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FOUNDER PRESIDENTYOGESH KUMAR SAXENA, ADVOCATE HIGH COURT MEMBERSHIP SPONSER COMPAIGN BY Tejveer Singh Chaudhary, Advocate H.I.G.27, Neem Sarai, Allahabad Indias Spirit-Vibrant and self Rejuvenating is its intrinsic nature- let us begin its Voyage to a Future

1) Urban and Rural May not further reduce.- Price of Agriculture be Increased Proportionate to impute and out put like industrial Return at International Level 2) Let there be equitable Distribution of and adequate access to Energy and Quality Water. The solar Energy, Wind Generating Power Houses, Nuclear Energy and Purification of River Water with conservation of Rainy water by digging the tank in Barron land be top priority of our Govt. 3) Agriculture be declare as Industry. There should be Cultivation of land at Govt. Expenses as Land Reforms Act have Given the right of cultivation only to farmer and not the ownership. 4) The Service sector be result oriented and the concept of capital gain by reduce to need orientation with equitable Distribution of Property according to individual requirements 5) Temple and Dharmshala ( shelter Home) be used as Orphans property with free distribution of food , Shelter and Cloths and it may not be used for generating Money by superstitions and orthodox practices 6) Slaughtering of Animals at any religious places be punished as an offence and Animals may not be treated without compassionate aspect, as they are also the creation of God like Human Beings. 7) Education must be given as Job Oriented and the Macaulay pattern of education is draggery of Children. Let sports activities be included as the part of Education and Physical Training programme be made essential with separate Graduate and post graduation courses in Sports activities including diploma Certificates with other studies. 8) Social Discrimination be stopped and the financial contribution be given to every individual living below poverty line , if their children wanted to excel in any field of Indians prosperity. 9) A minimum amount of money as life security and non employment allowances be give to meet out financial hardship , subject to their participation in progressive undertaking meant for removal of garbage, Road obstructions, Water pollution and other eradication of other stagnation, nuisance, hoarding , food poisoning , and prevention of crime by administrating the Rule of Law in The Society and better discipline in living standard. 10) Foreigners visiting our Nation be given fool proof security and well being . Any act of grabbing them for monitory gain be dealt with in retributive manner with preventive measurements by compulsory detention of such criminals under National Security Act. 11) Lawyers be given highest place of dignity in every office as they are dealt with as officers of the Court, While spausing the cause of general public in every office. There must be a post of Public Lawyer, who may be held responsible for the complaint of people remained unattended. 12) Every use of Loudspeaker for recital of any verses of any

religion whatsoever, which may even purported to incline inconvenience to the members of others communities members be dealt with retributive punishment, in case such out raging may commit arson. Riots and other blockage on the public streets. 13) India must be best destination of our indigenous Products, Nutrients, natural medicinal quality of plants. Talented Scholars, like our ancient scientists Like Arya Bhatt, Diamantine and charka saints as the cure of ailments, not of their symptoms. 14) we must encourage foreign investor to boost our economy and Black money playing the role of parallel Economy should be weed out for illiterate masses to literate and to pacify the hunger of needy person 15) Conversion of ones Religion through deceptive manner be declare as Crime 16) There must be the implementation of uniform civil code 17) Prior to vest any property as wakf property, the authorship of monuments with the help of scientific method as disclose in the research of late Sri P. N. Oak be ascertained , as to find out whether we are getting the correct perceptions of history of our great nation. 18)We Must provide the best health care to our public, irrespective of his Status In Society. 19) We must deal with corruption with iron Rod and the governance of India be made accountable, instead of privilege orientation. Every crime be exposed at any stage. There may not be procedural lapses to hide such Crime. The public figure may be kept in rigorous Imprisonment. 20) Poverty eradicated, Crime dealt with iron hand, Black money , Hoarding be punished with imprisonment as it may become exemplar and eye opener, as society may accept it as bed bargaining power. 21)Adulteration of food articles and Narcotics and unpurified or duplicate medicine be dealt with death penalty. 22) Sustainable growth and future development be the utmost priority 23) Our Representation of people ready for contesting the election will be service to society and not the accumulation of wealth 24) Every Indian may feel proud of our leadership and hypocrisy and myuo of our previous leaders shall be exposed to the people as they may be awarded death sentences , even posthumously to expose truth from falsehood of the past misdeed. Then may have our proud of civilized heritage, our family oriented society and may become the leader of world on the foot steps of other superpowers. YOGESH KUMAR SAXENA, ADVOCATE HIGH COURT, NATIONAL ADVISER BHARTIYA JAN SANGH, STATE OF U.P. President, office, Chamber No. 139, High Court Allahabad, R/O H.I.G.203, Preetasm Nagar, Sulem Sarai, Allahabad



