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Directors : Jojo Lucila & Ida Beltran-Lucila


The Lucila Project is the ensemble of works of Jojo and Ida (Beltran) Lucila - as dance teachers, choreographers, directors, arts administrators, arts presenters, and arts advocates. Together, they have established companies and projects in Edmonton like Chameleon Dance Edmonton and the Philippine Arts Festivals. They have worked with different Filipino organizations and dance groups, including the Edmonton Festival Ballet, Edmonton Contemporary Dancers, Dance Unlimited, Dance Xtreme and the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers. In Manila, they founded the Chameleon Dance Company, the Teatro Silencio, worked with the major dance companies - Ballet Philippines, Philippine Ballet Theatre and Ballet Manila and various government and cultural agencies. The work includes: conceptualization and presentation of performing arts events providing training in modern and classical ballet, Philippine folk dance and dance improvisation and composition collaboration with artists, both emerging and established, from multi-disciplines community outreach and audience development activities, e.g. lecture-demonstrations, etc. arts and culture advocacy, with special focus on Philippine artists and works For more information, visit


Girl Choreography: Jojo Lucila Music: Beatles, as performed by Les Borades Performers: Alexis Bracuk, Cynthia Hicks, Emily Belke, Ginny de la Fuente, Laurelle Unger, Lucienne Soriano, Maren Elliott Synopsis: Do you not know I am a woman? when I think, I must speak. - William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Earth Song Choreography: Jojo Lucila Music: Lucio San Pedro, Levi Celerio Performer: Alexis Bracuk

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Martial Ways Choreography: Jojo Lucila Music Frank Caparelli Performers: Bethany Briones, Corinna Manuntag, Dan Pocsidio, Jenna Manuntag, Jordan Roque, Julian Lucila, Lucienne Soriano, Ruby de Jesus

Mutya ng Pasig Choreography: Jojo Lucila Music: Nicanor Abelardo Performer: Laurelle Unger Mutya ng Pasig is a classical musical poetry by Nicanor Abelardo composed in 1926, which tells about the sad fate of a woman who appears in the Pasig River during full moon. Inspired by a carnival along the Pasig in 1926. Moved by the celebration, Abelardo alludes to a mythical past with its bygone splendor... In the light of the full moon, the mutya speaks, lamenting her lost kingdom and love, an allusion to the freedom lost by the country to the Americans.

The Gathering Choreography: Jojo Lucila Music: Pinikpikan Performers: Alexis Bracuk, Bethany Briones, Corinna Manuntag, Dan Pocsidio, Cynthia Hicks, Emily Belke, Ginny de la Fuente, Jenna Manuntag, Jordan Roque, Julian Lucila, Laurelle Unger, Lucienne Soriano, Maren Elliott, Ruby de Jesus Synopsis: A gathering of the different tribes for celebration.