find in ea ch of the six higher spirits, what you need. The first is the large Rofocale Luc ifuge, Prime Minister has the power infernal Lucifer has given him over all the riches and all the treasures of the world. Has under its dependence Bael, Agares and Marban, and many more thousands of demons or spirits, subordinate to him Sa tanachia The second is, great general: it has the power to submit to all women, and do with as you want. Send a legion of spirits and is low to Pruslas, Arimon and Barbatos. Agalarietip, also general has the power to discover the secrets hi dden, also reveals the greatest mysteries, sends the second legion of spirits. U nder him are Buer, like and Botis. Fleuretty, general: it has the power to make you want to work at night also make s hail fall where you want. It sends a very large body of spirits under his comm and Batin. Punan and Asgan. Lizard, brigadier, has the power to render invisible , to make you see everything that happens in things, locks, to make you see ever ything that happens in the homes to show you all human tricks, many brigades sen t spirits. Nebiros, field marshal and inspector general, has the power to evil t o anyone who wants it teaches all the qualities of metals, minerals, plants and animals clean and unclean: it has the art of divining the future, one of the lea ding magicians of the infernal spirits. Goes everywhere taking the overall contr ol of all militias in the underworld. He has at his command Ayperos, Nurebus and Glasysbolas, The following table includes the picture and signature of the main spirits of hell. True way to make pacts with the infernal spirits, unharmed INVOCATION TO GREAT SPIRITS WITH WHOM YOU WANT TO MAKE THE COVENANT, drawn from the clavicle GREAT SALOMON "Emperor Lucifer, master of all rebellious spirits, I beseech you favor in the appeal that I make your big Lucifuge Rofocale minister because I wish to deal with him: I will pray you, prince Belzebuth: to protect me in my business. Oh, Count Astaroth! sedm environment and do that tonight, the great Lucifuge appears to me under a human form, without any pestilent odor, an d to grant me through the covenant that I will present all the riches or gifts I need. "Oh, great Lucifuge! I beg you to leave your home wherever you find her, to come talk to me: otherwise, it'll make you the great and mighty power of Alph a and Omega, and the angels of light Adonay, Elohim and Jehovam, to me obey. Obe y promptly or you will be forever tormented by the force of the powerful words o f the clavicle of Solomon, which served to compel the rebellious spirits to rece ive their covenants. So, soon or I aparcete continually torment by the power of these magic words of the clavicle: Agion, telegrams, Vaycheo, stimulaton, Waiti

ng, Retrogramatn, Oyram, Irion, Emanuel, Cabaot, Lord, I adore you and I call " . Be sure that you have just uttered the magic words the spirit and I will tell you the following: appearance of the spirit "Here I am. Why do I want? Why dist urb my rest? Answer me: I am Lucifuge Rofocale who has invoked. " A word whose d emand must be made to the spirit as follows: "I'll call to make covenant with th ee, in order to grant me whatever I want, otherwise it will haunt you with the p owerful words of the great Solomon's collarbone." RESPONSE OF THE SPIRIT "Then I can not access your application,but with the condition that you surrender to m e for twenty years to make with your body and your soul as I please. "Lucifuge R ofocale." Then she threw the pact, which must be written by your own hand in ink of the covenants, and on a small piece of virgin parchment, which is in these w ords pact, under which you will put your signature with your own blood drawn : THE COVENANT "I promise to reward high Lucifuge over twenty years of all the treasures that I am granted. In witness whereof, I have signed. N. N. " At these words the spirit will answer the following: "I can not access and your demand." And then disappears. So to force the spirit to obey you, you will retur n to read the great appeal with the terrible words of the clavicle, until the sp irit reappears, and tells you: SPIRIT OF THE SECOND APPARITION Why are you torme nting me? If you leave me alone I will give you treasure most immediate and I wi ll give you what you want, provided I consecrate some coins every first Monday o f each month, and not call me one day each week to learn from ten night until tw o in the morning. Pick up your agreement and I signed, if not keep your word you will be mine in twenty years. "Lucifuge Rofocale. RESPONSE TO THE SPIRIT" I agr ee to your request, provided that you do appear to me the nearest treasure, so y ou can take it away. "RESPONSE OF THE SPIRIT" Follow me and gets the treasure th at I will show . Then will follow the spirit by way of the treasure that is indi cated in the triangle without espantaros pacts and arrojaris your covenant, and signed on the treasure, touched with your magic wand you will take the money yo u want, and you will become the triangle without looking, colocaris the money c ollected at your feet and then you will begin to read the farewell to the spirit , as specified here. SPELL AND FAREWELL TO THE SPIRIT WITH WHOM HE HAS DONE THE COVENANT "Lucifuge 0h great, I'm happy of you by now: I leave you in peace and l et you retire to where you like, without making any noise or leave any odor. Do not forget what you've committed to my covenant, because if you miss the least t orment you forever with large and powerful words of the clavicle of the great Ki ng Solomon, with an obligation to obey all rebellious spirits. Before leaving th e Kabbalistic circle, will say the following PRAYER TO THE ALMIGHTY IN THANKSGIVING "Oh God Almighty! Heavenly Father has created all things in service and utility