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it’s your european

Europe's history, culture, art, festivals, languages and
food have captivated travellers for centuries. We know
that you, as a free-spirited, independent traveller, want to
Our guides are all experienced European travellers.
They'll give you travel tips and practical information
see Europe your way. Busabout gives you that freedom. about each great destination - cheap eats, great
bars & clubs, fantastic local tours, getting around
WHAT IS BUSABOUT? town, an internet café or even a place to do your
Busabout is a flexible transport network, designed exclusively laundry.
for backpackers and independent travellers, which allows you
to customise your very own trip. Their expertise will help you to make the most of
your very own adventure.
Plan your own adventure around 12 exciting countries and 36
magnificent destinations throughout Europe. Busabout is ideal

it’s your
if you are travelling alone - meet like-minded travellers and
new friends.

Start and finish anywhere on the network

Create your own itinerary - just as you like!

Stay as long as you like in each destination
Change your plans along the way - free of charge!

Busabout's coaches run through each destination every

second day.

Our ‘door to door’ service takes you right to the door of our Where you start
pre-selected accommodation in each destination. Pre-book
your coach seats and beds, in advance or as you travel, with
Busabout's easy to use reservation systems - available on-line Where you go
and on the coaches.

HASSLE FREE When you go

With your bags safely locked up under the coach you can sit
back and relax as you head for your next great destination.
Chat with fellow travellers, watch a movie or simply enjoy the How long you stay
view - you choose!
What you experience

Where you finish

When you finish

travel Busabout's NEW 2005

coaches* are by far the
most relaxing way to
travel Europe...

Fantastic multi-channel
entertainment systems
Smoke-free & air conditioned
Safe & secure luggage storage
Comfortable reclining seats with
seat belts
* Alternative specification coaches may be used as operationally required.


travel options Paris

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your WAY
do it
ADVENTURE … where to begin?

First you need to think about how much time
you have to travel and where you want to go
- focus mostly on capital cities or see little
towns and villages along the way?

Have a look at the Busabout map and circle
the destinations you would like to visit.
Think of how many nights you'd like to stay
in each. Look at our EXCELLENT EXTRAS
for adventures to Greece, Croatia, Southern
Italy and Morocco. How much time do you
need to discover these great destinations

too? Our EASY LINKS will also help you Now it's really time to start organising your trip.
travel further afield. Now you have a rough Have a look at the Travel Planner section for
itinerary - where you want to travel and how tips, departure schedules and timetables.
long for.

3 5
Select the pass that suits your travel style Once you've booked your pass you'll get your
and itinerary - choose between: own reference number that will allow you to
start booking your travel sectors and
FLEXIPASS: Planning your big trip is great accommodation via the ‘myBusabout’ section of
fun! If you are a born planner and know our website.
where, when and how long you want to
travel then you'll probably find the Flexipass

It’s that
a great value option for you.

UNLIMITED PASS: Others know they are
going to get caught up in the excitement of
Europe and take life as it comes. If this is
you then the ease and spontaneity of an
Unlimited Pass will likely suit you better.

thinking why
RAIL? think again... BUSABOUT?
Hassle Free! Busabout takes you right to

Rail passes may not allow you free seat
reservations or to travel on high-speed trains - the door of pre-selected budget
they cost extra! accommodation across Europe. Save
time and money!

Free & Easy! Change your itinerary

Trains do not take you to your accommodation.
Wandering around a strange city with your life before or while you travel via the
on your back searching for a hostel in the Busabout website or with our guides on
blistering heat is not fun. the coaches. There is never a charge for
this service.

2 Your rail pass does not save you money on
accommodation. Overnight 'couchettes' can
cost twice a hostel night stay.
3 Flexible! Design your very own
adventure - just as you want it!
flexipass unlimited pass
With Flexipasses you buy the ‘travel days’ you With Unlimited Passes you can use the network as much as
need. They are valid for the full season. you like in the period of time purchased.

Great value for money - pay only for the days Passes from 2 weeks to 6 months.
you travel.
Gives you the ability to make stops you may not have
Perfect for 'Planners'. originally planned. See more & do more!
Allows you to travel at a leisurely pace over Great value if you want to see a lot in a short amount
the summer. of time.
Ideal alongside an EXCELLENT EXTRA Ideal for the more carefree & spontaneous traveller.
(see below.)
flexipass over 26 under 26* earlybird unlimited pass over 26 under 26* earlybird
8 travel days 2 weeks
12 travel days See 4 weeks See
16 travel days 6 weeks
8 weeks
20 travel days for prices for prices
12 weeks
Extra travel day
Season Pass
* Under 26 prices: to qualify you must be under 26 on the first day of travel OR hold
a current Teacher, Student, VIP or Nurse ID. A "Travel Day" is complete whenever
you get off the coach to overnight.

earlybird Book and pay by

28 February 2005
SPECIAL and save money!

Make the most of your trip! Discover Greece or
Croatia with an incredible island hopping tour, the
mysteries of Morocco by overland truck or southern
Italy's spectacular Pompeii, Sorrento and the
beautiful Isle of Capri.
See pages 10 & 11.

