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To all Bryandalians, welcome back to the 4th Please note and take cognisance of the What health benefits do legumes give us?
and final term. We welcome a new family and following events : Legumes or beans are good sources of fibre
a returning past pupil, to Bryandale, and hope Grade One Orientation : Tue 31st Oct 14h00 and B-vitamins. The fibre helps to reduce
their stay will be happy and rewarding. Grade One Cake and Candy : Fri 20th Oct cholesterol and has a low Glycemic Index (GI)
Grade 6 Market Day : Mon 30th Oct which keeps the blood glucose levels on an
The last term is short and packed with so even keel. The easiest way to include
many demands - on Learners, Educators and GOVERNMENT GAZETTE legumes in the diet is to hide them in stews,
Parents. Please assist your children by soups and salads. The most common legume
The Government Gazette is now out and
insisting that they are on time, stick to is the baked bean and the other legumes are
Teachers wishing to apply for posts must
deadlines, do their homework, and are not lentils, butter beans, small white beans and
complete the applications and get them to the
absent. This will go a long way to ensuring chick-peas.
relevant district by 10th October.
that they are able to complete the outcomes
for the year. CODE OF CONDUCT
Bryandalians are correctly dressed for all
MOUNT KILIMANJARO CHILDREN’S BOOKS sporting occasions, are polite to coaches and
Congratulations and well done to our The Grade 1, 2 and 3 teachers are preparing referees and do not question decisions
Principal, Mrs. Joan Griebenow who, for 2007. Our theme is Readers are Leaders made on the sports field.
together with her daughter Zenda, so we are appealing for any second-hand
successfully summitted Mount Kilimanjaro, the children’s books. If you would like to donate
any books, please bring them to Room 1 and
highest free-standing mountain in the world.
Miss. Lombard will distribute them. We will THRIFT SHOP – Opportunity Knocks
hand out tokens to the children who bring Pam Rodgers will be leaving us at the end of
CONGRATULATIONS books. the year. Her expertise at running the Thrift
To the following pupils who were elected Shop will be sorely missed. If YOU can assist
monitors for the 4th term. us by taking over this very important function,
YOU LEAD US please contact Jacqui Grieve (011) 706 1502
Blue Monitors You lead us
Laylah Frick, Kimberley Keates, We can shine
Queen Mnisi, Kelsey Hayter, You lead us BUDGET
Boikanyo Mossi, Jacqueline Bals, Through good and bad times
At our Parents’ Meeting on 20th September,
Calvin Turnbull, Murray Wilding, Although you shout
the Budget for 2007 was unanimously
Kevin Steyn and we get scared
approved by those present. Thank you to the
We always know you care.
Parents who attended and especially to the
Silver Monitors staff and SGB members who worked so very
Raffaella Montali, Byron Robertson, You lead us
hard in preparing the Budget. It was resolved
Robyn Brown, Michael Gaynor, through our Primary years
that School Fees will be charged in 2007 and
Kruti Naik, Ines Rangelova And when we leave
that these will R8,600 for Grades 2 – 7.
We will be full of tears.
Gold Monitors But that is still a long time away.
Natalie Ballantine, Mapitso Morudu, So get used to it TRAFFIC
Daniella Sounes, Matthew Tout, We’re here to stay. Take a look at the picture we’ve included this
Erin Ueckermann, Lydia Mtshoro, week… this is how some of our parents are
Lufuno Netshitenzhe, Therese Smit, Kyle Shiels (Grade 4S) “Leading By Example”. We urge parents to be
Keagan Stokes, Samantha White, very careful when driving in the vicinity of
Chiselle Beukes, Stephanie Blake, the school. We’ve had far too many “close
Jenna-Leigh du Preez, Tessa Hodgson, MEET NEW PEOPLE calls” and someone is going to get injured if
Amanda Booth, Kathleho Dihaba, An exciting new concept for meeting people and this traffic impatience and rudeness continue.
Maxine Holl, Melanie Moodie, socializing. Please visit or Please obey the traffic rules and be aware
Luyanda Ngema, Daniella Prinsloo, contact Sam (073) 078 8176 of (and obey) the scholar patrol on duty.
