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adumbrate verb aught noun bill noun bolt verb bound adj.

/verb buckle verb cleave verb clip verb comprise verb custom adjective dust verb fast adverb fine adjective give out verb handicap noun/verb hold up verb impregnable adjective lease verb left verb let verb literally adverb model noun moot adjective overlook verb

to clarify to cast a shadow over anything nothing invoice (e.g. in a restaurant) money; banknote to secure in place to dash away suddenly restrained (e.g. by rope) to spring; leap to fasten to come undone; give way; collapse to adhere; stick together to cut apart; divide to fasten together; hold tightly to cut apart; cut off (e.g. with shears) to contain; include to be composed of; consist of usual; normal special; unique to remove fine particles from (e.g. when cleaning) to sprinkle fine particles onto fixed firmly in place moving quickly; speedy just meets minimum standards; satisfactory considerably better than average; excellent to produce; distribute to stop producing; cease functioning advantage (e.g. in sport) disadvantage; disability to support; cope to hinder; delay impossible to enter (e.g. of a fortress) able to be impregnated to lend; rent out to borrow; hire departed from remaining to allow; grant permission to prevent (e.g. "without let or hindrance") actually; really figuratively; virtually archetype; example copy; replica debatable; arguable academic; irrelevant to examine; watch over to fail to notice; miss

oversight noun peer noun put adj./verb put out verb puzzle verb quantum adjective ravel verb rent verb resign verb root verb sanction verb/noun sanguine adjective scan verb screen verb seed verb set verb shank noun skin verb splice verb strike verb table verb temper verb trim verb weather verb

watchful care; supervision overlooking; omission an equal; fellow (e.g. classmate) a nobleman; person of higher rank to begin to move hurriedly stationary (e.g. "stay put") to generate; produce to extinguish; put an end to to pose a problem to solve a problem very small (e.g. in Physics) very large (e.g. "quantum leap") to tangle; complicate to disentangle; separate to lend; lease out to borrow; hire to quit; give up to sign up again to remove completely to become firmly established to endorse; authorise a punitive action murderous cheerfully optimistic to examine closely to glance at hastily to view; show to conceal; shield to remove seeds from to add seeds to to fix in place to flow; move on latter part of a period of time early part of a period of time to cover with a skin to remove the skin to join together to cut in two to miss (e.g. in baseball) to hit; collide with to propose; suggest to postpone; shelve to soften; mollify to strengthen (e.g. a metal) to cut pieces off (e.g. fingernails) to add to; ornament to withstand; stand up to to wear away

wind up verb

to start; prepare to end; conclude