Anda di halaman 1dari 11

1st Grade Spelling List


a at be big bike bus but came can cap cat cup cut five fly flying fox frog from fun game gave get go going got green hat he hen him hit hop hot hug I in is it keep like make man me men mop name no not nut of on one pan pet pets pig planes play played pot ran red ride rug run see seven she ship show sit sleep sleeping slowed snowed so swing ten the three time top tree trip up us we wet what when white will win yellow yes


2nd Grade Spelling List

all along am an and any are as ask away bad bag bake ball bank bat bee been bell best bit bite black blows blue boat bone book boy bring brother brown bug bun buy by C call car catch chair chase children chill cold come could cow cry cute D dad daddy dark day deep dig dish do does doll dolls down dress drink drive drop drove dry duck dug E each eat eight end every eye F fast fat father fed feel feet fell fill find fire fish fit fix flag flat flowers fog foot for four free G gate girl give giving glad gold gone good grade grass gray great H hand hands head help helpful her hid hide his home hope I if into J jar jet job just K kid kind king kite L lake land last late legs light live log long

look lost lot low luck made many may mean met miss mix mother much mud must my myself N nail need net next M mice N night nine nose O off old only or orange over P pat people pick pie pin place plain plan plane plate please pond pretty puppy purple R rain read rich right ring road rob rock room rub S sad said sat saw say seat seed set sheep shop shot sick side silly sing sister six slam sled slide slip snake snow some soon spot state stated stay step still store story such sun swim T tag take teach teams teeth tell thank that their them then there they thing things think this those tie till to toe took train trap tree trick truck try tub tube two U use W wake want was watch wave way well went wheel which why wide wish Y years you

3rd Grade Spelling List

about across add afraid after afternoon again age ago air almost also angry another anyone anything apple arm around art asked B back baked balloon band bark barn basket bath bean bear because before behind better bigger bike birds birthday blew blind blow body boot born bowl boxes branches brave bread breakfast bright brush build burn buses butter C cage called campfire can't candy care carries carry caught chain change cheek cheese cherry chew child circus city classes clay clean clear climb close cloud clown color coming cook copy corn count crack crawl crazy cries D dance dead desk die dinner doctor doesn't dollar don't done door drank drawing dream driving drum E eagle early ears easy everyone everything eyes F face falling family far farm feeding feeling

fifty fight fine fingers finish first fishing flash flew flies float foil food forgot found freezer friend front funny G ghost gift giraffe glove goat goes grades grape grew grinned group grumpy guess gym H half hammer hang happen having hear heard heart heavy hello helping here hiding high hiked himself h ole horn horse house huge hurt I I'll I'm I've ice ill inches ink inside isn't it's J joy K kept key kick kiss kitten knee knew knife knock knot know L lady lamb lands large laugh law lay leave left less letter lie life lift liked liking line little lived load lose loud love lunch M mark match maybe meal meat meet merry might milk Monday money more morning most mouse mouth move N near neck never newspaper noise none noon note now O oak odd oil once other our outside own P page paint pancakes park past pay peaches penny picked picnic piece pink pipe point pool prize push put Q queen quickly quick R rabbit race racing rack rage raised rake rang really riding river roar rode roll rope roses row rubber rule running rush S sack sail sailed sale same sang Saturday saved school scratch scream sea second seem send sent serve sew shall shape shelf shell shiny shirt shopping short should sight singer sitting size skate skin skinned skip sky sledding slept slice slid sliding small smart smell smile smiling soap sock soft someone something son song sorry sound speak spell spill spoil sport spread spring stairs stamp stand star start stepping stick stone stopped straight straw stream street stretch string strong suit summer Sunday T tail tape taste teacher team tent tenth that's these thick thin threw thrill throw Thursday tight tiny tire today together told too tooth torn touch town toy toys track trade traded trash tries trouble true trunk trust Tuesday turn U until used V very voice W wagging walk wall wanting warm wash watching water we'll Wednesday were where while whole wild window wing winter wipe without woke woman won't wood word wore work would wrap write wrong wrote Y yard year yet young your you're

