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Coffee Route in Chiapas A visit from the sky before ...

The coffee production in Chiapas is more than a century of tradition. Around the year 1880 arrived in this wonderful state a group of European investors families with their families, Irish and German mostly, with a strong vision of generating companies fincar quality agricultural products which generate jobs and promote development of the nation Mexico. The vision of the then President of the United Mexican States Porfirio Diaz, was to develop strong economies like those European nations at the time.

Thus, early nineteenth century began the construction and growth of what is one of the pages of the history of Chiapas, which have a special section in feeling and glory of this entity: the coffee plantations of Chiapas, such as Finca Argovia , Finca Hamburgo, Finca Irlanda, Finca Chiripa and Finca San Francisco. Today Chiapas has a tourism product to the world, articulated with the best quality of services, infrastructure and human capital, and shares it with all visitors showing a group of companies that now account for one of the most important economic pillars, strong and Chiapas of Mexico and generate a recognized source of employment for the society and the world share the fruits of their tenacious and intelligent effort now become an incredible tourist to the level of the most memorable: The Route of Coffee in Chiapas.

La Ruta del Caf de Chiapas began arriving in the city of Tapachula Ordoez, a border town south of the state where it starts the journey of the roads leading to farms. At the beginning of the trip are starting to see the crops of the two types of coffee bean, Arabica and robusta, and is able to differentiate the plants because they have a different size and color as well as the richness of ground full of eyes water, breathtaking waterfalls and rivers. The first visit is Finca Argovia, where the current owner greets you personally Bruno Eisenman and makes you a cultural tour of the facilities of the coffee processing, where the machines are pulped, cleaned and roasted grain. Argovia farm produces a coffee of high quality premium brand washing Argovia coffee. The farm also produces a range of diversified food products around their crop coffee areas such as cardamom, chiltepnchili and star fruit jam.

La Finca Argovia shows an exotic natural beauty frozen in time, ferns and palms seem prehistoric film output. Its warm climate will put you immediately invites a light shirt and do

the different routes you have in your land as a visit to the greenhouses of exotic flowers, which are exported to many continents. On the way we see the growth of mouse-ear

mushrooms, and the Pacaya, an edible bud of a palm that is commonly used to ornament and that crippled the region is consumed with scrambled egg and is delicious.

Near the greenhouse are the themed spa overlooking the canyon where listening to the sound of the river impotent running there. Next to the spa has to make you temazcal steam baths and get detox for a while. Are 5 minutes down the river with a bridge from where you can throw nailed to a pool that seems made for the hand of God.

Back at the farm have the pool area, really amazing and the water is warm all the time. The Finca restaurant is a gourmet experience, you get butter flavors. Your selection of dishes satisfy any palate.

The rest are completely separate wood cabins and comfortable.

In a tour by jeep or on foot, you arrive at Finca Violeta, with a construction and environment frozen in time and still retains the original furniture of the time.

After a rest day walk 4 miles up to Finca Hamburg belonging to the family Edelman offers a different climate and a different atmosphere. Its climate is colder derivative height at which it is located. The tour around the coffee machine you can find old who used the funicular railway that served to move the grain of coffee to benefit.

Hamburg offers an incredible hiking trails, but the cabins and the view is you do prefer to rest together with a good cup of coffee. At the end of the tour you are invited to do a tasting of selected grains for sale, from which you learn to identify differences in flavors and aromas of coffee.

The restaurant called Perleberg ("the pearl of the mountain") offers incredible food, the view of the restaurant is the best, you see clearly the fields, the volcano Tacan, the birth of the Sierra Madre of Chiapas and the mountains of Guatemala and have a wonderful view of the coast, and the of Tapachula and Huixtla city.

At about 3 pm the environment is covered with fog and the experience is wonderful, invites you to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

A few yards down is Finca Irlanda, where its owner Walter Peters has been devoted in body and soul to return to mother earth that has given hits, making breeding endangered animals and plant cultivation. It is noteworthy that the Finca Irlanda has received international awards for his work on behalf of nature, offers a dynamic bio coffee was the first organic farm in the world. Today some rooms designed to offer researchers and explorers looking for the best of nature.

Never before have so many sensations you cover in so little time to be reborn again and you feel part of this world.

Visit them! Chiapas, the last frontier!