Caitlin Stewart

Our P.I.P. meeting will continue this term as
usual on Wednesdays from 08h00 – 09h00 in
Room 3. Mrs. Furst welcomes all moms,
dads, and grandparents to join us.

Our Golf Day is almost here. We have only
two four-balls available. They may consist of
eight individual players or any other
combination to reach our target. Please
contact Tania Roberts on (082) 441 1849 if
you wish to join us on this fun-filled day.

“I am having my see (eye) teeth out” We’ll be having 2 concerts at The Knowledge Base For all your plumbing requirements,
on 11th and 18th November. Don’t be afraid, come Maintenance and Construction.
and see for yourself how easy and fun it is. 086 00 22 782
Shalimar (072) 273 9320
Delight offers creative landscaping at Affordable
Prices tailored to meet your budget. We specialise in
HIGH SCHOOLS Research has told us that when people intend to buy
RADLEY COLLEGE OPEN DAY Private High or sell a property, the school is one of the first
a personalised once-off range of services
School Grades 8 - 12. institutions to be approached. If you refer these
Date : Saturday 14th October 2006 people to Dieter Harck, the owner of Remax 100 in
landscaping / cut-backs
Time : 09h00 - 14h00 Fourways, and a sale results, they will pay up to
lawn dressing and composting
We will be having an Open Day at the school, No. 75 10% of their commission directly to the school!
rose and fruit tree pruning
Hill Street/Long Avenue Ferndale. If you are still Dieter Harck (082) 500 7585
re-vamping of existing gardens.
looking for…
Penny Horwitz (083) 459 6161
- small classes
personal attention
a better learning environment
AU PAIR then come and meet our teachers, learners and Elizabeth Szabó Bookkeeping Services
specialises in the following...
Are you a professional working parent who could do parents. (011) 787 0296 fax (011) 787 0290 Books to Balance Sheet / VAT Returns / Salaries &
with the help of a child-loving Au Pair? If so, then
Wages / Statutory Returns / Office Administration /
pick Apples Au Pairs for your Au Pair needs! We
Budgets & Forecasts / Debtors & Creditors Recons /
place local Au Pairs with the families best suited to
EMPLOYMENT Stock Take & Control / Management Accounts
Local Short Term Insurance Brokerage needs a half- Other services are available.
Call us on (079) 187 8743 or e-mail
day / full-day person with 2+ years'experience (an For assistance on all of the above
advantage) to maintain and grow portfolio. Send Call me on the following numbers
take a look at our website
your CV to : (011) 462 4111 or (082) 789 0262 or
BABY MASSAGE or NineLives Studios
BABY MASSAGE CLASSES FOR PARENTS : Fax (011) 706 1883 or Fax (018) 290 9691 Tim Neary helps people balance health and stress
• Can relieve problems such as colic, For further info (011) 463 2852 / (083) 377 1097 management into their lifestyles. He offers
winds, asthma etc. personalised fitness instruction and Chinese Shiatsu
treatments at competitive prices. Ideal for x-training
• It is a wonderful way of bonding with your baby for FOR THE KIDS and sports-specific complimentary strength training.
dads too! THE ENCHANTED CASTLE Tim (084) 626 3533 or
• It builds immunity, stimulates development of the has opened inside the Broadacres Garden Centre
brain, digestive system etc. (behind Broadacres Spar) in Fourways. Stockists of CARPE DIEM COMMERCIAL SERVICES
Contact Bridget Sutton imported deluxe fancy dress costumes and
a certified infant massage insrtructor Accounting & Tax / Statutory Returns
accessories for children. Situated in a beautiful CC Registrations
(011) 793 2972 or (082) 682 8553 garden nursery with new kiddies'playground and Personalised and flexible service
outdoor restaurants. from a Qualified Accountant on- or off-Site
CLASSIFIED ADVERTS (011) 467 3229 Russell Strooh Bcompt (Hons)
COMPUTERS AT LOW PRICES (083) 263 3620 (083) 222 9633
Low prices! Good Value! I have no overheads and CUBS SplitFeather communicates
work from home. I have 15 years experience in the Great News for Parents! The Lonehill Cub Pack
IT Industry. I sell NEW HP, Lexmark, Acer etc. Tim Neary helps small and medium businesses gain
situated at 82 Peter Place, Bryanston, is re-opening
Karen (083) 526 3376 more clients, better faster and less expensively. He
on Friday 13th October from 17h30 to 19h00. If your
offers freelance journalism, copy writing for the web,
son enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, fires and
PERSIAN CARPETS editing and press-release strategy and copy for the
cooking, nature craft and using a compass, please
Desert Sands Persian Carpets and Restorations – media.
