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Dr. T.K. Jain.

How will you improve- lions
are both found in Asia and
• Lions are found both in Asia and
How will you improve-unless
you don’t work hard, you will
• Unless you work hard, you will fail.

• Unless includes not – so don’t use not

with it. Don’t use double negative or
double superlative.
How will you improve-she
worked hard and failed.
• She worked hard but failed.
How will you improve-Zia as
well as Alka are beautiful.
• Zia as well as Alka is beautiful.

• When we use as well as, we have to

keep the verb as per first subject
How will you improve-little
boy was lazy and careless.
• The little boy was lazy and careless
How will you improve-writer
pen is more superior and
expensive than figher’s

• Writer’s pen is superior to and more

expensive than figher’s sword.
How will you improve-you
are old and not weak.
• You are old but not weak.
• (to combine to opposite meaning, we
may use conjunction but).
How will you improve-can
I borrow pen from you?
• May I borrow your pen?
How will you improve-had he
worked hard, he my have
• Had he worked hard, he would have
How will you improve-when I
was young, I worked for 12
• When I was young, I used to work
for 12 hours.
How will you improve-we eat
so that we should live.
• We eat so that we may live.
How will you improve-he ran
fastly so that he could
catch the bus.
• He ran fast so that he might catch
the bus.
How will you improve-he
gave me little money that
he have.
• He gave me the little money that he
How will you improve-she
was sitting besides me.
• She was sitting beside me.
• Beside = near
• Besides = additional
How will you improve-I was
sit under the shade of tree.
• I was sitting in the shade of a /the
How will you improve-the
ashoka ruled at a vast
• Ashoka ruled over a vast empire.
How will you improve-exam
begins from Monday.
• Our examination will begin on
How will you improve-can a
miser part from his wealth?
• Can a miser part with his wealth?

• Part with is for physical things

• Part from is for living beings.
How will you improve-they
acquint him from murder.
• They acquinted him of murder
• Or they will acquint him of murder.
How will you improve-will
you comply to my request?
• Will you comply with my request?
• Or
• Will you comply with my orders?
• Or
• Will you accept my request?
How will you improve-he
behave as if he is mad.
• He behaves as if he were a mad.

• (for imaginary / conditional

sentences, we use if combined with
How will you improve-he is
either a fool and a scondrel.
• He is either a fool or a scondrel.
How will you improve-you
should not hurry, there is
plenty of time.
• You need not hurry, there is plenty
of time.
How will you improve-you
should consult a doctor, as
the case serious.
• You ought to consult a doctor, as the
case is serious.
How will you improve-he
played with me when we was
• He used to play with me, when we
were young.
How will you improve-my
tooth has been paining.
• My tooth has been aching.
How will you improve-one
must do his duty.
• One must do one’s duty.
How will you improve-you
seems to be enough rich to
buy it.
• You seem to be rich enough to buy it.
How will you improve-it is
ten in my watch.
• It is ten by my watch.
How will you improve-he was
stand in centre of road.
• He was standing in the middle of the
How will you improve-we are
living in Bikaner since last
40 years.
• We have been living in Bikaner for
last 40 years.

• Since is used for specific starting

• For is used for duration.
How will you improve-he
secured cent percent
• He secured hundred percent marks.
How will you improve- boy in
the red T-shirt got first
rank in RMAT.
• The boy in the red t-shirt got the
first rank in RMAT.
How will you improve-BOTH
• Pakistan as well as Bangladesh are

• Or
• Both Pakistan and Bangladesh are
• Don’t use as well as with both.
How will you improve-due to
sickness, I did not come
since two months.
• Owing to illness, I couldn’t come for
two months.
• Sickness is mild illness, prolonged
illness is reflected by the word
illness only.
• Start a sentence with owning to and
not by due to.
How will you improve-he is
one of the best students
that has joined

• He is one of the best students, who

have joined AFTERSCHOOOL.
How will you improve-
Population of Delhi is more
than Jaipur.
• The population of Delhi is more than
that of Jaipur
• Or
• The population of Delhi is more than
population of Jaipur.
How will you improve-we
entered into classroom.
• We entered classroom.
How will you improve-
monkey live in trees.
• The Monkey lives on trees.
• Or
• Monkeys live on trees.
How will you improve-
exercise is conducive for
• Exercise is conducive to health.
How will you improve-he
is a stickler in accuracy.
• He is a stickler for accuracy.
How will you improve-he
accused me for theft.
• He accused me of theft.
Mention one word for – one
who eats human flesh.
• cannibal
Mention one word for –one
who looks at bright side of
• Optimist.
• Opposite – pessimist.
Mention one word for –
paper written by hand.
• Manuscript.
Mention one word for – a
person who lives alone – and
doesn’t interact with

• Recluse
Mention one word for – one
who knows everything.
• Omniscient.
Mention one word for –
killing of a person
• Homicide
• (cide means to kill, homo – means
Mention one word for –
unable to pay debt.
• Insolvent.
Mention one word for –one
who spends money
• Spendthrift.
• Opposite – miser
Mention one word for –a
medicine for all diseases.
• Panacea
Mention one word for –
opposite of transparent
• Opaque – through which you cant see.
Mention one word for –
government by officials
• Bureaucracy.
Mention one word for –
counterfaiting a document
• Forgery.
Mention one word for –
which cant be believed.
• Incredible.
Mention one word for –
cessation of warfare
before a treaty.
• Armistice
Mention one word for –
speech without preparation
• Extempore
Mention one word for –who
plays for fun – not as a
• Amateur
Mention one word for –one
who doesn’t drink alcoholic
• Teetotaller.
Mention one word for –to
kill a king
• Regicide.
Mention one word for –
medicine to counteract the
effect of poison.
• Antidote.
Mention one word for –
property inherited from
• Patrimony.
Mention one word for –to
die without will.
• Intestate.
Mention one word for –a
word which is no longer
• Obsolete.
Mention one word for –
pardon to political
• Amnesty
Mention one word for –
who believes in fate.
• Fatalist.
Mention one word for –
who believes in god.
• Theist
• Opposite – atheist
Mention one word for – a
person who eats only
• Vegetarian
• Or
• Vegan
Mention one word for – a
person who changes his
faith or religion
• Apostate.
Mention one word for –a
man whose manners are like
that of a woman.
• Effiminate.
Mention one word for –a
decision taken by all
• Unanimous.
• Or
• Concensus
Mention one word for –
to perform without pay.
• Voluntary.
Mention one word for –
compulsory enlistment for
military service.
• Conscription.
Mention one word for –
which cant be won or which
cant be broken
• Impregnable.
• Invincible
• Indestructible.
What is the difference
between advice and advise.
• Advice is noun
• Advise is verb.
How will you correct – he
gave me many advises.
• He gave me many pieces of advice.
How will you correct – he
gave me many informations
• he gave me many pieces of
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