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Something is going on in the process of scientific publication

Nearly 29000 researchers have threatened journals to make their content freely accessible online within 6 month after publication. More than half (40) of the editors have resigned from the renowned "Machine Learning" journal for similar reasons and founded an alternative online Journal of Machine Learning Research. There has been an intensive discussion about the reviewing process in general and reviewing time in particular in the connectionist mailing list.

Online Libraries

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies (BibTeX entries only, but well structured) The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Libary (CiteSeer) (Most papers online) Archives of Online Physics, Math and Computer Science Papers (First online archive with publication character incl. date, revision, id, ...) Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library CogPrints: Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive BioMed Central: Open Access, Rapid Publication, Full Peer Review


The Self-Archiving Initiative, Freeing the refereed research literature online (Stevan Harnard). The For Whom the Gate Tolls? How and Why to Free the Refereed Research Literature Online Through Author/Institution Self-Archiving, Now (Stevan Harnard).

Discussion Groups

Future e-access to the primary literature (ongoing discussion in Nature). Discussion of liberating the refereed literature (ongoing discussion in Science). Discussion of liberating the refereed literature (ongoing discussion in American Scientist). Discussion about the reviewing process in the connectionist mailing list.

Further Links

Brave New World of Scientific Publishing Initiative for a Public Library of Science Budapest Open Access Initiative Letter of resignation from Machine Learning journal Publication delay estimated using the average age of the most recent citation in articles at the time of publication.

Review & Publication Time of Computer Science Journals

The table below contains a list of average reviewing/revision/publication time of some computer science journals, based on personal and some colleagues' experience. The list may be useful for authors to look up how long they have to expect to wait until their submission gets published. If there are two journals of similar content this information may also guide them in selecting a journal. It may also be useful for journals to find themselves in the top or flop positions regarding reviewing time. Reviewing time is definitely not the only important measure. Other quantifiable information may be added in time.
Publisher Review Time Revision time Publ. Time Total Time Citations per Article 0.736 1.915 0.457 0.672 1.752 0.880 8m 12m 20m

Journal Name AI Magazine Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Review Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Chemometr Intell Lab Cogn. Brain Res.

Comp. Statistics & Data Elsevier

Analysis IEEE Expert IEEE Trans. Evolutionary Computation IEEE Press IEEE Press 4m 9m 11m 5m 25m 0.461 3m 2m 7m 2.006 1.941 0.602 1.153 World Scientific 3m 12m 15m 0.420 0.512 World Scientific Kluwer ? 3m 5.5m 3m 6m 7m 5m 4m 3m 7m 6m 0m 14m 16m 10m 26m 1.721 1.196 3.139 Pergamon Kluwer Elsevier 10m 8m2 [#2] 12m 2.8m 9m 3m 9m 8.5m2 [#2] 19m 25.5m [#2] 15m 3.139 1.939 0.691 Elsevier 8m 4m 7m 19m 1m 3m 4m 6m 8m 14.5m 0.629

IEEE Trans. Information IEEE Press Theory IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data En IEEE Trans. Pattern. Analy Image Vision Comput. Int J. Comput. Vision Int J. Foundations of Computer Science Int J. Softw. Eng. Know Int J. Intelligent Systems Int J. Neural Systems J. Computational Neuroscience J. Neurophysiol IEEE Press IEEE Press

IEEE Trans. Neural Net. IEEE Press

J. Computer and System Academic Science Press J. Machine Learning Research Machine Learning Network Neural Computation Neural Networks Neural Processing Letters Neurocomputing Neuroscience Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition Letters MIT Press Kluwer

Pattern Recognition Lett. Robotica ... Cambridge Uni.Press 3m0 [#2] 6m0 [#2] 9m0 [#2]



Review time in month one standard deviation [# of papers in brackets] Revision time in month one standard deviation [# of papers in brackets] Publication time in month one standard deviation [# of papers in brackets] Time from submitting final version to appearance of journal Total time in month one standard deviation [# of papers in brackets] = Review + Revision + Publication time = Publication date - First submission date - time for own revision Citations per article: Source: 1996 Journal Citation Reports

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