Greek Island Explorer

3 Island Explorer Tour easy To make exploring further afield
easier we’ve arranged great value &
Greek Island Explorer
5 Island Explorer Tour LINKS easy to use links to these great
destinations for you.
Moroccan Adventure
7 Day Adventure See Athens Link Each way
Moroccan Adventure Ancona - Patras
14 Day Adventure for prices Athens Link Each way See
Venice - Patras
Croatian Island Explorer
Morocco Link
Round trip
14 Day Island Explorer
Algeciras - Tangier for prices
Italian Explorer Sicily Link Round trip
3 Day Tour Naples - Palermo

travel planning

Book your
coach seats
early - Europe
is always busy

in summer!

Brugge festivals
A beautiful medieval town -
great beer, great chocolate Save time and money with
& great waffles. Stroll Busabout's Festival Expresses to
along the canals or cycle Pamplona's ‘Running of the Bulls’
into the countryside. and Munich's Oktoberfest.

The Swiss Alps - picture perfect
Cesky Krumlov
Take a step back in time and
land of mountains, waterfalls, wander the cobbled streets of
cowbells and ‘Heidi’. See it to this ‘fairytale’ village. Be sure to
believe it! check-out the medieval castle.

travel extend your trip
Find yourself short of time? You can
always buy extra Travel Days (Flexipass)
and Travel Weeks (Unlimited Pass) from
your Guide as you go.

6 Swiss Alps Rome

This ancient walled town is a
firm favourite with Busabout
travellers. Why?
Beaches, surf, parties...need
we say more?

travel fly & Busabout

Since you can start & finish

Busabout anywhere, an excellent
option is to use Europe's great
value airfares to make the most of
your precious travel time. Why not
fly into one city and out of another?


Nice travel time

The capital of the French
Riviera is a great base for travel We recommend spending at

least 3 nights in each of the
exploring glamorous places like major cities, to take in all the
Monte Carlo, Cannes and Saint great sights. Remember to
Tropez. ‘Celeb’ spotters have allow for some chill-out time
your cameras ready! too - in the mountains and at
the beach!

Cinque Terre
Jump off at La Spezia and explore these five tiny fishing villages. Fabulous for hiking,
Nice swimming, drinking wine or just watching beautiful Mediterranean sunsets.

Venice Cinque Terre 7

Busabout operates an EVERY SECOND DAY service through each of
the 36 fabulous destinations. Simply match the colour of the travel
sector to the calendar day colour. The WHITE travel sectors operate on
the WHITE calendar days, the ORANGE travel sectors operate on the
ORANGE calendar days.

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cool hostels
accommodation great campsites budget hotels
We have selected a great range of the best value budget accommodation
around Europe that you can easily guarantee by pre-booking on the
Busabout website.

We mostly use fun & friendly hostels. Where accommodation tends to be

expensive we use Bungalow Cabins in great camping villages (most with
swimming pools, restaurants & food stores) with easy transport links to the
city. These double up as our pick-up / drop-off points.

Alternatively, you can also book 2 Star & 3 Star Hotels in most cities we
visit via the website. These hotels tend to be a short walk away from our
drop-off / pick-up point and cost more.


www.busabout .com
Busabout's website is an endless resource for information and tips when planning your European adventure.

Detailed city and Latest news on Click on the ‘myBusabout’ feature

country information festivals and events to start planning your trip

Pre-book your coach seats Pre-book accommodation for Change your itinerary or seat
a hassle free arrival reservations - free of charge!
Great things to see and do

plan your
Helpful tips and advice

trip the 9
Take a short hop to North Africa and
discover the mysteries of Morocco.
Skylines of Minarets and the aromas
from the spice markets will captivate
you. Bargain for carpets and
handicrafts in the local Souks. Trek
though the mountains, ride a camel
across the desert or spend a lazy
day on the beach - Morocco has it
all! We have two great adventure
options for you - simply choose the
tour that suits your time and budget.

7 DAY MOROCCAN ADVENTURE Tour Type: Fixed Itinerary Overland

Discover Tangier, Chefchaouen, Truck Camping Tour.
(Rif Mountians) Volubilis, Fes, Meknes Included: Transportation by custom
& Asilah. built 4 x 4 all-terrain expedition
Local Payment: GBP 49 vehicles. Overnight at campsites in
twin-sharing tents. Services of an
14 DAY MOROCCAN ADVENTURE experienced tour guide.
Discover Tangier, Chefchaouen Excluded: A local payment is payable
(Rif Mountians), Volubilis, Fes, Todra to your guide on departure. Covers Getting to Tangier (Morocco) is
Gorge, Marrakech (2 nights), Essaouira three meals per day, local guides and easy. Take a Busabout Easy Link
& Asilah. entry fees. from Algeciras to Tangier.
Local Payment: GBP 95 Operates: June to October.
Departures: Weekly from Tangier.

