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Talimarjan Clean Energy Generation Project

Djamshid Abdusalamov Head of the Department of foreign economic relations and investment, State Joint-Stock Company Uzbekenergo

Brief description of the project

The proposed CDM project activity consists of constructing two new Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plants (CCGT) in the boundary of the existing Talimarjan thermal power station (TTPS) in Kashkadarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The power plant is owned by SJSC Uzbekenergo, the biggest electricity producer and distributor in Uzbekistan. The main project objective is assurance of reliable provision of electric energy to consumers of Samarkand-Bukhara region, Karshi steppe with seven pumping stations and others. Total Estimated Emission Reductions (2014-2024): 14,276,403 tonnes of CO2e. Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Kashkadarya district, Nishan region, Nuristan resettlement.

General information
Estimated total cost of the project: 1050 mln. USD Sources of financing the project: Credit funds of ADB (350 mln. USD); Japanese International Cooperation Agency (300 mln. USD); Fund of Reconstruction and Development of the Republic Uzbekistan (250 mln. USD); Own funds of SJSC Uzbekenergo (150 mln. UDS); Contribution of Government of Republic Uzbekistan (230 mln. USD) such as tax-free measures. Construction period: 2010-2014 year. Capacity: 2400 MW. Generation: 5,8 TWh/year.

ADB contribution in development of CDM component:

In accordance with Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of the Republic Uzbekistan, SJSC Uzbekenergo, Fund of Reconstruction and Development and Asian Development Bank and JICA of 19-29 January 2010: Future Carbon Fund of ADB can purchase up to 50% of Certified Emissions Reductions after registration and approval of the project. Specialists of ADB will provide assistance to SJSC Uzbekenergo in preparation of technical documents required for registration of the project.

The estimated amount of emission reductions from the project activity

The Project results to an estimated average annual emission reduction of 1,427,640t CO2e. The used methodology is AM0029: Baseline Methodology for Grid Connected Electricity Generation Plants using Natural Gas Version 03, valid from 30 May 2008. There are no similar projects in Uzbekistan comparable with the proposed project activity.

Status of the project

Registration of the Prior Consideration of the CDM Form from 12.07.2010; Discussion of the draft of Clean Development Mechanism Project design document (CDM-PDD) from 28.07.2011.

There is little time left for validation and verification of the project.

Merits of the project

The project implementation will result in reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by utilizing more efficient CCGT technology instead of more carbon intensive electricity generation on a coal fired power plant.

Djamshid Abdusalamov, Head of the Department of foreign economic relations and investment, State JointStock Company Uzbekenergo e-mail: Iskandar Basidov, Head of Unitary Enterprise Talimarjan Thermal Power Plant e-mail: