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Disk Replacement NetApp Procedure A To find out what device is failing.

Execute : storage show disk -p Assume that disk 0c.32 is failing as an example. Fail the disk to spare pool disk remove 0c.32 disk replace start 0c.32 0d.29 where 0c.32 is the failed disk & 0d.29 is the new disk (replacement) To Monitor the progress execute: priv set advanced blink_on 0c.32 Now that we are ready to replace the drive, execute: disk swap Pull the drive from the system and insert the new drive. Procedure B In older Filers with H/W ownership AND/OR Where a disk on FilerB is replaced with disk on FilerA; at times Disk replace command may fail. Execute the following: disk assign 0d.29 Error: disk assign: Assign failed for one or more disks in the disk list. This error means that the disk is still; maintaining the ownership information from previous filer (FilerA). Execute the following: priv set advanced disk assign 0d.29 -s unowned -f Note: Disks may be automatically assigned to this node, since option disk.auto_assign is on. disk assign 0d.29