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English Trimester 1 Review Spelling Units 1-15Inspector caper feign old-fashioned brilliant Abrupt utilize relieve full-length criticism

m Target recycle foreign problem-solving portrait Criminal arena heir out-of-date symbolic Dismal debut retrieve best-selling prelude Astonish response sovereign well-informed texture Investigate repunt heirloom up-and-coming impressive Entirely diagnose grieve long-distance interlude Escape aboard veil peace-loving suite Shortage retrace reprieve much-improved expressive Emphasis patiently leisurely play-by-play sonata Victim decipher beige world-famous operetta Upheaval utility achievement part-time romantic Mustache bias perceive far-reaching romanticism Startle chaos unwieldy matter-of-fact repertoire Eccentric typhoon forfeit player-manager mythical Accomplice credence counterfeit decision-making ensemble Budget reimburse deceive up-to-the-minute opus Accessory violent convenient thirst-quenching overture Incriminate seasonal weirdly secretary-treasurer melodic Bookkeeping circuit alumna superior advisory Appropriate perforate alumnae superiority contrary Acceptance transform alumni interiority auditory Disappearance perplex alumnus inferior legendary

Essential circulation stimulus punctual sensory Accuracy transparent stimuli punctuality primary Assistance circumstance analyses visibility mandatory Accelerate persistence analysis testability literary Recommend transition index technical migratory Occasional perpetual indices flexibility elementary Dilemma circumvent criterion partiality satisfactory Withholding circumnavigate criteria personality complimentary Accommodate transfer phenomena fragile circulatory Vaccinate persuade phenomenon fragility contemporary Necessity transplant datum originality involuntary Successor circulating data indivuality introductory Disapprove transistor curriculum liability preliminarily Acclimates circuvere memoranda liable extraordinary Questionnaire circumstance memorandum capability predatory

Submit malice political Submitted benefit monarch Commit equate democracy Committed malady academy Committing equality anarchy Transmitting beneficial epidemic Transmitter benign metropolis Regret malpractice demography Regretted equivocal patriarch

Regrettable malign academic Control benefactor acropolis Controlled equitable democrat Controllable beneficiary architecture Forgetting malfunction politics Unforgettable malignant bureaucracy Rebelled equity matriarch Rebellion malnutrition metro politician Forbid equilibrium autocratic Forbidden malicious politician

Vocab Units 1-6 Adage-wise saying Bonanza-very valuable Churlish-lacking manners Citadel-a strong & protecting place Collaborate-work with Decree-command forcefully Discordant-no harmony Evolve-develop gradually Excerpt-to quote Grope-search blindly Hover-back & forth Jostle-shove Laggard-more slowly

Plaudits-applause Preclude-prevent Revert-return Rubble-ruins Servile-no spirit Vigil-a watch Wrangle-a noisy quarrel Antics-ridiculous or unpredictable behavior Avowed-acknowledged; declared openly Banter-talking playfully & teasing Bountiful-giving freely; plentiful Congested-overcrowded; filled up Detriment-harm loss; injury; damage Durable-sturdy; lasting a long time Enterprising-energetic; willing to start something new Frugal-economical; avoiding waste & luxury Gingerly-with extreme care/caution Glut-overstuffing; an oversupply Incognito-a disguised state Invalidate-to make valueless; take away all force or effect Legendary-legends; existing in old stories rather than real life Maim-to cripple, injure Minimize-to make small as possible Oblique-slanting, not straight forward

Veer-turn aside; shift Venerate-look up to with great respect Wanton-reckless, heartless; a spoiled pampered person Allot-assign or distribute in portions Amass-collect, gather. To come together Audacious-bold, daring, reckless Comply-yield to a request, command Devoid-not having or using, lacking Elite-superior Grapple-come to grip with; fight, wrestle Incapacitate-deprive of strength or ability Instigate-urge on, stir up Longevity-long life; long duration Myriad-great numbers Perspective-different point of view Partum-trouble; make uneasy, disturb Prodigious-immense Relevant-connect or related to Skittish-nervous & easily frightened, shy Tether-fasten with a rope or chain Unison-sounding together, agreement Vie-to compete, strive for victory Willful-stubbornly, done or purpose Annul-reduce to nothing, abolish Blas-indifferent

