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T shwane D H istrict ospital


Fortnight publication, 09–

09–27 June Issue 1 of 2008

Meet TDHospital Board that works for you!!

Ms. Petje
Chairperson Dr. Barry Mrs. Shai Mr. Chinsamy

The National Health Act, Act No. University representatives are nominated by three months as stipulated in the Hospital
61 of 2003 dictates that hospitals should the University Deans. Ordinance of 1958 as amended in 1999. As
have boards. These are statutory bodies per the norm, the board should meet every
appointed by the MEC for Health of It is the role of the board to serve as a month, and must have met not less than
each and every respective province. resource to be consulted by the hospital six times in a period of an annum.
Composition of the hospital board is management on distinguished issues, and again
determined by the level of the hospital, it (the board) has the responsibility to For the first time in history of Tshwane
i.e. regional hospital would have seven represent the interest of the community in the District Hospital, July 2007 saw the first
board members, where as district hospital. The CEO remains responsible for the group board members appointed by the
hospital board would have six. executive and operational decisions taken daily MEC. The board members are currently
for the hospital and report to the Head of only four in number and they are Ms.
The term of office for each group of Department, while the board fulfills its Gladys Petje, Ms. Millicent Shai, Dr. Barry
members is three (3) consecutive years. advisory and oversight function and reports and Mr. Chinsamy. Our board is currently
Appointment of community members to directly to the MEC for Health. in place and running smoothly. It is the
serve in a board follows an extensive wish of the board to see a healthy
process of advertising in For projects that are not covered in the hosp cooperation between the staff and board in
Rabalao S.T (012) 354 5862
Ubogu O.I (012) 354 5602


newspapers, calling for ital budget, the board is responsible to raise the name of health service delivery. The
nominations through funds for the hospital. The hospital board may Chairperson of the board Ms. Gladys Petje
NGOs (Non Govern- even receive donations on behalf of the encourages staff members to work
mental Organisation), institution and decide on how to utilize such tirelessly and unreservedly for the
CBOs (Community resources. community they are serving.
Based Organisations)
and other community It is expected of board members to at
To contribute, forward your submissions at:
based organizations. least inspect the hospital once every

Private Bag X 179, Pretoria, 0001. Tel (012)354 1000. Fax: (012)354 5656