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code function performed

*3370# this nokia code activates

enhanced full rate codec
(efr) - your nokia cell
phone uses the best
sound quality but talk time
is reduced my approx. 5%

#3370# deactivate enhanced full

rate codec (efr)

*#4720# activate half rate codec -

your phone uses a lower
quality sound but you
should gain approx 30%
more talk time

*#4720# with this nokia code you

can deactivate the half
rate codec

*#0000# displays your phones

software version, 1st line :
software version, 2nd line
: software release date,
3rd line : compression

*#9999# phones software version if

*#0000# does not work

*#06# for checking the

international mobile
equipment identity (imei

#pw+1234 provider lock status. (use

567890+1# the "*" button to obtain
the "p,w" and "+"

#pw+1234 network lock status. (use

567890+2# the "*" button to obtain
the "p,w" and "+"

#pw+1234 country lock status. (use

567890+3# the "*" button to obtain
the "p,w" and "+"

#pw+1234 sim card lock status. (use

567890+4# the "*" button to obtain
the "p,w" and "+"

*#147# this lets you know who

called you last (only

*#1471# last call (only vodofone)

*#21# this phone code allows
you to check the number
that "all calls" are diverted

*#2640# displays phone security

code in use

*#30# lets you see the private


*#43# allows you to check the

"call waiting" status of
your cell phone.

*#61# allows you to check the

number that "on no reply"
calls are diverted to

*#62# allows you to check the

number that "divert if
unreachable (no service)"
calls are diverted to

*#67# allows you to check the

number that "on busy
calls" are diverted to

*#6770564 phone code that removes

6# operator logo on 3310 &

*#73# reset phone timers and

game scores
*#7460256 displays the sim clock
25# status, if your phone
supports this power saving
feature "sim clock stop
allowed", it means you will
get the best standby time

*#7760# manufactures code

*#7780# restore factory settings

*#8110# software version for the

nokia 8110
*#9270268 displays - 1.serial number,
9# made, 3.purchase
date, of last repair
(0000 for no repairs),
5.transfer user data. to
exit this mode you need to
switch your phone off then
on again

512345678 deactivate the pwm-mem

**21*numb turn on "all calls" diverting

er# to the phone number

**61*numb turn on "no reply"

er# diverting to the phone
number entered

**67*numb turn on "on busy"

er# diverting to the phone
number entered

12345 this is the default security


press and lets you switch between

hold # lines

[secret codes for 3330] imei information :-

to view the imei number on this model simply type *#06#
software version type *#0000#
*#170602112302# shows the sw version.
service provider lock information :-
service provider lock service provider lock is the lock to your phone
which is implement by your service provider e.g. orange onto your sim
card. the phone is usually locked to a certain sp but it can be unlocked
allowing you access to other service providers that provide a better
deal. the same effect can also be used by using a dual sim, you could
have two sim cards in one phone allowing you to switch between sims
and sp 1. first sim = orange 2. second sim = one2one
short message serivce centre numbers ( free sms ):-
smsc (short message serivce centre numbers) sms centre number
allow you to send free sms, by changing your message centre number
like this:
1. go to messages
2. message settings
3. set 1
4. message centre number
5. then change the number to one from smsc number section (from
smsc #'s given below)

what does this do?

instead of paying for your messages, you can alter a number in your
phone to send to a different centre. this cannot charge you, and
consequently you have free sms!

how does it work?

when you send a text message, it is first transmitted to your network's

routing centre, called the short message service centre, or smsc. this
smsc is generally a telephone number, normally a memorable one- i.e.
orange's is 0973 100973. here, it is sent to the recipient's network's
smsc, where it is then forwarded to their phone. the whole process
takes only seconds, but the vital part is when it reaches your smsc,
because then it is forwarded, and you are charged according to your
tariff. if you, however, change your smsc number to one below, the
network who forward the message will not know who you are, and
consequently cannot charge you. clever huh?

does it always work?

no! it can take hours to find a number that hasn't been blocked by your
network- they usually carry out checks monthly and bar any numbers
known to be forwarding sms. also, i understand that orange and all
networks in denmark have barred all numbers aside from their own- so
it won't work with orange or danish networks.

isdn number :-
isdn number for checking isdn number enter *#92772689#
warranty menu to view the warranty menu enter *#92702689#
1) shows the serial nr.
2) shows when the cel phone was made mmyy
3) shows when the cel. phone was purchased mmyy
4) shows how many times the cel. phone has been repaired.
5) makes you capebel of transferring user data if you have the gear for
6) shows how many houres the phone has been on warranty
menu to view warranty menu enter *#92702689# [*#war0anty#]
phone asks 'warranty code:' press the following warranty code: 6232
(ok) : displays the month and year of manufacture (mmyy)
7332 (ok) : displays the date of the last repairment - if found ('date not
saved'...) 7832 (ok) : displays (if found) the date where the phone was
purchased ('date not saved'...)
9268 (ok) : displays serial number
37832 (ok) : set the purchasing date mmyy (warning: you can only do
this once - so be careful ...)
87267 (ok) : transfers all phone numbers, pictures, sounds from one
phone to another eg. if broken (via irport.)

sim clock stop :-

to view if sim clock can be stoped enter *#746025625#
[*#sim0clock#] (sim-clock-stop is a kind of standby mode which will
save battery time) may not work with all firmware versions.

enhanced full rate/half rate enhanced full rate codec :-

(efr) for activation enter *#3370#
for deactivation enter *#3370*
enhanced full rate will give you much better sound quality when you
enable it. the new enhanced full rate codec adopted by gsm uses the
aselp (algebraiccode excitation linear prediction) compression
technology. this technology allows for much great voice quality in the
same number of bits as the older full rate codec. the older technology
was called lpc-rpe (linear prediction coding with regular pulse
excitation). both operate at 13 kilobits.(but you take up more space on
the network, so they can charge you more) - talk-time is reduced with
about 5%

half rate codec

for activation enter *#4720#
for deactivation enter *#4720* in all cases the phone will automatically
half rate will give you bad soundquality, which gives the
serviceprovider the opportunity to have more calls on the network, and
you might get a lower charge from them. - will give you 30% longer

imei code :-
to view imei (international mobile equipment identity) enter *#06#
firmware versions
check to view the firmware version enter *#170602112302#

restore factory settings :-

to restore factory settings (memory, language, counters not included)
enter *#7780#
manufacturer information to view week and year of manufactureenter
*#3283# [*# d a t e #] the last two digits are the year. if the year is
95, the first two digits are the month. for 96 the first two digits are the
week of the year.
firmware version :-
to view the firmware version enter *#170602112302# or *#9999# on
newer phones, the code has been changed to *#682371158412125#