See for dates


CROATIAN ISLAND EXPLORER Dubrovnik ‘the jewel of the Adriatic’ is one of the
The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia has been relatively most unforgettable cities in Europe. It has played
untouched by travellers. Discover the best of the 1,185 host to royalty and celebrities for centuries. Built in
dazzling islands. the 10th century and still relatively unchanged, its
dramatic city walls cascade into the sea below.
Your adventure begins in the Italian port of Ancona before
crossing the Adriatic to meet your guide in Split. Travel is Tour type: 14 Day Fixed Itinerary Island
by regional ferries and coaches to give you a true local Hopping Tour.
experience. Included: Round trip crossing from Ancona to
Split. All local transportation costs and services of
Visit the 2,300 year old town of Trogir, a UNESCO World an experienced guide.
Heritage Site, before heading for the stunning islands of Accommodation: Guaranteed. Organised locally
Brac, Hvar and Korcula. Discover fantastic beaches, dense by your guide. Pay as you go.
forests and fields of lavender and rosemary before we head Operates: June to September.
for Dubrovnik. Departures: Every 2 weeks from Ancona.

See for dates.


Explore one of the most beautiful
areas of Europe - the Cyclades are
the jewels of the Greek Islands.
Busabout has designed two great
tour options - The 3 Island Explorer
and The 5 Island Explorer. Simply
choose which option best suits your
time & budget. From Athens your
guide will show you the very best of
the Greek Islands. Both tours start turkey
and finish in Athens. Hire mopeds,
go snorkelling, discover tiny white-
washed villages, party on Ios, ride a donkey on the amazing island of greece
Santorini, watch endless sunsets, see the windmills on Mykonos, discover
real Greek Tavernas and much, much more! Our Greek Island Explorer
tours are flexible too. You can stay on any of the islands for as long as
your wish. When you are ready to move on just rejoin the tour.

THE 3 ISLAND EXPLORER: Tour type: Flexible Island Hopping Tour.

Discover Mykonos, Paros and Included: All transportation from Athens
Santorini. to Islands and back to Athens. Services
Minimum tour time: 7 days. of an experienced guide. Getting to Athens is easy. Take a
THE 5 ISLAND EXPLORER: Accommodation: Guaranteed. Busabout Easy Link, either Venice -
Discover Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Organised locally by your guide. Patras or Ancona - Patras. From Patras
Ios and Santorini. Pay as you go. take the local bus to Athens. Alternatively
Minimum tour time: 11 days. fly to Athens and join us there.
Operates: June to September
Departures: Twice weekly from Athens.


See for dates.

ITALIAN EXPLORER Tour type: 3 Day Fixed Itinerary Tour.

An amazing 3 day trip to the spectacular Amalfi Included: Transportation by coach. Ferry to Capri. Entrance to
Coast and the Isle of Capri. Visit Pompeii and Pompeii. Service of an experienced guide.
marvel at the ancient civilization blanketed by Accommodation: Guaranteed. Organised locally by your guide.
a volcanic eruption almost 2000 years ago. Pay as you go.
Operates: June to September
Explore the coastal villages of Positano and Departures: Twice weekly from Rome.
Amalfi - labyrinths of coloured houses shaded
by palm and lemon trees - home to bohemian
See for dates.
artists and musicians.

Discover the uncompromising beauty of the

Isle of Capri, a legendary haven for celebrities,
and take a boat trip to see the Blue Grotto.
You'll spend two fabulous nights in stunning
Sorrento, nestled on the cliffs above the sea.

