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Client / Brand: Campaign: Circulation: UMW Toyota Motor KL International Motor Show KL INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW, 3 12 DECEMBER 2010 Client Dentsu Radius Photographer Videographer : Mandy Phang, Karen Yip, Too Woon Shim : Hayashi Yoshinori, Lim Kok Kean : Jason Ng, Samantha Lock, CK Tan : Michael Yip : TBC

EVENT DETAILS Event Name Date Time Venue Invitees : KL International Motor Show : 3 12 December 2010 : 11am 10pm (Mon - Fri), 10am 10pm (Sat and Sun) : Merdeka Hall, PWTC : Public

ITINERARY & EXHIBITS (Please see attached Event Itineraries and Briefing Document) 1. Please refer to the attached event itineraries for the daily schedule. There are two schedules, one for weekdays (Mon Thurs) and one for weekends (Fri Sun) 2. Please refer to the event itineraries for all product presentations, dance and violinist performances times. 3. Please read the briefing document thoroughly to familiarize yourselves with the exhibits (cars) as well as layout of the Toyota and Lexus booths. FILMING/PHOTOGRAPHY FOOTAGE REQUIREMENTS

1. Both photographer and videographer to stand-by at 10.00am (Mon Fri) and 9.00am (Sat and
Sun) daily

2. Entire Set-up / Ambient Shots including all angles of all cars to shoot this before the show
opens daily (photographer will have 3, 4 and 5 Dec to do this) 3. VIPs, Toyota and Lexus management shots will advise when to stand-by for the arrival of these guests 4. There are three categories of Brand Ambassadors: i) Models Toyota - stationed at the five cars and interactive kiosks (6 pax) - Lexus stationed at the three cars ii) Receptionists stationed at the reception counters of each brand iii) Presenters 1 pax each for both Toyota and Lexus,

5. Full individual body shots of ALL models, receptionists and presenters, please label the pics
6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. with each individuals name Groups shots of all Toyota models (to be done before show open) Group shots of all Toyota receptionists (to be done before show open) Group shots of all Lexus models (to be done before show open) Group shots of all Lexus receptionists (to be done before show open) Group shots of all Toyota Sales Ambassadors Group shots of all Lexus Sales Ambassadors Shots of Toyota and Lexus models with guests Receptionists welcoming and handing out brochures to guests at both Toyota and Lexus reception counters

14. Candid/overview shots of guests touring the Toyota and Lexus booths
15. Guests using the Toyota Interactive Kiosks assisted by Toyota model 16. Candid shots of Sales Ambassadors talking to guests at Toyota guest area / Lexus hospitality room 17. Candid shots of guests trying out the Lexus RX Remote Touch Simulators 18. Product Presentation by Toyota and Lexus presenters (refer to schedule for time of presentations) 19. Dance Performances by IDC Dancers (refer to schedule for time of performance)

20. Violinist Performance (refer to schedule for time of performance) 21. Prius car display at the entrance of KLIMS 22. Other pavilions set-up / ambient, cars, models (girls) and activities