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The Source of Inspiration: Evelyn A. Magsumbol By Ma. Celynn A. Magsumbol I. INTRODUCTION Do you know your family tree?

Not all of us have a chance to know it. I, myself can say that I had a hard time finding out who my ancestors are. It made me realize that life before was different; people before have big families living simple lives. As I am doing this paper and researching who my relatives are,what they have contributed to other people in their simple waysI felt so lucky having discovered that I belong to a family who extends a hand not only to those who belong in our family tree but also to other people who are seeking for help. Nowadays, seldom do we see kids idolizing people in their family; todays youth have adversely been affected by media to the point that their idols are those who looks good on TV. I remember when I was in high school a classmate of mine wanted to be like Angelina Jolie because according to her, she has a good heart because she adopts orphans from third world countries, notwithstanding the fact that she destroyed Brad Pitts and Jennifer Annistons relationship. My point is, todays youth seldom recognize the fact that people around them can be great too. Parents, I believe, are the best people to be idolized for the reasons that they have been the foundation of our worldly knowledge, our values, and most importantly, without them, we could not have existed. Our ascendants, our parents, are the people who taught us the basics of life, and children should know that what they are now, they owe it to them. This paper aims to let the other people know who my mom is, what she did when challenges are thrown onto her and why she could be the perfect example of a good inspiration. This paper also aims to give you a short background of where I came from. Certainly, the story is not about me but about my mother, Evelyn A. Magsumbol. This is all about her: as a companion, mother, sister, apprentice and a supervisor. Hopefully, this paper will show the readers how inspirations are being made in just hearing simple yet good stories about their relative because it affects a person more if his or her inspiration is someone he or she knows by heart. II. FAMILY BACKGROUND Evelyn Solis Alilio was born on the 9th of April in the year 1953. Her father is Geronimo Alilio and her mother was Rosalia Solis. Evelyn was the fourth among nine children. She had

three sisters namely Lolita, Ofelia and Elenor and four brothers namely, Romulo, Edison, Manuel, German. Everyone in the Alilio family had a good reputation in schoolall being the top in their classand later on at their work. The ancestors of the Alilios, Antonino Alilio, lived in Lemery Batangas, but a son of Antonino, decided to reside in Dolores, Quezon, where he bought agricultural lands. This son was the grandfather of Evelyn; his name is Aurelio. Aurelio Alilio met and eventually married Andrea Castro in Dolores, Quezon. They were known to be a hardworking couple who tilled their own land that eventually became mango and coconut plantation. Aurelio and Andrea had seven kids namely Geronimo, Ana, Melchor, Nicholas, Irene, Senindado, Herminina, and Renato. All of them became workers in the plantation when not in school. As the Alilios became affluent in Dolores, Quezon, they also became influential personalities in the town. Aurelio, together with a friend, decided to build a private high school for the town, the Our Lady of Sorrows Academy. Until now the school exists (currently on its 73rd year) and is being managed by Nicholas Alilio. The Alilios are still influential in the town, and in fact, the current mayor is Renato Alilio (Evelyns uncle). Having this family background, Evelyn was able to study in prestigious colleges and universities in Manila. In Manila, her cousin introduced her to Ceferino B. Magsumbol, who became her lifetime partner. Ceferino and Evelyn had four beautiful children: Jerlyn Marie, Clariza Marie, Ma. Rosalynn and Ma. Celynn.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Leadership and discipline were seen in Evelyn when she was still a child. This led to her

being elected, almost always as the class president or the vice president of the class. If its not Renato (her uncle), it was her who is elected for the position. Renato and Evelyn were born in the same year, thats why they were in the same batch and almost always the same class, even though Renato is her uncle. Together with Renato, she studied in Dolores Central School during her elementary days. During her elementary days, every year she gets an award however, she is just always second honor in her classalways next to Renato who was the first. When she was in high school, she studied at Our Lady of Sorrows Academythe school established by her grandparent, Aurelio. Consistently, she always gets an award, but again, always just next to Renato. When she was still in high school, she worked under her aunts and

