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ESSAY OUTLINE VALUE OF MATHS - For basic need to survive - Give birth to great inventions - Applied even in artistic areas VALUE OF PHILOSOPHY - For society to grow - For individuals to grow

ESSAY To reach a consensus on the students curriculum remains controversial. Some people believe that several subjects such as philosophy and mathematics should be mandatory for their essential role in childrens development while others subscribe to the point that it is up to them to choose subjects. I totally agree with the former view for the following reasons. It is first cited that mathematics is of less inspirational subjects than arts and others. To some extent, it would be hardly an exhilarating experience for students to bury themselves in a series of soulless numbers while arts provide them more space for creation and imagination. Sadly enough, the ability of calculate basic figures is indispensible, especially when children, would-be adults, are supposed to go to their market everyday to buy, do business with others to survive

and balance their financial budget to avoid being bankrupt at times. Also, facts have shown that no sooner are students imbued with the mysteries of mathematics than they feel increasingly intrigued and motivated to give birth to revolutionary inventions. Had it not been for the intelligent applications of mathematics in our lives, we would still labor ourselves with normal rudimentary calculations, instead of using computers for help. Advanced mathematic applications, for centuries, have reformed our world, even the artistic one which is believed to be exclusively mental and devoid of logical reasoning. With the accurate algebraic equations and measurement, architectural wonders take shape with perfect congruity, lower risks for builders and long lasting existence. In other words, lacking mathematics in our world, human could hardly see progress in any field. Philosophy is, in addition, seen as an abstract domain. Being crammed with numerous rules of the world, students feel overloaded, and in fact, are rarely mature enough to make sense of these fundamentals. Is it really so? Since the dawn of history, philosophers have enlightened our perception of the mysterious universe through their observation and discoveries. Without the knowledge of basic rules of life, about the common and unique definitions, how could the society reach the law to regulate the society in the way that is to meet the demand of the whole community, but still appreciate the difference to motivate people for individualistic, but creative works. Another point is that the true value in the exploration of philosophical world is the cultivation of peoples selfawareness of themselves and things around them. Once human can figure out who they are, and which natural rules exert their influence on them, they begin to know how to live

in harmony with others and refrain themselves from natural destruction for the sake of profit. Answers to all very basic questions of life can actually be found in philosophy, which explains why this subject used to be regarded to set foundation for other scientific subjects to thrive. In a word, each subject has its own role in our life, yet philosophy and mathematics are exceptional in the sense that they equip us with precondition to fathom, lead and create our own lives and therefore, deserve to be introduced as compulsory subjects at school. Written by Pham Thi Le Na Timing: 30 minutes Word count: 540