man, I give you the most humble and reverent thanksgiving, because your great ki ndness, has allowed safe, I could have made a pact with one of your spirits rebe l subjecting him to give me everything I necessary. I thank you O God Almighty! good that you have filled me tonight, designndote grant, to me, insignificant c reature, your precious favors. Now, oh, great God! is when I met the strength an d the power of your big promises when you said: "Seek and you shall find, knock and you open." And when your have ordered and recommended relieve the poor, I pr ay Inspire true feelings of love, and do that I can use, in a holy work, much of the property for your great divinity wanted to overwhelm, do Oh, mighty God ! I enjoy these riches with confidence that I am the keeper, and do not let any har m rebellious spirit in me that I am the owner. Inspire Me too, oh, great God! th e feelings needed to detach from the clutches of the devil and all evil spirits. I put, Master, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in your holy protection. Amen. " The previous sentence with true faith and love of God and desire to always work wel l, you may not care either, retreating from those places, in the assurance that

no evil spirits will come to bother you. In the case of forgetfulness or embarra ssment you stopped reciting the above prayer, you will find yourself exposed to when they leave the circle you were tormented by some evil spirits, which are al ways screaming, howling, pinching and other excesses, their voices are music unp leasant both because it is who is screaming as they do not have anything human. To drive them away, simply submit the talisman dominatour, and say: "vade retro unclean spirits" and make the sign of the cross with the thumb and index finger of his right hand. Conjuration pact with Lucifer to ask as soon as you want done all the preparatio ns indicated in the previous invocation, removing the candles, crosses and signs J. H. S. at all and lack of all fears,will say: The great and mighty Lucifer, Lucifer and Satan. Oh great Lucifer, Emperor exalted infernal dens! I bow before you and recognize you as lord and sovereign if you put me in possession of the dark arts of magic, giving me the gift of knowing the mysterious and supernatura l knowledge you possess, to achieve, through him, the true wisdom. Let me be adm itted among your elect, see fulfilled my aspirations of wealth, the achievement of the desired person, destruction and damage to my enemies. I want to be your s lave and therefore you today, having my body and my soul. This can from today, i f you accept my covenant, which bring mystery written in ink and signed with my blood, introduce yourself to me to recognize you as lord and sovereign. I once a gain I call you, "Noble prince of darkness! to display next to me in human form and sign the covenant that I presented. I have no fear and great hope that it grant me what I ask. I swear henceforth fo llow your law to deny God in whom I hate, the water of baptism that I received w ithout my consent, and anything not be to your liking. I belong to you and train company with the spirits of temptation and damage, but for this it is necessary that my agreement is accepted, signed and verified. I conjure thee, Lucifer, Lu cifer and Satan, by the power of this magic talisman that is the image of wearin g the great Solomon and through whom achieved mastery of wisdom, the "Science Ma gic", and of all creation, to appear before me. Appears and quickly, otherwise y ou will remain forever in the depths of hell by the powerful words of Solomon Ka bbalistic "Abracadabra Eloim whose power it and you only had some knowledge. Int roduce yourself to me, I want it. As he spoke these words, if you will say witho ut fear of Lucifer, saying: - What I want, vile man? What you ask? What's your d eal? "I would say, give me wealth, power, wisdom, knowledge of science secret st ranglehold on the people, the gift of being invisible, walk on water, and everyt hing is contained in the covenant which I present as fact the rules of art and s igned with my blood. Then I bestow that covenant. - Oh, mortal reckless-answer i n a hollow voice, "if you show me your soul, you go to your covenant. "I promise you my soul for the day I die, but if you do not meet the covenant which I ask, I will be free to return to implore the divine mercy. From now and through that Lucifer does not miss his promise, you'll be available forever. It should be no ted that it often happens that Satan takes the form of a person or animal unknow n and can occur even do it in the form of a log with the cut branches. However t errible and imposing appearance is no need to show the slightest fear, for takin g in hand the talisman "dominatour" can not hurt anyone. It also happens that so metimes appears as a dragon throwing flames from his mouth and eyes, and appalli ng howling. These warnings are not to show surprise or fear at all. Dealing with exorcisms and how to know if a person suffers from spells or natura l disease The exorcisms are used to expel the spirits when they are possessed of any perso n, to which they suffer horribly with his temptations and torments. Sometimes I suggest nasty bizarre thoughts and words, and even forced him to throw curses an d angry shouts. It is useful to know before proceeding to cure if the disease is caused by spells or natural if, as sometimes happens that an unknown disease fo r doctors, is attributed to supernatural causes. When this happens can be left i