uncles to be able to earn some money to be added to her allowance. In fact, while almost every one of her siblings gets 10 centavos a day, she brings 3 pesos to school every day because she gets an additional allowance from her aunts and uncles by cleaning or just helping them. While in high school, she became a member of Renatos circle of friends. They call themselves the Faithfuls. Until now, they meet twice a year to catch up with each other. Evelyn, like all her elder brother and sisters, was sent to Manila to study for college. Her parents wanted her to get a good degree and become a professional. She chose to study in an exclusive-for-girls college, Stella Maris College, because she has always wanted to study in an all-girls school but there is none in her town nor in the whole Quezon province. There she took BS Secondary Education as a degree. While she was on her 2nd year in College, she decided to enroll in San Loreto College where she took up a management degree. She graduated with distinction in her two colleges. After college, she worked as a high school teacher in her alma mater, Our Lady of Sorrows Academy, for 3 years. She enjoys teaching but still feels unfulfilled that is why she convinced her parents that she will study Humanities in Ateneo de Manila University. And so she did. IV. TRIALS AND CHALLENGES Although she came from an affluent family in her town, Evelyn pursued her dreams away from her family. She chose to stay at her fathers house in Manila and decided to work in Grepalife where she sells life insurances to strangers. From affluence, she worked as a rank-andfile employee of the company. When she married Ceferino, Evelyns parents stopped supporting her; this became very difficult for her to adapt to such change especially since Ceferino is not working that time. Because her brother-in-law, George Pimentel, was an influential seaman, Evelyn and Ceferino decided that while she will be the one working, Ceferino has to study a maritime course so that eventually, Ceferino will have a job under Georges company. Evelyn paid for her husbands tuition and other school fees. When her husband graduated with a degree of Marine Engineering and started working abroad, Evelyn gave birth to their first child, Jerlyn Marie. She was alone taking care of her their first child. Four years after came their second child, Clariza Marie. Another three years passed

when Ma. Rosalynn was born, and another four years when Ma. Celynn came. Evelyn is a mom of four with a husband who is a seaman. Every time she gives birth, her husband is away. She takes care of their kids alone whether she is sick or not. It was really hard for her that in fact, she drove herself to the hospital when every time her water breaks. Independently, she has spent four days for four times in the hospital. She only calls her dad or a sibling whenever she is already released from the hospital so that someone can drive her home. Giving birth without her husband beside her is not the only challenge. What is more challenging is raising the kids alone especially since her husband has to be away for almost 9 months every year. Every day, she would wake up early to prepare her children for school. Every day, she would drop them and fetch them. For seven years, ever since Jerlyn Marie went to nursery, this has been her routine: school then home then school then home again. But then she realized that she can do more than just that, and so even if Ceferino prevents her from working, she decided to work as a real estate agent in a company in Ortigas. From Caloocan (where the family resides), shell bring her kids to Quezon City (School of the Holy Spirit and Stella Maris College) where their schools are located, and then shell go to Ortigas. Then after work she would fetch her children in their schools. Unknown to her husband, Evelyn is working as a VP for Sales in a company in Ortigas and a manager of a company in Manila. As a person with a high position in the company, she is faced with another trial: she has to go to business trips abroad. Consequently, without a choice, she has to leave her children in the custody of her house helpers. There was a time that her maid was fooled by a prank caller who told the maid to get all the family members jewelry because according to the caller, Evelyn met an accident, and she has to pay for the hospital bills with her jewelry. The maid then went to meet the caller with all the jewelry and the kids. The good thing is Evelyn saw them walking as she was on her way home. Her familys security is a challenge. She cant just trust the house helpers. As a mother, there is that challenge of being the kids tutor. After work and after fetching the kids from school, she makes sure that one by one, her kids will get a tutoring session of todays school subject. Whenever they dont understand a topic, she tries to exercise her college degree by being a teacher to her kids. Her patience is constantly being tested just so her kids will comprehend Math or Science or Filipino or English. When her kids have school papers, she is

the editor-in-chief. When theres an artwork to be passed, she is the painter. As a mother, she has to play the role of being an all-in-one, including the role of being a father since her husband is always out of the country. Being the parents of four children, Evelyn, alongside Ceferino, faces financial problems too. Since her husband sends an allotment of his income from abroad, sometimes, the allotment comes in delay. This is also why she secretly works in different companies without the knowledge of his husband. This is her contingency plan that has helped her find a way to overcome financial problems. When her husbands company has not sent any salary to her, she gets the finance from her own salary. As a working mom, she faces the challenges of having to balance her time. She has to allot this amount of hours to her children that whenever at home, she tries to cancel all calls just so she could spend time with her children. When the school sends a letter informing her of PTA meetings, she cancels meetings to make sure she can attend the parent-teacher meetings. Family first is her motto, and she is willing to lose her job just so she could attend to her childrens needs.


