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Cognos 10 installation and configurations for VM Image Nov 2010 Download applications

Adobe Lotus Symphony Java 1.6.0_16 JRE

Download Apache 2.2 web server from (win32 binary without crypto) Run the Apache Installation file (this is for the cognos web server)

If you cannot connect to apache and are getting an error about not being able to resolve the server name check the system icon and look at the information for the computer name. The issue should be resolved here. Set Environment variables under System Properties for java_home to point to the bin directory confirm Java version is being recognised. in dos type in Java -version

If you don't set the above, applications from Extreme Leverage will not install. Edit the HTTPD.Conf Set Server name to localhost Set ServerAdmin to your intranet e-mail address

Download DB2 Express-c v9.1 from @@ run the setup.exe file for db2 express

when finished click on Create your own database Database name = water Follow the onscreen prompts Under programs > DB2 > command line tools > Control Center Under buffer pools > create a new buffer

buffer pool name = water page size = 32 create another new buffer buffer pool name = water4 buffer size = 4 create a system table space click on table space folder click on create new table space

call the name water_sys_temp check mark in system temporary next screen should be a box that says 4kb on bottom page choose water buffer pool click finish

create a user temporary table space click on table space folder click on create new table space call the name water_user_temp check mark in user temporary buffer pool = water4 click on finish create a user regular table space click on table space folder click on create new table space call the name water_user_reg check mark in user temporary buffer pool = water4 click on finish

Open up the database configuration assistant Double click on the database set up for the Content Store

Set it to either TCP or Local Host dependant on where the database resides

Select your DB2 database that was set up for the Content Store

Click Next

If Cognos is going to be local to the machine then leave the below boxes unchecked

choose you Operating System Check Authenticate value is Server DBm Configuration

Right click on the database connection and Test the Connection to make sure that it is OK

Download the below Cognos components from @@

Cognos 10 CRD18ML Business Intelligence Framework Manager Metric Modelling User Guide

installing C10 with the ISSETUP.EXE FILE make sure that the Database Content Store is checked marked. It is unchecked by default in the installation wizard. Close down Cognos Configurations Go to the \ibm\SQLLIB\Java folder and copy the files db2jcc.jar db2jcc_licence_cu.jar

Go to the C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\c10\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib paste db2jcc.jar db2jcc_licence_cu.jar rename to db2java.jar stop db2 icon in task bar restart db2 icon in task bar Telenet needs to be enabled Run Services.msc Make sure that all Telent Services are enabled

Open up Cognos Configuration Anything that says LocalHost needs to be replaced with the host name of your computer example Under IBM Cognos 8 Service= time out 960 Under Security/Authentication/Inactivity=86400 Cryptography/Application Firewall/ CAF=False

Delete the Cognos Content Store database 1. On the computer where you installed Cognos Content Database, go to the c8_location\bin directory, and type the following command:

2. On Windows, type 3. derby.bat uninstall 4. This command removes the Cognos Content Database service. 5. On UNIX, type 6. stop 7. This command stops the Cognos Content Database service. 8. In the c8_location directory, delete the derby10.1.2.1 directory. 9. In the c8_location\bin directory, delete the following files: 10.On Windows, derby.bat 11.On UNIX, and 12.On Windows, in the c8_location\logs directory, delete the derby.service file. 13.In the c8_location directory, open the cmplst.txt file in a text editor. 14.Remove lines containing Cognos Content Database values. The lines contain CCD and CMDERBY. For example: 15.C8BISRVRCCD_version= 16.C8BISRVRCCD_name= 17.CCD_version= 18.CCD_name= 19.CMDERBY_version= 20.CMDERBY_name= 21.Tip: You can also comment the lines out by inserting # at the start of each line. 22.Save the file. 23.Start IBM Cognos Configuration. 24.Under Data Access, Content Manager, do the following: 25.Delete the Cognos Content Database. 26.Configure a new database resource to point to a new content store. 27.For more information, see Set Database Connection Properties for the Content Store. 28.Restart IBM Cognos 8.

Replace the details of the content store database with that of what was created in db2 Right click on the content store database and test the connection make sure it connects. If it does not connect you need to troubleshoot it.

You need to test your connection to the gateway.If you dont get anything back if you need to make sure that it is not blocked.

FrameWork manager Run issetup.exe from framework manager. this also installs map manager which we dont need after install framework manager there is an option to configure it. follow the qrc_inst.pdf file for installation instructions If you cannot connect to any database in framework manager but you can connect to the database via toad or another system, Or you are getting an error that password failed or you cannot connect to a multi-database check that the odbc connection for db2 is set up. Administrative tools > ODBC > System DSN > ADD

Type in the name of your database > ADD > OK

Type in the user id and password

Fill out the tcp-ip connection details and click OK go back and test the connection and make sure it connects with no errors within the ODBC system The Cognos System is now taking it's data from a new database as of this week. The new database details are:
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