4th Grade Spelling List

able above act address against agree airport alarm alive alphabet although always among animal answer aren't army asleep aunt avenue B baking bandage baskets began believe belong below benches between blanket bloom boil bold books bottle bought break breath brick bridge broil broke broken brook broom brought brushes bubble bucket building built burned busy button buying C cabins calf cardboard caring carrying catch cause celery center certain chance changing chicken chief choice choose chose circle clock clothing coast coin comb common corner cotton couch cough couldn't counting couple cousin cover cracked crayon crime crow crowd crush crying curl D damage damp danger dare deaf dear death decide deer didn't died dirt disappear discovered divide double downstairs drain drawer drew drill dump during E earn earth edge either elbow electric engine enough evening everybody except exciting F false famous fear feather felt fence few fifth fixed flight floor flour flow fold follow footprint forest forever forgive fork forty fourth fresh friends fright frost frown fruit fry G garden gentle germ giant glue grandfather grandmoth er groceries ground H habit hair handful harsh he'll he's health heat herself highest hiking hitting hobby holidays honey hope hoping hospital hour however hungry hurry husband I important insect insist interested invite island J jacket jail jaw job jogging join joking judge juice K keys kindness kitchen knees knit knob knocked known L label ladder laid lamp landed lazy leader learn lemon let's libraries lion listen loose lose low loyal lying M machine mailbox marry meant melt metal mice middle mild mile mine mirror moment month moon moths motor movie music N needle neighbor nickel ninth no O one N nobody nothing number nurse O o'clock obeyed ocean offer often owe owl owner oxygen

pail pain pair pale paper parent passed paste patch path peak peek pencil pennies perfect person picture pitch planet plastic playground pocket police polite pound present proud public Q quickly quilt quit quite R radio railroad rained ranch reach reading real reason remember return ripe roast roof root rose rough round royal ruler S sailboat salt sandwich sauce scare scarf scrap season self several shade sharp she'll she's shells shout shut shy sidewalk sigh sign simple since sink sixth skeleton ski skill sleeve slipped slowly smooth snail sneeze snowing soldiers soup sow space spare spark special speeches speed spend spent spiders spoon spray sprinkle squeeze squirrel stereo stood storm stove strange struck study suddenly sugar sweet T table taught tea tear tennis test thankful thirsty thirty though thought through thumb title toast tomorrow ton tonight total tough travel tray treat tried trimmed truth tune turtle twin U uncle understand unhappy unpack upstairs useful using V valentine valley village visited visitor W wait walls wanted wasn't wasting we're we've weak wealth weary weather weren't western whale what's wheat wheels whenever whether whistle width wings wise wishes wolf won words world worn worry worse wouldn't wreath wrecked wren writer writing written Y you'll you're yourself Z zebra zero zipper zoo

5th Grade Spelling List

acre action active actor airline alert allow aloud amaze amendment amount amusement angel anger ankle annoy annoying annual anymore anyway apart appointed area argue arrange arrive attach attack attention author aware awhile B background backyard badge baggage banana beat became beginning behave berry bicycle blindfold blood board bore borrow bottom brake breathe breeze brighten bruise buried bury C cabbage calves camera canoe captain capture careless carpet carried carrot carve castle celebration charge cheerful chemical chocolate cities claim clamp clerk climate closeness closet clubs clumsy coaches cocoa code coffee coil collar colorful company constant continent country county course covered create cruise crystal cure curtain curve

