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Primary School
Cumberland Avenue, Bryanston, Gauteng
PO Box 69597, Bryanston, 2020, South Africa Std Bank 009953 Acc No 023390360

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The support from parents and friends over the Week ending 24 February 2006 On Friday 24th February the first of the relay
past week has been overwhelming. Thank you The U9s played against Crawford Lone Hill A format galas were held with the following
so much to Mrs. du Plooy for the flowers in the team - results still to come in. results:
church (yellow especially for Mr. Moss), to A50 at Crawford
Mrs. van der Westhuizen for the music and The Bs made 84 runs for only 1 wicket and 1st Bryandale 100 points
the choir item and to the parents and the BPA went on to win by 32 runs. Adam Tyrer batted 2nd Bryanston 97 points
who put on a scrumptious spread after the very well. 3rd Rivonia 82 points
service. Many thanks too, to Mrs. Relton for 4th Crawford 78 points
offering to come in until we have a U10A played Crawford Fourways on Monday 5th Craighall 33 points
replacement for Mr. Moss. and won by 10 wickets. The B team played A25 at Montrose
Michaelmount and they bowled us out for 65 1st Montrose 87 points
OUR NEW TIMETABLE runs and went on to win by 4 wickets. 2nd Bryandale 71 points
Nicholas Timm batted very well and occupied 3rd Bryanston 56 points
We have been through many scenarios to
his crease for almost the whole innings. 4th Crawford 46 points
come up with the one we believe will be the
Rivonia did not attend this gala.
best for the children, the teachers and you, the
U11A played Crawford Sandton who won by 3
parents, as well as to comply with the contact
wickets. U11B results to still come in. On Friday 3rd March the swimming teams
time. We have cut out the registration time,
attended the Individual Format Gala:
and limited community time and assemblies.
U13C played against Montrose and made 96 A50 at Crawford *
This has enabled us to manipulate the times
runs for 6 wickets. We won by 50 runs. 1st Bryandale
to give you a new-look weekly timetable. It
Cameron Ramsay made 30 runs and Ross A25 at Bryanston *
means that we are no longer able to offer the
Butler took 3 wickets. 2nd Bryandale
extra-murals during school time for the grade
* Points and official results not in as yet.
ones and twos. These will now take place
Week ending 3 March 2006
after the school day. We can, however, have
The U9s played against Redhill. Redhill A ROAD RAGE
an earlier home-time on a Friday. I do hope
made 61 runs for 4 wickets and won by 22
these times will alleviate the stress on all Mrs. Worsley, while trying to control traffic and
runs. Dylan Peens and Russell Nel had a
concerned. I am aware that I cannot please all to get teachers to the church on Tuesday, was
good day. Bryandale B Team made 61 runs
of the people all of the time. knocked by a white Toyota Corolla, BWV 476
for 3 wickets and went on to win by 6 wickets.
GP, and sworn at by a mom who believed that
Levi Muller batted very well and took 3
SCHOOL HOURS her need was the greater. If you recognise this
number, and want to know how Mrs. Worsley
Effective from Wed 22 March 2006
is, we would like to hear from you!
STARTING Mon – Thur Friday The U10 and U11 games were rained off.
Gr 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 07h25 07h25
CLOSING Mon – Thur Friday U13s played St Stithians, the Cs made 59 LEADING BY EXAMPLE?
Gr 1,2 * 13h00 13h00 runs and then bowled St Stithians out for 36. Perhaps not quite “Leading by Example”?
Gr 3 13h15 13h00 Byron de Villiers made 24 runs and Julian
Gr 4,5,6,7 13h30 13h00 Peens took 4 wickets (3 in one over!)
* Grade 1 and 2 Parents please note…
If your children cannot be fetched at 13h00, The Ds bowled them out for 52 runs and went
they will be kept in a waiting class until 13h30. on to win by 5 overs.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS TERM 1 Well done to all the players!!!!

Mon 20 March Extra School Holiday
Tue 21 March Human Rights’ Day DID YOU KNOW?
As part of Computer Studies at the school,
Remember, after the long weekend we most children have their own email address.
change to the NEW Starting and Closing I’m sure your kids would be thrilled to
times. receive the occasional message from you at PRE-PRIMARY
Mon 07h00 – 08h00 13h00 – 14h00 TO ADVERTISE Special preference cannot be given to those
Tue 13h00 – 14h00 To advertise in our newsletter, or to siblings who apply after this date.
contribute pictures, newsworthy events etc,
The weather has not been very kind to the Bryandalians are courteous, considerate,
cricket and tennis teams this term and a friendly and helpful to adults and each other.
number of matches have been rained out.

