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Definitions of Knowledge management on the Web:

Knowledge management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences. ... The creation, storage and collaborative sharing of employee information within the business environment. Through sharing and collaboration, an organisation's efficiency, productivity and profitability is enhanced. Supported by advanced Information Technology tools and methods. The way a company stores, organizes and accesses internal and external information. Narrower terms are: "Organizational Memory" and "Knowledge Transfer." (Process) The process of systematically and actively managing and leveraging the stores of knowledge in an organisation is called knowledge management. It is the process of transforming information and intellectual assets into enduring value. The process of capturing, organizing, and storing information and experiences of workers and groups within an organization and making it available to others. ... boutelearning/elearningglossary A system or framework for managing the organizational processes that create, store and distribute knowledge, as defined by its collective data, information and body of experience. Managing tacit knowledge (held in an individual's brain in the form of know-how and experience) and explicit knowledge (recorded independently of humans) is a process for optimizing the effective application of intellectual capital to achieve objectives. ... Discipline within an organisation that ensures that the intellectual capabilities of an organisation are shared, maintained and institutionalised. The practice of nurturing, collecting, managing, sharing, and updating the knowledge resources of an enterprise e-Knowledge Marketplaces: Repositories that are set up to encourage and enable the exchange of the elements of e-knowledge. ...

This is a system that affords control, dissemination, and usage of information. This is often a Net-enabled corporate initiative. The mistaken idea that what is in peoples heads (knowledge) is fundamentally the same stuff as can be documented in words, pictures charts etc (information). ... We believe true Knowledge Management is eliciting and sharing the experience and intelligence of everyone working in a particular process. Consciously managing knowledge as a resource and using it in a targeted manner within the company. MARSEN Knowledge Management is a set of processes used to effectively use a knowledge system to locate the knowledge required by one or more people to perform their assigned tasks.