Bolster-give a boost, support Deplore-to feel or express regret Frivolous-of little importance Muster-quietly saying Nonentity-thing on no importance Obess-trobule, haunt Ornate-declared slowly Oust-to remove Peruse-read thoroughly and carefully Porous-full of tiny holes Promontory-extending into water Prone-likely Qualm-uneasiness Recourse-seeking help Residue-remainder Solicitous-showing concern Sustain-support Aghast-amazement Ample-large Apparition-ghostly figure Assert-put forward Cower-crouch, fear Disdain-refuse scornfully Epitaph-brief statement of grave Ethical-doing with morals, values

Facetious-humorous Inaudible-not able to be heard Indiscriminate-unselective Intrigue-crafty dealings Jurisdiction-area of authority Plausible-true, fair Plebeian-wasteful extravagant Prodigical-closeness Proximity-nearness Pulverize-destroy Volatile-highly changeable Abashed-embarrassed Aloof-withdrawn by choice Anguish-great mental pain Articulate-use language distinctly Bask-pleasant warmth Defect-an imperfection Finesse-cleverness Flaunt-showily, conceited Forthright-straightforward Genial-pleasant, cheerful Instill-as gradually Ostracize-exclude, banish Premoniton-forewaring future event Pseudonym-pen name

Purge- process of getting rid of something Rehabilitate-to restore in good form Repercussion-result; echo Resolute-bold; firm Retentive-keep or recall Scapegoatcarrying the blame for others Grammar Simple subject = the main word in the complete sentence Simple predicate = [verb] the main word in the complete predicate Declarative = makes a statement & ends with a period. Interrogative = asks a question and ends with a ? Imperative = gives a command & ends with a period. Exclamatory = shows surprise or strong feeling & ends with a ! Direct Objects nouns or pronouns that follow the action verb & receive the action Indirect Objects nouns or pronouns that follow an action verb & comes before the d.o Predicate Nominatives nouns or pronouns that follow a linking verb & explains or identifies the subj. of the sentence. Predicate Adjectives an adj. that follows a linking verb & describes the subj. *adverbs & prep. Phrases are never complements. Nouns _ names a person, place or thing Pronouns _ a word that takes a place of a noun Adjectives _ a describing word that modifies a noun or pronoun Verbs _ a word that expresses action or makes a statement complete

Adverbs _ describes & modifies a verb, an adj. or another adverb, many end in ly. Include the words no, not, never & answer Where? When? How? Prepositions _ begins a prep. Phrase & shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun & some other words in a sentence. Conjunctions _ a word that connects words, phrases, or sentences. And, But, Or. Interjections _ word that expresses strong feeling or emotions.

Literature Characterization the methods a writer uses to develop the personality of a character Theme the main idea of a work Point of View the relationship of the narrator to the story Plot the sequence of events in a story, novel, or play Foreshadowing the use of clues by an author to prepare readers for evens that will happen later in the story Symbol an object, person, place, or experience that means more than what it is Golden Glass Ted asks his mother Vida whether he can build a fort in his backyard and live there over the summer. As he builds, he thinks about his father who he hasn't seen in 4 years. Eventually, Ted constructs a 2 story house, the top in a cypress tree. As the summer progresses he grows more cheerful & at peace with himself. He also takes a course in stained glass making. When his window is complete he puts it in the tree house. As fall arrives he is ready to move back in with his mom, sister, & brother. Mother & Daughter

Mrs. Moreno cant afford to buy her daughter, Yollie a new dress for her dance, so she dies an old dress black. When it rains at the outdoor dance, the dye runs. Humiliated, Yollie leaves & runs home, throwing the dress at her mother. By morning Yollie realizes she can't blame her mother. Mrs. Moreno uses some of Yollies college fund of $100 to buy her news clothes for a date. The Medicine Bag Martin's Sioux great-grandfather [Old Iron Shell], who is old and ill, comes to stay with Martin and his Family. Grandpa tells Martin that he wants him to have the medicine bag, a pouch he wears around his neck & that he received from his father. The pouch contains a broken shell of the iron kettle, a pebble from the butte of the hill, & a piece of sacred sage. These were articles from a "vision quest" to find a spirit guide for his life. Martin finds the prospect less than appealing at first, but he ultimately comes to terms with the objects personal and cultural significance. To Martin the med. Bag is proof that he is a Sioux. To Grandpa the bag represents his cultural heritage, his father & his son. Keeping cultural traditions is important after the death or Grandpa. In the Middle of a Pitch Dusty Sikarsky [main character] is a former baseball player, successful pitcher in the major leagues until he hurts him arm & can't play anymore. He becomes a used car salesman, turning his back on baseball unhappy with his life. The he changes his life by becoming involved with baseball again and helping children enjoy the game.