(A lecture given on the subject on Mediation Process and meditation (as administered in India) by undersigned Advocate, YOGESH KUMAR SAXENA(as Representative of Middle East Asia) at World Parliament Experiment in Bonn( Germany) on 25th feb. 2008)
What is mediation? This question may agitate your mind. Negotiation seldom works and litigation begins between parties. Mediation facilitated negations between two people. It is an integrated and distributed bargaining, when no individual meeting of mind are feasible. It is confidential and a non verbal communication of desire. It uses the language of silences. A desire for conveying the pre mediation option begins, as the functioning of the Courts are adversial in attitudes. The hostilities between people are more propounded. There is no method to control the behavior of litigants, except by observation of some indifferent attitudes of attachment with detachments. Society may play a prominent part in mediation. It may compel the parties to resolve the dispute, in case minor scuffle begins on the issues of wrong driving of vehicle by a cyclist. The people support the

version of the weaker side as they themselves belong to downtrodden class and they may have internal prejudice against the vehicle owner, but a mediator may have nothing against car owner or pedestrians, as he as a mediator has given up this carnal desire of internal prejudice by the passage of time of experiences. Mediator has to expose the unclear underlying core dispute of hostility. He has to break the Impasse. He has to gather information regarding reluctance. Than a trust is build and support start. He should control the command of process and find out an opportunity to suggest. In matrimonial disputes, one should study the problem underlying between the husband and wife. There is unrealistic situation of human behavior between man and woman. Man by nature is dominating to pacify his biological lust, while woman try to get a command over psychological sphere of trust, which she may seldom get out of the schedule of working partners. This is the betrayal of relationship. Those women, who are exertive in nature and are more adamant, may loose the battle. Similarly if the male partner is more authoritative, the family relationship may come to an end. Thus, we may identify the problem from this angle by reposing the confidence in both the sides. Sometimes, the business disputes are underlying beneath the curtains and a mediator has to tear out the veil and to expose the reality of the truth. They are adamant to resolve as they are unrealistic in their approach. A mediator has to listen to stake their claims. The first step is silence and to listen them patiently. The casting of the issues, designing a solution, negotiating with options, motivation, confidence, optimistic, artistic venture, inculcate mind, unrealistic expectations, proper analysis and flexibility by derivations to repose a faith in mediation instead of adjudication with uncertainty of the outcome to the parties may solve the problem of impasse between the litigants. One has to find out the problem first. People are in such a haste to resolve a dispute as they seldom identify problems and start fighting on non-issues based conflict. Sometimes, there is solution in the problem. One may have an art to identify it and to place it in correct prospective. Mediator has to build a golden beach with pure water to take a dip inside there and then they may live in one cottage. There is no scarcity of the product. One has to arrive to an agreement. Mediator has to exercise his wisdom with full creditability for his position. He should avoid fault finding tendency. After all, he is negotiating between two individuals. Men seldom control their periodical outburst. Let the parties may cry and blame each other. Mediator is a motivator to pacify them. Thus, the exchange of information gathered through negotiation must be hidden. One may provide an obstruction in the process of mediation and as such the dispute may resolve quickly in order to avoid obstruction in the process. Sometimes, break in the process is required by shuttle mediation. Confidence is the beginning of the trust otherwise the agreement of the minds of the parties may not arrive. The agreement may be efficient and capable of being enforced. Mediator may tender his apology, if required after indulging himself in the problem of the parties, without looking to the individuals. The body language and his optimistic attitude towards the eradication of the problem and personal warming of the parties by the mediator, like a mentor, may win their consent to an agreement. Even if he does not share with their views but problem must be appreciated. Second thought may be invited from the parties. The obligations to pay and repay must be encouraged on ethnic compulsion. Encouragement like recital of holy sermons of Gita by Lord Krishna, embracing rejection may be the guiding factor during mediation. It is not critics, who bound, credit is given to the man, who is in the arena to meet efforts. Mediation is the type of work, very challenging with responsibility for deliverance from a state of disharmony to the state of harmony. Mediation is rewarding in the skill of interactive workshop. It is a dispute resolution process. There is the difference between mediation and conciliation. It has got the

