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ANALYSIS CASE STUDY 1 "Case: Shipper Manufacturing Company"

Are some comments that facilitate the study of similar cases. The goal is to link the case with the limited information available, topics covered during the course and in the chapters of the text, and eventually the website material. The relevant link must include a prioritization of issues, including: - It is important to identify the case as an operations strategy, and link the proposed Wallace Ansoff matrix and the matrix of Hayes and Wheelwright (output process). - At the other extreme, is not relevant to foresee mass production of balloons and choose a "lay-out" accordingly. Let the case: - We analyze the decision to change the strategy proposed by Wallace, general manager of APD: Understanding the environment: - APD is a division of SMC, and presumably that originated when he entered the aerospace business. - Also belong to SMC Materials Division, was born can be presumed to provide materials to APD and creating a more regular market selling the same type materials to other customers. - One can assume that APD is an important outlet for MD but surely billing minority MD. - The second division was most likely electrical products including by SMC for two reasons: to create an additional outlet for products and generate a diversification MD (in the sense of Ansoff) to further dilute the risks of an unstable business or be subjected to strong fluctuations in orders and APD. - Then: APD SCM gives very profitable business and products using MD. - SMC contributes to APD, financial support to compensate for irregularities in their business. From the data we can see that APD bill an important part of the group and has an average return significantly higher than the group average. Business is in a very peculiar, high-risk for human resources development and very important, and an organizational culture accordingly. The type of production is located in the upper left corner of the matrix of Hayes and Wh. The type of product does not foresee the need or possibility of run down in that array.Making balloon is inserted into the market for communications industries, it is highly likely that the industry evolves to new technologies very quickly. It should ask, in 2 or 3 years there will be demand for this type of product that now makes 50% of APD business? It is significant that all APD, including business management depend on the Industrial Vice SCM is a market (to find out where there needs to be satisfied globally) and sales, or create contracts, is a very special, very technical ; certainly very different from what the people who depend on the group vice president of marketing SMC. In terms of APD is much more relevant scheme Ogawa Production Management (see section Materials Reading 2 in 2005), where people in both Engineering as the marketer has to be watching what happens with the technologies that come in in my business and my clients.Ogawa refers to technological forecasting, the study of market for these technologies and technology assessment. Let us now proposing Wallace: - Want to make your business fluctuations entering an entirely different if there is no reference materials will continue to use MD for it.

- Want to do something that SMC has already made when he created the other divisions.A Wallace would like to become general manager of MD, although perhaps not settle for the average profitability of that business. - Wants to be located further down the diagonal of Hayes and Wh., But in contradiction when he wants to with little investment and labor intensive.Clearly, the manpower needed and the required cost for that business, is quite different than it has today. - In terms of Porter has a great chance of getting stuck in the middle: to require two business cultures that permeate throughout the organization that are totally different, and created new divisions SMC something for it, and formed a kind of holding.Perhaps your point of view of Wallace as an indication that he is not for this position. It would be worth finding out who think Wallace chiefs their draft strategy change. The reference to the purchase of the HP warrants wonder: if applied first to finance payroll accounting and is justified by the application? Otherwise I would have to start using it for applications that generate the returns expected in the HP project. These applications in the current business environment can only be project management, MRP may also have application, but feel free to justify a big investment, is typical of more standardized products, midway along the diagonal of Hayes and Wh. Everything indicates that he sold the HP and are now looking to use it, it is called to start with the wrong end..