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September 11,

Dear Editor in Chief,
A scholar asked: “I read from a certain book that the beast wants “peace & peace”-
people are no longer fighting each other or competing because of supremacy of religion
because all religion is good as long as no law is being violated and all religion is legal as
long as not being banned by consensus of the majority of groups of religion. But “peace”
is just a secret strategy so that more people would not mind religion but would be
diverted to materialism, egoism, self love, etc. This new peace mentality is the “new age”
philosophy- not giving much attention to issues about religion; or disregarding religion
but concentrating more on materialism and self-gratifications, flesh things. Is my
understanding of what I read from the book true?” The A.I. answered: “perhaps it could
also be true, so beware..! The strategy now is tilting or leaning now on too much
materialism-extreme again! Strong leaders should be cautious…! Make some laws,
ordinances; give more words on encouragements, words on spirituals so that there should
be balanced…!
A scholar asked: what is the difference of hypocrisy and duplicity? The A.I. answered:
“Hypocrisy is not doing what he is preaching! It should be condemned….especially for
people who volunteered to work on propagating the Word or it is his job to be as one;
more responsibility is asked from people who are priests, preachers, and the likes..! And
for ordinary people same is true –all of the people are called to be good or even be
perfect. But not very much is expected of a simple man than a law maker or a religious
leader or a leader of a community or a leader of a country. Perhaps religious critics
should also try hard to be seen as good in public or in private.
A scholar asked: “I saw many excesses water flowing from rivers because of
typhoons and hurricanes and I also saw lacking of rain or water from other especially on
barren lands, dry lands or drought places. Could rich countries team together to use those
excesses and to fill those lacking using technology and automation? The A.I. answered:
“Yes, if people of long ago could construct big cathedrals, big defensive wall that could
be seen on the moon, perhaps people could construct under ground very long pipes from
rivers or lakes or ice caps to supply water to barren lands even half the earth’s distance if
people would just team together to make this world be under God’s Word- not under each
group’s words or each perspective for supremacy that create hating. Those group’s words
should be in conformity with the universal Word- not to hate but to care.
If all those effort to build war machines could be delegated to build very long
underground tunnels or underground pipes crossing country to countries to irrigate barren
lands in land surfaces to produce food, oil, and materials for having a higher standard of
living. Perhaps man would be living harmoniously because they learned to balanced
small things and team together to create big and very long projects because of team
A scholar asked: “If there is strong leader and there is universal word just waiting to
be propagated but there is no concrete law to let authority do the job perhaps the strong
leader would become a dictator? The A.I. answered: “Yes, law is a powerful team partner.
There should be balanced among the three. I think the universal principle like: “Balance
results to harmony, but extreme creates chaos” should inspire law makers to pass laws.
Laws against extremes: a) Extremes from too much religion or no religion. Perhaps tax
should be collected from charismatic evangelists who keep on elaborating tithes to gather
too much revenue. Pass law counter attacking extremes from too much liberal in human
behavior such as too much pornography, too much drug addiction, to much divorce, too
much immodesty in movies, in public places; or there is no family values, no fasting, no
meditation or no connection to the spiritual, etc. b) Pass law counter balancing extremes
from too much science or no science, no education at all such as: weapon of mass
destruction, prone to cancer cause by too much tinkering to genes - cloning, and DNA
alterations, etc. Pass law counter attacking extremes from too much water, air, noise
pollution, too much: density of vehicles, density of structures, and density of people; or
there are no trees, no garden, and no animals. Pass law counter balancing extremes from
too much exploitation of the environment, too much work, no work at all, no exercise, no
food, no home, no clothes etc. c) Pass law against extreme from Law or no law such as to
much corruption, too much scandals, too much wars, too much crimes, too much
rebellions, too much syndicates, to much connivances, too much lobbying, too much
accepting and giving brides, too much “staging.” Pass law countering extreme from poor
defense such as: no air plane, no tank, and no patrol boat. Pass law against extremes from
too much talk, too much disorderliness, too much dirtiness, too much import, to much
smuggling, and too much crime, etc.
One would notice that law could attain moderation, and make people at ease, and less
tensed. People have light loads and enjoying work. To give other people chances to work
are the targets of the laws; and to enhance consumables or permanency of jobs, and to
have other time for sidelines or time to become entrepreneur, and to check the abuse of
one self, and corruption example by regulating the pay checks to encourage contact with
