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Basic Elements of Writing To develop skills in reading and writing for general academic purposes To develop independent, creative, and critical thinking through the reading and writing of various forms of academic discourse To further an awareness of oneself and others through the exposure to, study of and experiences with the written word College English The writing and critical reading of basic forms of academic discourse essential to university work

and Purpose B. C. D. E. Attributes of a Well Written College Essay Conciseness Clarity Flow Gracefulness Accountability 1. Definition 2. Kinds of Sources 3. Documentation III. The Writing Process Pre-writing Generating and Exploring Ideas Data-Gathering Organizing Ideas: Outlining Writing Beginning Transitions Ending Revision 1. Peer Review 2. Conference 3. Workshop IV. College Essays A. B.

Audience, Subject, Point of View Levels of Language Voice Style

D. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: A Portfolio containing the 4 Essays A Critical Essay as a student of English 10 GRADING SYSTEM: Attendance and Participation Documentation Exam Essays Critical Essay 20% 10% 50% 10%

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Report Concept Paper Reaction Paper Position Paper

Portfolio 10% ____________________________________________________________ 100% CLASSROOM POLICIES: 1. that you pick up after yourself. Never come to class unprepared. 3. exam, I suggest you refrain from cheating. Eating inside the classroom is permitted provided Unless you want an automatic grade of 5 in your


Refrain from making unnecessary chatter while I am discussing or when one of your classmates is reciting. 5. Set your mobile phones in silent mode. 6. Failure to comply with the prescribed format will incur deductions. 7. Late submission is not an option. 8. Proper hygiene is much appreciated. GUIDELINES FOR WRITING THE PAPERS: Your long theme should have the following format: Font Style: Garamond Font Size: 12 Margin: 1 inch on all sides Paper: Short Bond (8.5 x 11) Ink Color: Black Line Spacing: Double Provide a creative title for your long theme. Provide a title page. Put your surname and the page number on the upper right hand corner on every page of your long theme (as Header) except the title page. Put your class number, student number, college and major on the lower right hand corner on every page of your long theme (as Footer) except the title page. 5. Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is punishable by expulsion from the University. Should you choose to quote or cite anything from any source, remember to use proper documentation styles (preferably MLA). _____________________________________________________________________________________ Richmon M. Pancho Instructor IV FC 1006 Department of English and Comparative Literature College of Arts and Letters University of the Philippines Diliman Consultation Hours: Monday 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Wednesday and Friday 3:00 pm to 5 pm