phone Margaret Wright
for the best priced carpets in town! Direct importers Tim (084) 626 3533 or
(011) 440 6490 or (082) 852 2154
of genuine, handmade carpets. All sizes, colours
and styles. Free home consultations and advice at
any time to suit you. Full cleaning and repair service GIFT IDEAS SPORT
Get Fit! Get into the school swimming team!
provided by qualified Iranians. Trade-ins offered. EVERY CHILD LOVES to hear stories about
Swim for Gauteng! Swim for S.A!!
Coachman’s Crossing (Next to Mugg and Bean) themselves! Imagine the look when mom reads them
Celia (011) 463 7770 (083) 376 0498 Whatever YOUR goal, you can achieve it by joining
a story where he/she features as the main character!
one of the top swimming clubs, SANDTON SEALS
Create-a-Book personalised story books create a
BRYANSTON ORGANIC MARKET SWIMMING. We train at Crawford College in
love of reading and increase the self esteem and the
Forthcoming events...... Sandton. There are limited places available, so
ability to learn of your child! Great gift for birthdays
Tue 31st October - Hallowe' en Moonlight Market contact coach, SIMON PETERSON, on (082) 463
and Christmas!
(from 17h00 to 21h00) 3057 OR come and experience the fun atmosphere
When the book’s about you…..
The Market is open on Thursday and Saturday from of our club nights from 18h00 – 19h00 on the 17th or
it’s a different story altogether
09h00 to 15h00. Enjoy a delicious meal, find great 31st October. We hope to hear from you!
Michele (082) 338 8853
organic and natural produce, deli foods, lots of SUPER FUN… SUPER FAST…
s activities, live music and secure parking. SUPER SANDTON SEALS!
Culross Rd, Bryanston. (011) 706 3671 LESSONS
Extra lessons in Maths, Science, Afrikaans and
Herbal based energy and fitness products are Accounting are offered in a fun, funky environment.
(UK); FBIH (UK); MIGPP (UK) My expertise as an
designed to reduce fatigue and enhance stamina. See our website for more info
internationally qualified homoeopath reinforces my
Skin care / Stress management
effectiveness using the ultimate electro-magnetic
Immune solutions / Menopause problems Tessa (082) 775 5853 or (011) 465 5196
computerized, drugless healing system in the world.
Heart and kidney diseases. Embracing the science of bio-energetic medicine,
Megha Naik (084) 407 7925 (011) 467 4297
NURSERY / AFTERCARE the SCIO device conducts 8000 test in minutes and
LOLLIPOP NURSERY SCHOOL can detect weaknesses such as viruses, bacteria,
Small, well-established school providing individual fungus, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, pathogens,
PINESLOPES TYRES food sensitivities, learning disabilities, trauma,
love and attention. Creative and stimulating
Need tyres, shocks, brake pads, a tow bar or emotional imbalances, brain pattern imbalances,
programme making learning fun. Well-equipped
battery? Everybody does, sooner or later! Call Erroll, hormonal disturbances, and much more. It then
classroom with spacious outside play area in shady
identify yourself as a Bryandale parent, teacher, energetically harmonises the body’s stressors and
friend or family member and be assured of the best imbalances relating to any disorder or illness and
Karen (011) 705 1266 (083) 474 9463
possible price and advise. We' ve had overwhelming stimulates a return to health. The results speak
support so far - thanks a lot! volumes. Crawford Drive, nr Douglasdale Shops.
Give it a try! (011) 467 3777 or (082) 337 6450 PHYSIOTHERAPIST (082) 771 2292
Holly Hogan
LEAD BY EXAMPLE General Physio practice.
(011) 787 4351 or (082) 589 2843