Support businesses that support our school…

Dieter Harck (011) 706 3897 (082) 800 7585
The BPA will be distributing order forms to BRYANDALE PARENTS’ TENNIS CLUB Wishes to Bryanwood Therapy and Assessment Centre:
each class for bulb orders. An ice cream will encourage parents to join the club at the start of the Psychologists working with children, adolescents
be given to each to pupil in the class that year. It offers an excellent opportunity for enjoyable and adults. (011) 706 2269 or (011) 706 0979
exercise and social interaction. We meet at the
raises the most money. The pupil who raises
school courts at 14h00 each Saturday afternoon.
the most money will get R200 in Fourways Stuart Tapson on (082) 880 1055 DON’T LET BAD RESULTS GET YOU DOWN!
Mall vouchers. The second prize will be R150
Let A+ Tutors lift your spirits and your marks. We
and the third prize R100. Please order your
Spring bulbs through your child and the
TRANSPORT offer Maths, Science, Afrikaans and Accounting
Lift required from Chrisoliet Street, Jukskei Park lessons. Check our website for some of our great
school. results or call Tessa on (082) 775 5853 or (011) 465
in the mornings. I can help in the afternoons.
Anusha (011) 462 7596 (H) or (011) 546 1190 (W) 5196 for more information.
Please remember… NO cell phones at school! Lift required Monday to Friday after school at 13h30
to Sundowner, Northriding for one child. Are there
perhaps any other children in this area or a Mom children'
s and adult’s classes for all levels. Saturday
who is willing to assist? Perhaps a young student mornings, Rivonia Recreation Club. Stella Campbell-
Bruyns (011) 803 0737 or (072) 783 4332
willing to earn some extra pocket money? To
discuss please phone Rebecca Schaefer
LEARN TO RIDE HORSES Either for enjoyment or
(084) 510 4005 / (011) 269 4713
for serious competitive riding. We teach all ages
ALLIED SCHOOL BUS SERVICE (the Yellow Bus) from beginners to advanced levels. We also have
holiday camps, team building, organising and
Will transport your children to and from school.
(086) 111 2845 running of inter-school teams and children' s party
facilities. Qualified instructors. Professional
collection and drop-off service!
SERVICES Tamar (082) 905 7465
The “Growing Creatively Art Studio” offers your
P.I.P. PARENTS IN PRAYER Wits). Works from home. Treats all muscular-
child the opportunity to explore and make art in a
skeletal conditions, chests etc.
Now on Thursdays 12h15 – 13h15 Room 3. (011) 787 4351 or (082) 589 2843 fun-filled environment. Here children will develop a
confidence in their ability to be creative and learn to
apply this to school projects and every day tasks.
EMPLOYMENT Sabine Joubert (082) 847 5225 or (011) 467 3599
CORPORATE MOM seeks half day or flexi hours
position in Bryanston and surrounding areas. Have AU PAIR PERFECT has a wide variety of
marketing, management and account management candidates available for immediate placement. All
The Knowledge Base offers children and experience. I am flexible but no sales positions our candidates are personally screened. For all your
adults the opportunity to sharpen their please. (082) 520 0766 childcare, lifting and tuition needs.
technical skills, be it computer-related skills or (086) 028 7247
technical skills and offers a unique venue Sadly we are having to leave VICTORIA behind, as
we are immigrating. If you are looking for a fantastic KIDSCAPE ADVENTURE CAMPS Limited to only
consisting of:
cook, exceptional baker, who is brilliant with young 60 kids. Kids are welcome from Grade 3 to Grade 8.
• State-of-the-art Pentium 4 based computer children, is extremely honest and reliable, is a Date: 7 to 11 April 2006 Venue: Warthog Inn (Near
education and training facility; seamstress and does alterations as well as Britz) Activities: Hike, Obstacle Course, Stalk the
• Technolab - offering children and adults someone who uses her own initiative, then call Lantern, Bush Walk, Mud Pit, Team-building, Life
courses in technical education; Alison on (073) 268 0547 Skills and many more. Price : R870 the whole
• Central Hub ideal for product launches, package including transport. Application forms
OZZY MHLONGWE requires work as a driver. He available from the office at your school.
exhibitions, conferences, meetings and
has a Code 8 and Code 10 licence. (073) 461 4839 Graeme (083) 457 7848
much, much more.
Di MacDonald (011) 463 0987 ROSELINE is looking for employment. She is a diligent worker and I can recommend her without YOGA 4 KIDS Yoga has been heralded as the latest
reservation. Mrs Ade Wet (011) 787 3604 de-stressing activity for children. The age-
WATCH OUT FOR GARDENER I have an excellent, hard-working and
appropriate curriculum teaches children the power of
their own being and the importance of focus and
Golf Day / Camp-out / Survivor Day reliable gardener looking for work on Saturdays and concentration. Children are taught how to control
Remember, these events serve a dual Sundays. R100 per day. Bronwyn (073) 170 6772 their breathing and movement allowing them to
purpose - Fun (meet other children and develop flexibility, balance, mental clarity and
parents) and Fund-Raising (to keep our school CLASSIFIED ADVERTS emotional health. Based at the Stirling Pre-Primary
fees the lowest in our area.) School just opposite Bryandale.
Suzie Manson (083) 299 6555 or (011) 234 3891
grandmothers, mothers and
SMILE :o) daughters. It'
enjoyable, wonderful exercise Research has told us that when people intend to buy
Another one….. and easier than you think. or sell a property, the school is one of the first
Just for fun or nationally institutions to be approached. If you refer these
accepted exam classes! 30
people to Dieter Harck, the owner of Remax 100 in
years of teaching. Founder Fourways, and a sale results, they will pay up to
member of the belly dancing 10% of their commission directly to the school!
association of South Africa. Dieter Harck (082) 500 7585
Shalimar (072) 273 9320

on Mondays from 13h30 – 14h30 at Bryandale
Primary School.
Hans (082) 442 6701 or (011) 918 2406 (mornings)

Support businesses that support our school…

Dieter Harck (011) 706 3897 (082) 800 7585