daily damaged daring darkness daughter dawn daytime deal decided defend degree delay delicious delightful deny depend desert despite destroy diaries different difficult dinosaur direct disagree disappoint disapprove dislike double doubt dozen draft dried due E earthquake easier eaten eighth eighty election elep hant enemies energy engines English enjoyment enter equal eraser errands escaped event exact excite expect expert explain explode extended extra F factory fair fault favorite fever finally finger finished flashlight foam force forgave fought freezing frighten frozen furnace furniture future G garage garbage gnaw government graceful grandparent grapefruit graph grasp grease greet growl grownups growth guard guest guide H handkerchief handle happily harvest hatch hawk heal healthy heel height herb hero higher highway hoarse holiday honest honor hoped hopeless hopped human humor hundred I idea imagine include indicate indoors insult intention inventor J jewel journey jungle K kneel knight knives L lately laughing laughter lead leaf leaves length library limb limit loaf loan lonely lumber M main male mammal manufacture matches mayor meadow measles medal memories message million misplace mistake mixed model moist months mountain movement N narrow nation nature neither nephew newspaper notebook notice noticed noun O office orphan ought ounce oven P paid painful pause pavement paws payment peaceful pearl peddle pepper period permit phone photograph pickle pillows pleasant pleasure plural point pole poll poor position possible postage pour powder powerful practice praise prejudiced prepare president product program promise protection prove providing pure puzzle Q quarter question quiet quietly quiz R rainy raise rarely reached receive relax rely remain remove repair repay repeat report represent rescued respect respond resulted rise rising ruin S salad sandal says scale scent schedule science seal search seems service settle shadow shelter shoes shower signal silk sincerely slippery snack soak soar socks softness solid somebody sour source south spider split spoiled sports sprang square squeeze stage stain stared station steak steal steam steel steep steer stir stomach stopping straighten style suggest suitcase sunset supply sure surprise surround sweater sweep swollen syllable syrup

tablet talent talking tasty teaspoon terrible terror textbook thirteen thoughtful thrown thunder ticket tissue tool topic tore tornado tour toward towel towns traffic trail treasure treatment trim tunnel turkey turned twice type U understood united unknown unless unusual upset useless V vacation valley value vicepresident view visit W watermelon wear weekend weigh weird welcome wherever whisper whoever whom whose wildlife windy within wives women wonderful worm worried worst wound wreck wrist X xray W warn Y yesterday yours

6th Grade Spelling List

abbreviation ability absence accept accidentally account achieve acquainted acreage activity addition addresses admire adult adventure advice afford agreement alter altogether ambulance amphibian amuse anchor ancient angle apartment appeared applaud apply appointment appreciate approach Arctic arithmetic artistic assignment Atlantic attract audience automobile autumn average avoid B bead beautifully beef beetle begins beliefs bench blown bough bound bows brain brief business C calm camped canyon capable capacity capitol career carefully caution cease cedar ceiling century cereal chains champion chapter choir civil clause cleanse clothes coarse collapse column combination combine comfortable compare compartment complain concentration concern conclude condition confuse connection consider consonant constitution contagious contain content contest continue contribute control conversation convince cooperation copies correct coupon cradle craft creative creature culture cupboard curb curious custom D dangerous decimal decision decoration delivery denominator dentist department depth descendant describe deserve dessert details determine dial digestion direction disastrous discriminate discussion distance distributed disturb division Dr dramatic dyed E eager earliest echoes educate effort eighteen electricity element elevator eleven emergency employer emptiness encyclopedia endurance enjoying enormous entire







especially etc examine example excellent exchange excitement exercise exit experience explore extend exterior F fairness faithfully farther fashion faucet feature fiction fierce fifteen fireproof following foolish forecast forehead foreign forgetting forgiveness forward fossil fourteen fraction freedom freight friction froze fuel funnel furnish further G galaxy garlic garment gaze gesture governor gracious graduation grateful grief grocery H hamburger handsome handy happiest happiness headache L ledge H heritage heroes higher hire history honorable horiz on humid hunger hyphen I identify ignore imagination importance improvement in dependence information ingredient injury inquire inspect instance instant instead instruct instruction instrument interesting intersection interview invention invisible invitation J jealous Jr junior K knowledge L language lawyer lecture legal liberty liquid loaves location luggage M magazine magnet major manager marriage material mature meaningful measure mechanic medical medicine mention method midnight minute mistaken misunderstand mixture modern monument mood motion Mr Mrs multiple muscle museum musical myth N napkin nationality natural negative neighborhood nineteen ninety noisy novel numerator O observe officer official operate opposite original outline P PS Pacific paragraph passenger patient pattern pears pedal penalty penguin percent performance personal petal phrase physical piano pledge plumber poem poet policy pollute pollution popular population positive potato potatoes prairie predict prefer preserve prevent preview principal private probably problem project property protective provide publish pumpkins purchase Q quote R radius raisin rapid ratio realize recently recycle reduce referred regular regulate regulation rehearse remarkable remind remote replacement replied reptile request require requirements rescue resident resources respectful rumor S safety sailor salute satisfy scientific scientist scissors selection senior sentence separately serious session shampoo shelves shorten shoulder silent simply sixteen sketch skillful slight solar sole solution solve spaghetti sparrow splinter steering storage strain strategy strength student subdivision subject subtract

success successful suffix suggestion sum support surface surrounded system T target telephone television theme themselves therefore thicken thousand threat tomatoes trait trophies tutor twelve twentieth twentyfive twentyone U underneath unite unload unlock usually V vacant vacuum validate variety vary vegetable vein verb violence vision void W wage warning washable waste wealthier weight wolves wondered workshop wrestle wrinkle Y yield

