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Condo Tenants and Managers Applaud Nu Flow Renovation

When your pipes reach their expected useful life and begin to fail and leak, choose the Repipe Alternative from Nu Flow to rehabilitate your system. Replacement isnt always an optimal solution for aging systems, especially when pipes are located within or beneath a building. Using a patented epoxy coating, Nu Flow can retrofit pipe systems with a non-invasive process, avoiding destruction. For example, Nu Flow completed a pipe-lining project at a condominium complex in Toronto, Ontario without displacing tenants or ripping through walls to access the pipes. Project: Rehabilitate potable lines, hot water recirculation lines, mains and pool lines while keeping a close relationship with tenants and avoiding displacement. Customer: Percel Inc., a privately-held, family-oriented and boutique-styled professional condominium management company. Site: A luxurious 58-suite condominium property in Toronto, Ontario, built in 1989. The facility consists of bedroom suites, an indoor pool and fitness center, change rooms and saunas. System: The 18-year-old copper piping system including the mains, vertical risers and horizontal branches of the entire potable water system which incorporates a hot water recirculation system. The system renovated also includes the pool lines. Situation: The chemicals used to treat drinking water had slowly eroded the pipes, resulting in multiple pinhole leaks. The leaks were forming throughout the system on average once per week. The owner was spending up to $60,000 per year in pinhole leak repairs prompting Heathgate Condominium Managers to look for an alternative option. Solution: Percel Inc. President, Robert Weinberg, contacted Nu Flow to learn about the process. After learning that the epoxy coating process creates a barrier between the piping system and the corrosive water all while leaving walls intact, the decision was made to use the Repipe Alternative from Nu Flow.

The owners were very pleased with the process and the professionalism of [Nu Flows] crews. They especially appreciated not having to endure the breaking of their walls or any significant disturbance to their daily lives while the work was carried out.
- Robert L. Weinberg, President, Percel Inc.

During the rehabilitation, Nu Flow took tenant relations very seriously and used regular updates in the main lobby, individual notices and phone calls to ensure residents were aware of the job parameters and how it would affect them. The pipes were cleaned of all corrosion and buildup and Nu Flow applied an evenly coated layer of their patented epoxy to stop corrosion and prevent future leaks. Corrosion and pinhole leaks are common in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, Nu Flow is available to restore your peace of mind.

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