SUCCESS STORIES If theres one thing Evelyn became successful in, it would have to be her successful

budgeting of her time. She has gone to different colleges at the same time, yet she graduated with distinctions. She has worked in different companies at the same time, yet she got high-paying positions. She has four children and a husband to attend to, yet she has become close to every one of them. Indeed, she is a successful multi-tasker. She has never failed to make her parents proud by being able to graduate from elementary and highs school with honors. She made her parents even prouder when she graduated from three different colleges with distinctions. At the age of 30, she has already been the Executive Vice President of Grepalife Insurance Company. Whenever asked how she has done it, she will say its through hard work and good establishment of connections. She was able to get this position because she talks to

every person she meetsthe one beside her in the bus, the one in front of her in a line, the mother who is also waiting for her children, the person sitting on the next table. She talks to everyone in a very approaching manner thats why at a young age, she is already second to the company president. At the age of forty, she is manager and VP of Sales in different companies at the same time. Until this age, discipline and leadership have helped her be at the top. She has traveled around the world for free to represent her companies. Evelyn is a really persuading speaker hence, the best representative to be sent abroad. At the age of forty five, she quit her job as the VP of Sales, but then she was offered another as a seller of herbal medicine, where again she was able to quickly reach the top of the ladder. She worked in both DXN International Inc. and E-excel International Inc. Because these were easier jobs, she was able to work even while waiting for her kids to be dismissed form classes. Because of this, she was able to establish friendship with the parents of her childrens friends. At the age of fifty two, she died with a smile on her friends with a lot of friends who gave their respects to her grave.


CONCLUSION Evelyn, my mom, died young because of breast cancer that hit her when she was forty

eight. I remember my dad forcing her to go to the doctor to have the cancer treated, but she always refuses to have it checked. I remember her saying to my dad to use the money for us, instead of her treatment. I was ten when she died yet I remember her vividlyher smiles, her jokes, her way of dancing, her favorite piano piece. I remember her as the greatest person I know. Unlike my sisters who have spent more time with her, I have not much to say about her, but through her friends, my relatives and my dads and sisters stories about her, I was able to get to know her better. She came from an influential family in a small town who is expected to do great things. She did greater things.

I remember when I was in high school, a friend of mine kept on ranting about her mom who according to her is becoming more and more annoying. I told her, at least she still has her mom. She kept quiet and whispered to me wishing that shed have a mom like mine. Shed say that she remembers how my mom has been so kind to her. We were kids when my mom died, yet my friend still remembers how active my mom was in PTA and how nice she has been to all my classmates. From then on, she became my source of inspiration. When I interviewed my lolo (Renato) to be able to accomplish this paper, I discovered how she has touched the lives of many people. I discovered that she sent all our house helpers to college so that they could find a good job someday; they go to school while were still in school. I discovered most of our drivers became seamen like my dad because my mom would insist that they should continue their studies and aim for a higher job. From these, it seems that my mom has changed the lives not only of those who have worked under our roof, but also the lives of their families. When I interviewed my sister, I discovered that my mom has told the Faithfuls (her friends) to check us once in a while when she dies. My sister told me that shed receive a call almost every month from my moms friends to ensure were all okay. From this, it seems that my mom still made sure that someone will still guide us especially since my dad is still working abroad every 5 months. I was ten when my mom died, yet I can still remember her last smile. She died happy. She died contented. She died fulfilled. My mom is my greatest source of inspiration because her stories tell me that working hard makes one person fulfilled. Her last smile is a sign of her sense of fulfillment. She is a fulfilled teacher, boss, wife, and mother. She has reached her dream of affecting others lives. In a discreet manner, my mom has helped a lot of people, has changed a lot of lives. She may be not known to every Filipino like Cory Aquino nor is she known to every person in her town. But I know for sure that she has touched lives and embedded in the hearts of the people who knew her a memory of her selflessness. She has been a good companion, mother, wife, sibling, daughter, friend, manager, and apprentice. I dont need to turn on the TV to look for an inspiration because my mom, Evelyn, has been and will always be my inspiration.

Look around you, maybe its just someone near you, and not celebrities, who will inspire you.