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258 Vauxhall Bridge Road


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Travel will be deemed to have commenced when travel sectors have not You agree that Busabout representatives may take photographs and films tation, term, warranty or condition can be expressed or implied by reference
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able. 2.5. Easy Links are non-refundable and non-transferable. 2.6 Any Passenger Conduct: Busabout does not tolerate any form of abuse, verbal at Busabout's complete discretion, Busabout may nominate to you in writing
Excursions purchased via Busabout Guides are non-refundable. 2.7. Pass or otherwise, of its personnel. Any passenger abusing, threatening or other- any other company or person to have the benefit of some or all of those
Changes: A Pass can be changed up to 48 hours prior to travel. This must wise Busabout personnel will automatically forfeit their Pass and will be provisions of this contract, which Busabout may then specify, as if you had
be done through your original travel agent. 2.8. Pass Downgrades: Where a refused further travel. 5.7 Lost Property: You are responsible for looking agreed the provisions concerned directly with that company or person in the
Pass is downgraded to a Pass of lesser value it will be subject to cancella- after your personal belongings. Busabout cannot be held responsible for first place as well as agreeing them with Busabout. Busabout may at its
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Upgrades: Where a pass is upgraded to Pass of greater value, it will not be tion point. 6. Insurance 6.1 There is no travel insurance cover included in virtue of this or any other contract with you. 1.3 All bookings with carriers
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2.9 Refunds: All refund claims must be submitted in writing by the 31st mends that you purchase Travel Insurance that covers all your travels. limitations of liability. Please note that some of these limit or exclude liability
October 2005. No refunds will be made in respect of any unused portion of Travel Insurance is mandatory for travel on the Moroccan Adventures and in respect of death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage to baggage.
any Pass. 3. Travelling 3.1 Travel must take place within the operating the Croatian Island Explorer. 6.2 Busabout strongly recommends that you Whilst Busabout cannot accept any responsibility for any loss as a result of
period May 1, 2005 to October 31, 2005. 3.2 Passes and Excellent Extras take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, medical expens- such actions or as a result of any act or omission of any such third parties,
vouchers will be issued by the Busabout Guide on your first departure, but es, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability before Busabout will give reasonable assistance in helping to resolve any reason-
can also be issued by the Busabout London or Athens service centres. you travel. You may also wish to indemnify Busabout against all third-party able dispute. 1.4 All accommodation arrangements referred to in this
Please check you have the correct vouchers, as mistakes cannot be recti- claims, actions, damages and remedies that may be brought against brochure are provided independently by third party providers. Any such con-
fied. 3.3 It is your responsibility to check-in with Busabout 15 minutes prior Busabout in respect of your travel. 7. Changes by Busabout 7.1 Prices in tracts undertaken are made directly between you and the third party accom-
to the specified departure time at the boarding points. Due to the nature of this brochure are based on costs and exchange rates at October 1, 2004. modation provider. They are subject to the terms and conditions, and limita-
the service, Busabout will not be liable if any service leaves or arrives later 7.2 No surcharge in respect of costs or currency fluctuations will be applied tions of liability, imposed by the provider. All such arrangements are made
than its specified time, even if as a result you miss a connecting service. where a Busabout Pass has been booked and paid in full. However, a sur- independently of Busabout, regardless of any help and assistance, which
Busabout will use its best efforts to ensure that departure and arrival times charge may be necessary at other times should there be significant Busabout may provide in securing such arrangements. 1.5 Every effort is
are met. 3.4 Your Pass must be produced on request of our representa- changes in the following circumstances: (a) Transportation costs including made to ensure brochure accuracy at the time of going to print, however
tives. You will also be required to produce your valid passport each time you the cost of fuel. (b) Dues, taxes (including road taxes and tolls) or levies Busabout cannot be held responsible for printing and typographical errors,
travel. 3.5 If you lose your Pass or Excellent Extras Voucher, or it is stolen, charged by the governments or their agencies. (c) Exchange rates. The or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances. 2. Validity The pro-
you must inform Busabout immediately. You will not be permitted to travel surcharge will only be made where the increase in cost will affect the price grammes advertised in this brochure are valid from 1st May 2005 to 31st
without a Pass / Excellent Extras Voucher. Busabout will replace lost or of the Pass by more than 2%. Busabout also reserves the right to decrease October 2005 unless stated to the contrary. 3. Operating Companies 3.1
stolen Passes / Excellent Extras Voucher at a cost of GBP £35. A the price of any Pass. The final price will be confirmed to you before you The Busabout services advertised in this brochure is operated by: Busabout
Replacement Pass will carry the same validity as the original Pass at the make your booking. 7.3 Busabout reserves the right to vary, modify or can- Operations Ltd., J.F. Burrows Building, Chancery Lane, 87 Front Street,
time of loss. 3.6 Easy Link Vouchers that are lost or stolen cannot be cel any itinerary, either part or wholly. If this is necessary, Busabout will sub- Hamilton, HM12 Bermuda. 3.2 The principle operator of the Morocco pro-
replaced. 3.7 Baggage is restricted to one reasonable sized suitcase or stitute alternative arrangements of comparable value, or at Busabout's dis- gramme featured in this brochure is Nomadic Expeditions Ltd. and their
backpack, and one small carry-on bag per passenger. 4. Busabout Pass cretion provide a full or partial refund. 7.4 If access to any country or area is terms and conditions apply (available on request). 3.3 Easy Links are
Bookings 4.1 A 'sector' is defined as any journey between two destination prohibited for reasons of force majeure (i.e. circumstances such as political operated by various transport providers within the relevant region. All travel
stops on the Busabout coach network. 4.2 Confirmed seat reservations can unrest, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, closure of airports or ports, is subject to their Terms & Conditions.
be made for any sector at the time of booking your Pass, or at any time as industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epi-