different pursuit then arbitration. In the process of conciliation, conciliator is viewed as authority and his discussion is limited to the tradition limited right. In arbitration there is no bargaining and he controls the out come of the dispute resolution process. There are the rules of evidence and burden of proof and enforcement of award. Thus mediation is better than conciliation and arbitration. The process of Mediation has got more independence and less interferences from other outside agencies having the transparency and self restriction upon the traditional Anglo- SaxonJurisprudence of strict observation of locus- standee and rigmarole of technicalities for adjudication of the dispute and since the decision arrived is of the parties within the periphery of permissible limit under due process of law, one feel better satisfaction towards performance of its functioning. After all litigants have their own choice in the matter of their selection of a Mediator. It is an identification of mind as an independent personality as the tenability to enter into harmony and oneness is resulting in mental and physical suffering. The sense of obstruction and disappointment may lead towards disintegration of society. Pessimistic approach, the energy gets deplete, object conscienceless leading to a state of starvation and ones Consciousness. Gita says he whose mind is not shaken by diversity, who does not hanker of the pleasure, and is free from attachment, that meets with everything good or bad, neither rejoices nor hates his wisdom is fixed. The crucial conditions are still having their predominating conditions in the legal profession. This is on account of their non- adaptability in the profession by such fundamentalist elements, which provide the top priorities to the conservative approach instead of liberal out look towards them. . The unfortunate, who have the better experiences towards the problems of life, are put to the disadvantageous situation. Justice is a virtue, which transcends all barriers in the way of administration of justice. The credibility of the judicial institution is founded upon the faith of the common man in its proper functioning. The law has to bend before justice. No court can restore the broken heart of the justice and he should provide such protection, which is necessary for them like dutiful parents. The decision may not be repugnant to the normal concept and the basic unit of the society may not be allowed to be influenced by immorality. Thus the ultimate responsibility is by enunciating the foundation of a system on which administration of justice may get the public confidence in our judicial system. The mind of a person have steady wisdom and he is not to distressed calamity, he is not affected by the afflictions arising form thunder, lightening, storm, flood etc., and fear arising from the venomous and ferocious. When he is pleased in an affluent condition, he does not long for sensual pleasures. The body with the controlled mind possesses pious understanding or evenness of mind. He does not rejoice in pain that may be fall on him. He has life or body as he identified self, being routed in the self. He will not praise any body when later does any good to him nor sensor any one when one does him any harm. For when a man thinks of objects, attachment form desire is born, from desire anger arises, form anger comes delusion, form dilution loss of memory, form loss of memory the destruction of discrimination, form distraction of discrimination, he perishes as he is swept away by impulse of passion and emotion and he will act irrationally. One has to abandon all desires in the world be free form attachment an latent impressions doing everything out worldly and thus playing ones part in the world. He has to cut the bond of attachment form all sides, by the sword of knowledge. He should to play with life and should be loyal to ideals and must spiritualist out his thoughts, emotions and actions. Soul require solitude, In order to get peace mind has to become calm. The physical existence must be free form all thoughts daily for sometime and furring the period of wisdom dawns. Thought mediation, one may study his true

and realise he as spirit of freedom, spirit of unity, spirit of immortality. Live in truth by becoming truthful; love all, for love is unity, by reflecting upon thought. The man bondage may perpetuate slavery, Beware of lust, greed, anger passion hatred, jealousy and the unlimited wants of five senses. They are enemies. There is no spiritual knowledge without love. Spiritual realisation automatically makes us love every body. Truth and universal love raise us to a spiritual status and we can see the divine life. This is the highest vision which comes when he realise God in his heart and surrender himself completely to him and there by wiping out his ego sense. Purity truth and Constant remembrance of God comes by practice and in pure mind otherwise passions will create havoc. Desire move the sense, Tapas cuts the senses and annihilates desires. Tapas. is worship meditations. Thus the path of spiritualism is meant for controlling the bondage of. In this manner there will not be required by thought control nor the restrictions can be imposed upon such individual who has given his oneself to the swept of impotent without feeling any discontentment by the swept of impulsive notions. This is required for the rectification of prevailing maladies in the society. I consider that these message is one of the best exercises to adopt in mind before attending the session of mediation. These glorious traditions may provide smooth function in process of mediation. what you are is gods gift you, What you become is your gift to god. The route you take depends on the decision you make. Keep in your mind-: (1) Is it the truth? (2)Is it fair to all concerned? (3) Will it build goodwill and better friendship? (4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?. In this process, one has to adopt these introspection in your Characteristics of human behavior.

1. The most selfish one letter word. i, avoid it. 2. The most satisfying two letter word. we use it. 3. The most poisonous three letter word. ego kill it. 4. The most used four letter word. love value it. 5. The most pleasing five letter word. smile keep it. 6. The fastest spreading six letter word. rumour stop it. 7. The working seven letter word. success achieve it. 8. The most enviable eight letter word. jealousy distance it. 9. The most powerful nine letter word. knowledge acquire it.
Sincerely yours Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Advocate, High Court, Allahabad Ex. Vice President, Advocates Association, Chamber No. 139,High Court Trained Mediator of the first batch of Mediation Team Registration No. 946 of 1974 ( U.P.Bar Council of Allahabad) Special Counsel in Ganga Pollution Matter. Executive Member, World Parliament Experiment (Bonn) Germany 22nd Feb. 7th March 2008