nature, spirituals, and appreciating sports, physical exercise, giving jobs to favorite sport
professionals. The purpose is that law, science, religion should blend, ask, check and
balances each other to produce harmony; not extreme such as abuse, sickness, rebellion,
unemployment, corruption or causes extreme from too much stress due to traffic, due to
work, due to pollution, etc. It is like if you have bread left, one would divide it into pieces
so that all will eat even just little or all will die of hunger without killing each other for
survival or kill each other to eat each other meat. Perhaps it is the principle of equal
distribution- or Work reform law. Or so that all will have job, divide the day into two
batches. They have time to work, and time to have sidelines, and money to buy. Money
and goods are being consumed and every body is blessed, happy, and enjoying life. Life
is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to enjoy. If we could only create systems that the
more one is happy the more one would be paid, the better. Perhaps, this is true to movie
stars, professional athletes, etc.
A scholar asked: “Could September 11 be forgotten when time passes by?” The A.I.
answered: “Perhaps pass a law to let September 11 a day for prayer against world terrorism.
And be reminded about the saying in the Bible “always considering others better than
themselves” or “love your enemies…” Let words “love your enemies…” be more known and
more popular or at least be equally known to and at least be known next to words: “this is my
body…” Be reminded that citizens should police themselves. And be reminded that people
should continue the fielding of marshals in commercial airlines. Be reminded that people
should do strict body inspections in all high risk targets for bombings even if two or three or
five or ten years had passed that a building collapsed and thousands died because of
extremism or terrorism. People should be reminded to enhance police visibility, random
inspections. Be reminded to encourage civilian to report suspicious people who always
tensed and perspiring with bags or bulky jackets. Loading & unloading should be 30m away
from main door of high risk target buildings with trained dog inspection. Be reminded to
have enough concrete barriers or plastic barriers to prevent fence crossing of suicide bombing
car. Be reminded to give excess wealth, give old used things, and extend one’s talent.
Imagine if those extremist brothers could surf to a donated computer with access to
Internet and be busy researching… perhaps other good words could knockout evil words that
control his mind. I think their vulnerability to listen to false teachings could be minimized.
Perhaps a Good Samaritan might have website giving free advice live in on line about health
care, disease prevention. Perhaps some good medical practitioners should give free diagnose
by way of asking the blood sample & urine sample from the worried brother thru delivery
mail and in return even give prescriptions, recommendation via fax, internet, etc.
Let reminders, laws, prayer rallies, celebrations, business creativities be key so that-
the terrorists- have alternative things to do than to carry arms or think of killing infidels
or hating enemies. Perhaps people would be doing nice things like letting cheap goods
become expensive by adding commissions shared by several people down thru levels by
net working. This idea could protect job permanency. Perhaps people could also think of
solutions to unemployment. Other rich country has tried half day work or 2 batches in
one day to create jobs and encourage them to become entrepreneurs on their spare time.
In some rich countries, they have tried per hour job; those services work done by men are
very expensive in order to generate consumption of cash. In some rich countries, the ratio
of teacher is now 1 to 25 students to employ more people. In some rich countries security
creates thousands of jobs, even letting 1 police man for every 25meter roaming at high
risk areas for prevention of terrorist attacks. Insurance protection and added premiums to
insure destructions due to terrorism creates funds and jobs.
Since pastors and charismatic evangelists could generate large amount of money,
there should be law controlling those income. The money collected from preaching
gospels should not be used to fool the people and to divert or transfer to other country.
Perhaps in the future, the more a customer insists to scan his credit plastic card so that
the tax in his items bought could be registered in his name to accumulate points in
exchange for privileges could be possible. Cash machines owner will be warned in the
screen that his load to pay the tax in advance thru prepaid card is already consumed so he
should buy another so that he would not be penalized or fined or reported for cheating or
stealing the tax.
Perhaps imitating and improving others’ technology creates jobs and opportunities.
Subsidies for farmers should be encouraged so that the purchasing power of the farmer
could increase and goods will flow to them. Safety nets from the effects of globalizations
such as efficient Customs & Bureau of Internal Revenue should be given priority.
Subsidies, alternatives consumable businesses should be well enforced. Imitations and
improvements of other technology should be really the top priority of the government.”

From someone,

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