n doubt by running the following: ensure that a person is provided with a talism an exterminator place your right hand on the patient's head, saying with faith a nd determination, 'I pray thee, and command, unknown spirit on behalf of the Sel f Supreme admirable and Adonai, stating the reason for me to find you in this bo dy tormented I cover with my hand. I also want to tell me what you intend to do so, I offer you if you obey me, pray to God for you to be purified and transport ed to heaven where the angels dwell. "The purpose of this sentence is whether th e spirit walks wandering the world in search of love and prayers, because when y ou say, "I offer you, if you obey me pray to God for you", etc., the mourner is calm and quiet, but if this happens kneel all present and elevating the soul to God again Indicated recite prayers. It should be noted that the same may be lodg ed in our bodies good spirits not perfect,that bad or injury and therefore, whe n the patient was quiet by virtue of the preceding sentence, it must be assumed to be free through every day prayers are addressed to the Almighty to demand for giveness and purification spirit, which thankfully, no longer bother you, but if the evil spirit out or damage be known that, on hearing the sentence, it will c ause more suffering and discomfort to the patient. In this case going to try to oust the exorcisms. If the patient does not perceive any modification, is proof that their illness is purely natural. O EXCONJURACION PRECEPT FOR DEMONS TO THE SICK not mortify DURING THE LAST TIME THAT EXCORCISMOS "I, as a creature of God, made in his likeness and redeemed by his blood, I bound by this provision, the devil or demons, to cease delirium and let your tormenting with your lusts Hell, this, the body that serves you room. Second time quote and notify you in the na me of the Sovereign Lord, strong and powerful, that you leave this place and go out and it was never to return to occupy it. The Lord be with all of us, present and absent, for you. devil can not ever tormenting creatures of the Lord. Run, run. otherwise you'll be tied with chains of the Archangel Michael and humiliated with the prayer of St. Cyprian de voted to undo any kind of witchcraft "Then it will say the following prayer to S t. Cyprian" As a servant of God and his creation, hereby release the evil spirit when it is linked. In the name of the Divine Creator that I love since I know w ith all my heart, soul and senses, and who promise you'll love forever, and than k also the benefits which I loving father granted without fee or measure, I comm and you, spirit of evil which immediately separate yourself from this body and l et him haunt you free from your presence in order to receive worthily the exorci sed water sprays which, like rain, fell on him, saying, In the name of the Fathe r, Son and Holy Spirit (is done) who live and reign forever: for the virtues tha t have higher spirits, Adonay, Elohim and Jehovah, whose presence and strength I call this act. Amen. All these calls must be made with great faith and love of God, and is sure that Satan, not await the end of the exorcism that follows, to free the patient. FOR EXORCISM freed people from evil spirits in the name of San Cipriano and part of God thrice holy, by the power of spirits, higher Adonai, E lohim and Jehovah and Mitraton, I N (1), discharge your body N. to be delivered from all evil spells, charms and spells, whether produced by men or women, as fo r any other reason. God be praised and glorified and be pleased that all the spe lls available for debris, destroyed, detached and came to nothing, thus achievin g the body of N. is free from all ills. Great and powerful God be thy name glori fied by your sovereign and Intercession are forced to retreat as the spirits tha t have lodged in the body of N. ceased and that he spell that cause this damage have been used. I charge you and command you can disappear without ever entering the body in which three crosses and I bless you with exorcised water to the nam e of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit which cover and protect N. to never see tor mented. With these words he was sprayed with holy water. It is useful to know th at he who runs an exorcism must be placed to the right of the patient, and that the crosses have to be just left to right. EXORCISM TO RELEASE THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS Tempter I beseech you, rebellious spirit, a resident and wrecking this to delay you on t

he pretext desaparezcis here doing (1) say your name Here it operates. Be done with the thumb of his right hand a cross on the forehead, another in the chest a nd once in the abdomen of the patient. Dissolve any spell you've cast you or one of your aides: dissolve it for me singing with the help of God and the spirits of light Adonai, Elohim and Jehovam, I also tie the formal precept of obedience, so you can not remain or return, or send to another, or disturb this house, und er penalty that you are burned forever with the pitch and sulfur After toothy. I t will bless the house exorcised water and will cross all over the walls with wh ite handle knife, saying: "I exorcise thee, creature-house for you free of spiri ts tempting that you have made their dwelling place."It's good to know that whe n evil spirits are displayed in the houses making noises and banging without att acking people, you do not have dominion over them, either because they fill in t heir hands the mark of the cross of St. Bartholomew, or because the spell they c an only annoy people untouched. EXORCISM AGAINST HURRICANES Both hail and conspi racy as the crosses be repeated four times in the direction of the four cardinal points. "I charge you, clouds, hurricanes, hail, hailstorms and thunderstorms i n the name of the great living God, Elohim, and Mitraton Jehovam, to disolvis y ou like salt in the water without causing any harm or ruin." That this will be t aken and white handled knife with him will be four crosses in the air as if cut from top to bottom and from left to right.