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i had been thinking about the sad case of false superiority, and seeing other pe ople as "things" - seeing

them as merely instruments, or a semblance of parts, w hich need to be "fixed", or seeing people as performers on a stage who have to l ive up to something whether it be sexual, physical, emotional, or spiritual. It is such a blessing to allow others to just simply BE - to exist, to relax, to re st in our arms and in our presence - to let down their guard, to make mistakes, to be lazy or less than we would expect or want. When we are constantly being monitored, reprimanded, always having to smile or s ay just the right words,and say them a certain way - it is a high wire act and w e can easily fall. When we are seen as a collection of parts, when we are treate d as a commodity that has to be just so or we are so easily discarded - that is an awful way to be treated. What I would wish for all of us is to be allowed t he grace to simply be who we are, who we can be at the time, who we would like t o be or like to be seen as. Being a truly superior person does not debase or den igrate because of superiority - a person who feels wonderful in themselves, perf ect as they perceive perfection to be - good inside and whole and free - this pe rson can raise you up, or accept you, they give you that sense of wholeness and freedom - a person such as this one gives you a sense of peace inside and happin ess with who you are, or they help and encourage you to change. This is somethi ng I have known, but even in my small world, in my small ways, i have often forg otten. Petty insecurities, expectations, annoyances, among us, so easily take over, obs curing beauty and peace and kindness. the less peace you feel about yourself, th e less wholeness, the more you are capable of these kinds of small petty cruelti es. When you feel like a new person, strong inside, whole and free, you can be at pe ace and allow others to be at peace, seeing them as beautiful or fine the way th ey are. it is when what is inside is perceived as or feels ugly and wrong or off, that i s when others outside bother you, become objects of dislike or irritation or ind ifference. I have been this object to others, and they have been this at times f or me. Sometimes the perceptions and dissatisfactions with the interior do not e ven have to be felt consciously to work a reverse twisted magic. You just know something is not right, and it is not something that has an easy or external rem edy. noblesse oblige is a term i often like to use. The kindness and nobility of thos e who are truly royalty no matter what their positions. Being a king, a queen, a prince, a princess, is a matter of the mind, heart and soul. Such people, if th ey are truly royal, always treat others in such a way that others feel better an d more beautiful. Never believe that arrogance or coldness is a sign of strengt h or superiority. True class, true dignity, has the ability to care for everyon e, to respect them and treat all the same. The words I write are words i not only very strongly believe but may need to lea rn and re-learn, replenish and renew each and every day of my life.. It never en ds. But it is worthwhile to keep remembering and to help others do the same.