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List of phrasal verbs

come across - (tr) meet, find by chance (also run across)
come by - (tr) obtain
come down with - (tr)become ill (also go down with)
come into - (tr) inherit
come off - (int)1)succeede; 2)leave sth
come out - 1)go on strike; 2)(of flowers)begin to blossom;3)(int) be published
come round - (tr) 1)visit casually; 2)regain consciousness
fall apart - end in failure, break into pieces
fall back on - turn to sb/sth for help when other plans have failed ( turn to)
fall behind with - fail to keep up with
fall for - be taken in by, be deceived, fall in love with
fall in with - accept, agree with (go along with)
fall into (conversation, argument,discussion) - start talking or arguing with sb
fall off - decrease
fall on/upon - attack
fall out - quarrel
fall through - not to take place
fall victim - get a very serious desease or be attacked by sb
get away - (tr) 1)reveal smth, betray smb, 2)lose or waste smth
go after - pursue, try to catch smth - accept
go ahead - begin
go ahead - continue
go along- (int)advance, make progress (go on)
go along with - 1) agree with smth
go back - (int)date back
go back on - (tr)break a promise or agreement
go by -(int) 1) (of time)pass, 2) (of a chance)let it pass without taking it
go down - (int)1) be reduced2) (of the sun) set
go down with sth - become ill
go in for - take part in smth
go into - (tr) investigate thoroughly
go off - 1) stop operating, 2) make noise, 3) explode, 4)(of food) go bad
go on - 1) continue 2) happen 3) pass (about time)
go out - (int) stop burning, be extinguished
go over - check or examine smth carefully, repeat
go round - 1)supply everyone with smth, 2) visit, look round, 3)(of news) spread, circulate
go through - 1) suffer or experience smth bad
go up - rise (in price), increase
go without - (tr) endure the lack of smth, do without
look after - (tr)take care of
look down on - (tr) have a bad opinion of sb; disapprove of sb/sth;(opp: look up to)
look for - (tr) search for
look forward to - (tr) expect eagerly/anticipate with pleasure
look into - (tr) investigate
look on - watch (instead of doing sth)
look on/upon - regard as, consider
look out for - (tr) be alert in order to see/find sth/sb
look over - 1) examine carefully; go through, 2)revise briefly and quickly
look up - 1) (tr) look for sth (such as an address, etc. in a book or list 2) visit sb (specially sb living far away)
look up to- (tr) respect (opp: look down on)
make for - (tr)move in the direction of
make off - (int) run away; make away
make out - 1) (tr) see/hear/ understand sb/sth clearly(discern); 2) understand; work out; 3)write out; fill in
make sth over - (tr) officially and legally give money or property to someone elsetake back
make sth up into sth - convert
make sth up to sb - compensate sb for sth
make up - 1)invent; think up (a story, an exercise etc.) 2) (tr) apply/put cosmetics on;3) (int) become friends again, 4) (tr) c
make up for - compensate, repay sb for
put away - store (to put sth in the place where it is usually kept)
put down - to pay part of the total cost of sth, so that you can pay the rest later
put forward - propose
put off - postpone (to arrange sth on a later time or date, especially if there is a problem etc.)
put off - switch off
put on - 1) to put apiece of clothing on your body, 2) gain (weight), 3)risk money on the result of a game, rece etc.
put out (a fire/cigarette etc.) - to make a fire/cigarette stop burning
put through connect sb to sb else on the phone
put up - 1)raise, build a wall/fence/ building, 2)let sb stay in your house and give them meals
see in - show a visitor the way when they arrive at the building
see off - say goodbye to; accompany the travellor to his/her plane, train etc.
see out - accompany sb to the door of the building
see over - examine carefully
see the new year in - celebrate the beginning of the new year
see through - 1) not be deceived by sb/sth; 2)support sb in difficulties
see to sth - mend, deal with sth or do sth for someone, care for sth
set about (doing sth) - start doing sth, especially sth that needs a lot of time and effort
set aside - (tr) save for a special purpose
set in - (int) (of a weather) start and seem likely to continue
set off - (int) start a journey
set out- 1) (int) begin a journey; 2) intend (to do sth)
set sb up - make sb look guilty of sth he isn`t
set up (tr) start/establish a business
take after-look or act like a relative, resemble
take away - 1) remove; 2) seize from people
take back - admit saying smth wrong
take down - separate into pieces, so as to repair or remove
take in - make clothes narrower
take off - 1) remove clothes, 2) leave the ground (of planes), 3) start to improve
take on - employ
take out - remove, extract
take sb out - take sb to a restaurant, etc.
take time off - be allowed not to go to work for a short period of time
take time off - be allowed not to go to work for a short period of time
turn away - (tr) not to allow sb to enter a place
turn down - 1) (tr)refuse an offer, reject, 2) (tr)reduce volume etc.(opp. turn up)
turn into - (tr) change into, become
turn off - (tr) switch off (opp. turn on)
turn out - 1) (tr) produce, 2) (intr) prove to be in the end, 3) (tr) force sb to leave, 4) empty (one`s pockets, handbag etc.)
turn over - turn to a new page; change TV channel
turn sb in - (tr) give sb to the police
turn sb over to sb - (tr) deliever sb (to the police, authorities)
turn to - (tr) go to sb for help, advice
Phrasal verbs
Phrasal verb Mission 1 Mission 2 Grammarway 4
1 be 29
2 break 29
3 bring 146 40
4 call 40
5 carry 120 40
6 come 135 70 51
7 cut 51
8 do 68
9 draw 68
10 fall 41 89 68
11 get 143 83
12 give 32
13 go 13 17 95
14 look 109 43 124
15 make 155 35 125
16 put 37 84
17 run 92 161
18 see 41 161
19 set 8 178
20 stand 178
21 take 178
22 turn 117 187
23 wear 138 187

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