7th Grade Spelling List

abandon absorb abuse accent accident accompanied accomplishment accurate acquaint acquire acres activities acute adapt adaptation adequate adjustment administer admiration admit adolescent adopt advanced advantage advertise advertising advise advisory affect afterwards agility agricultural airconditioned aisle album algae allergies alligator allowance allowed amplifier analyze angels angles ankles anniversary announce antenna antique anybody apostrophe appeal appearance appendixes applesauce applied applying approval aquarium archeology argument arouse article assemble assembly assistance associate association assorted assume asthma astronaut atmosphere attain attendant attitude attraction auction authority authorize autograph automatic automotive awareness awkward B bacteria bakery bargain basis belief beneath benefit biannual bimonthly biography border boulder boundary bracelet brackets brilliant broccoli browse C cafeteria calendar calories campaign cancellation capital carelessness carpenter casher catalog celebrated challenge character chef chemistry circular circumference civilization collision commentary commercial committee communicate community commuter compete competition complement complication compliment composition comprehension conceal concert conclusion concrete conference confessed confidence conquer conscience conscious conservation considerable consideration construction continual contribution cooperate coordination courageous criminal criticism customer D data debt deceive decorations definite definition delicate demonstrate dependent descendent description detect detour develop diameter dictionary difference

disaster discourage discovery disease distress document domestic durable E easily ecology edition editor effect effective eliminate embarrass emotion encouragement engineer entertainment environment estimate evaporate examination exceptional exclamation exclude exhibit exist expensive explorer exposure external extinct extraordinary extreme F factor familiar fascinating fatigue fertilize flammable fluid forfeit forgery fortunate foundation frequent frustrated G generation genuine graduate grammar gravity guarantee gymnasium H heroic hesitate hibernate high S school H historian I icicles ideal ignite illogical imaginary imitation impress inaccurate incredible index individual inexpensive inflation inherit innocent inspire instructor intelligent interest interfere interference international interrupt interval introduction investigation invitations involvement irregular irresistible irrigation irritable isle J journal judgment jury K kernel kingdom L labeled lbs P pounds L league legible leisure lightning limited luxury M machinery magnificent maintain majority management manufacturer mattress measurement medium memorize memory merchandise merely messenger metric microphone microscope mileage miniature minor mischief modeling moisture monitor morale mosquito motorcycle mural muscular musician mysterious mystery N narrator national necessary nervous numerous nursery nutrition O objective obtain obvious occupation occur occurred omitted omitting operation opinion oppose opposition ordinary organize originality P palette parallel paralyze participate passersby patience patients pedestrian percentage permanent permission permitting persist personnel persuade phase poisonous political portrait possess practical precede precision preferred premium preparation presence pressure prevention principle proceed process profession prohibit pronounce pronunciation punctuate punctuation Q quality quantity quizzed quotation R reasonable receipt recipe recognize recommend record rectangle refrigerator reign relationship relief relieve remainder research reservation resign responsible restaurant revision rhyme rhythm

satisfying scholar sculpture secluded security seize senator sensitive separate serial severe shallow shatter sheriff shield signature significance silence similar sincerity situation smudge social soldier solemn southern specialty specific sponsor stability startle stationary stationery statue substitute subtraction succeeded summary summit summon superior supervision surgeon surgery surplus surrender survival suspension sustain symbol symphony T temperature territory theater thorough tomato tongue tournament tradition tragedy transferred transparent transport treasury triumph tropical tying U umbrella uncertain unfortunate uniform universal unnecessary urge V vaccinate valuable vanilla various vegetables version violation visible visualize vitamin vocabulary volcano W wealthy weapon wedding witness worthwhile wrapper