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Vicerrectora Acadmica y Desarrollo Programa de Idiomas Straightforward Elementary Units 7-8 Semester 2 - 2011

ENGLISH LEVEL II ORAL TEST I. Greet and welcome the students. Explain what the test will be like. You can have groups of 2, 3, or 4 students depending on the size of your class. Take no more than 10 minutes for the test so you can have enough time to evaluate the group. Hi, Welcome to this first evaluation, in this spoken test, you will have to be able to answer some questions, and show how much youve studied. II. Make a set of questions to each student. Include questions from different units to check the students command of the language and understanding of principal contents. Unit 7 1. What is your favorite food? Try to describe it using adjectives; such as spicy, salty,etc. ( and ingredients for example) My favorite food is Lasagna, it is an Italian plate, that uses noodles, tomato sauce, beef. It is a little bit spicy, and some people may find it salty as well. Most people do not know it by its name, however it is known for being Garfields favorite dish. It has a little bit of sweet flavor, because of the basil and sugar you use on the tomato sauce, also it is a rich food, talking about nutritional terms, because it has every nutrient we need in order to survive.

2. Mention three food items you do not like:

Fish, Celery and Soy milk. 3. Talk about a diet you know. The dukan Diet, it is a diet consisting of hyperproteinemia, during the 2 weeks of the initial phase, all you may eat is just protein and nothing of carbohydrates or lipids. 4. Which is your favorite restaurant, pub? Why? My favorite restaurant is A Pinch of Pancho, its right here in Providencia and its speciality is American food. Its my favorite because of the environment, it is so quiet there that you can eat in peace, the plates sizes are not so big nor so small, they just leave you perfect for a dessert and a coffee later, the food inthere is cooked in such a nice way that you can not complain whether its is too spicy or too sweet or even raw (for the meat). 5. Do you leave tips in restaurants, bars, pubs? Why? Why not? It depends on the level of service it has been given, if Im not served well I may leave no tip, or just the minimum (which for me is 5%), but if the service is just regular, I may just leave 10%. 6. Look at the menu and describe your ideal one .Could include starter, main course and dessert. 7. Describe your ideal menu for the weekend. 8. Name ingredients you need to prepare your favorite hamburger/pizza. Flour, water, salt, butter, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, ham, olives, basil. 9. Have you ever been on a diet? Why? Why not?

10. What food should you include on a healthy diet? ( mention 5 items):
Eggs, Skim Milk, Cereals, Fruit, Veggies, healthy meats (white meat eg. Chicken breast)

11. Name food item that belong to the Junk food category. ( 3 or more)
Frech Fries, patty burgers and Whole milk

12. What is a fussy eater? Explain it. A Fussy Eater is someone that has special restricitions about what elements can he eat or not (remember that this kind of individual does not have any dierary restriction or allergies), Fussy Eaters do have preferences for some types of food, for example, a Child, is more likely to eat junk food, instead of fish. (Un maoso) 13. Make affirmative sentences using TOO and VERY ( one of each one) This dish was very good for me, it was not so salty. This beef is way too spicy for me. Unit 8 1. Tell what a member of your family is doing at the moment and where. 2. Describe the picture, tell what people are doing.*

3. Mention things you do at the University Study, talk to my friends at medschool, give lectures to several students

4. Mention things you do at home:

Sleep, cook, prepare my lectures.

5. Mention things you like doing at the weekend.: Party, spend some time with girlfriend, take a little

6. Mention things you hate doing ( at home, at the University, etc): Cooking, driving, walking, washing

7. Mention things you generally do before going to bed.: Brush my teeth, and leave everything ready for
me to go early next morning.

8. Mention things you generally do after you get up and before coming to the University: Cook my
breakfast, have a shower, check my car 9. Give your impression about the traffic in your city, town.

10. Tell what you think about Chilean transportation.:

It could be better, people can be waiting up to 45 minutes for just one bus, it is really overcrowded, and if we compare it to other Latin-American transport services, ours is expensive for bad quality.

11. How do you get to the University: Driving 12. Describe your daily routine:
Get up, have a shower, dress, have breakfast, give some lectures, go to classes, have lunch, talk to friends, see by GF, have dinner, and then go to sleep. 13. Use: Why dont we.and Lets.. for suggestions ( one each) Why dont we go clubbing tonight? Lets start doing our Biochemistry assignment. III. Choose one situation and read the instructions to the students so they can improvise a conversation about it. You can have groups of 2, 3, or 4 students depending on the size of your class.

Situations: Situation Unit 7

Student A You want to be on a diet and eat healthy food. Ask for a friends advise. You are in a pub and want to order something to eat and drink. ( Look at the Menu) You are opening a new restaurant for young people, discuss with a friend about what to include in the menu. You and a friend want to go to the disco this Saturday night (Murano/Static/ Kamikaze) you know the best way to get there. You are going to a friends house for dinner and you are a fussy eater, you only eat vegetables ,tell your friend about it and suggest a solution. You receive a foreign student in your house, this is his/her first weekend in Santiago/Via/Valpo./Pucn/etc., and he/she wants to visit the place with some friends from the same program, suggest places to visit and how to get there. ( can use why dont you)

Student B You are on a diet and suggest your friend about what to do and what to eat, and not to eat. You are the waiter/waitress in a pub. Take the order and offer different options. Then charge it. You are the friend and discuss about what to include in a young peoples menu according to your personal experience and likes. You are a friend and you know how to get there too, discuss on the best option to get to the disco from your friends house. You are the friend and you understand the situation. Talk about it. You are the foreign student asking for suggestions. Ask your Chilean friend about places to visit in the city and what transportation to take to get to those places.

Unit 7 Unit 7

Unit 8

Unit 8

Unit 8