Yoga superior studies &meditation science technique, 4215 NW 7 Street, #34, Miami, FL33126
International conferences of Chief Justices of the World (Co Coordinators and Co- Organizers) at City Montessori School, Lucknow,, 0532-2637720, 2436451, 9415284843, 9792131584, Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)
08:55, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar wrote his book "Thoughts on Pakistan"
Immediately after Muslim League demanded Pakistan for Muslims and exchange of population In March 1940, Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar wrote his book "Thoughts on Pakistan" in which he criticized the Congress policy of 'appeasement' of Muslims, and advocated the policy of 'settlement' . As per Dr. Ambedkar, 'appeasement' sets no limits to the demands of aggressor. 'Settlement' does. Besides, appeasement increases aggressor's aggression. Accordingly, Dr. Ambedkar held that as a 'settlement' , creation of Pakistan would end constant appeasement. Besides, as a 'settlement' of Hindu-Muslim conflict, Dr. Ambedkar suggested that exchange of Hindu-Muslim population must accompany partition of India. But despite Dr. Ambedkar's counsel against appeasement, Congress kept on pursuing appeasement. In the 1945-46 elections, Muslims voted for the creation of Pakistan. And despite conceding Pakistan in 1947, Congress continues to cling to its policy of appeasement. A large majority of Indian Muslims who demanded Pakistan for Muslims and exchange of population on creation of Pakistan stayed back in India, and did not go to Pakistan. But with the creation of Pakistan in 1947, it was the permanent settlement of Hindu-Muslim problem in the sub-continent. Accordingly, appeasement must come to an end. Now or never Because of its surrender and inaction, India is being taken over by crores of Pak-Bangla infiltrators silently. Besides, countless Pak-Bangla terrorists are stalking all over India to strike at the time and target of their choice. Since drastic situations demand drastic remedies, all nationalist organizations and individuals must come together and force the government to act as follows: a. Terrorists must be crushed; not welcomed and embraced. Chanakya Neeti as also Sun-tzu's Art of War, and countless lessons of world history emphasize the crushing of enemies before enemies crush us. b. Let infiltrators be treated as invaders. And not as vote banks. c. Let Indian borders be sealed to prevent infiltrators from entering India. d. Let all Indo-Pak and Indo-Bangla road and rail journeys be discontinued. e. Let the Supreme Court's judgements be implemented and crores of Pak-Bangla infiltrators be deported. And their daily influx be curbed. f. And let Pak-Bangla design to destroy India and plant one more Islamic country on Indian soil be defeated. Here it is relevant to quote Sir Winston Churchill who deprecated the British policy of appeasement of Germany before outbreak of Second World War thus, "Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival."
As per Sir Winston Churchill, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile,

hoping it will eat him last". Though India is being devoured bit by bit every day by its tormentors, India continues to appease them. Poisonous politics of appeasement has crippled India and ravaged its body and soul. Genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir to be made refugees in their own country; frequent Pak-Bangla sponsored terrorist attacks on security forces, civilians and temples; continuation of Article 370 conferring a special status on Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir; infiltration of crores of Pak-Bangla nationals into India to create one more Islamic country on Indian soil represent the bitter harvest of this suicidal appeasement. Long legacy This hideous policy of appeasement started in 1921 when Mahatma Gandhi and Congress Party's support to Indian Muslims' demand for Khilafat (to install Sultan of Turkey as the Caliph) led to Moplah rebellion in 1921 in Malabar in which thousands of innocent Hindus were massacred by Muslims. And Hindus had nothing

to do with British policy towards Turkey. Sir C. Sankaran Nair (1857-1934), a former judge of Madras High Court has described horrors of Moplah rebellion in his book "Gandhi and Anarchy". But Mahatma Gandhi reportedly described Moplahs as "God fearing," who "are fighting for what they consider as religion, and in a manner they consider as religious." Persistent appeasement philosophy of Congress culminated in the Muslim League demanding Pakistan for Muslims in March, 1940, and creation of Pakistan in 1947 and eviction of Hindus and Sikhs from present-day Pakistan and Bangladesh. But even after 1947, same doctrine has guided successive Congress governments' actions. Only a few illustrations of such countless actions are given here. Congress government under Jawaharlal Nehru started "Haj subsidy" for Muslims in 1959 though such subsidy is anti-secular and though none of the 57 Muslim countries pays any such subsidy. And to placate Muslim uproar over Supreme Court's judgement in Shah Bano's case, the then Congress government passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986; and nullified the said judgement. And the same Congress which had rejected "Communal Award" in 1932 is now spearheading Muslim reservation in government jobs; and is sharing power with Muslim League which had demanded and got Pakistan. Besides, debunking nation's security, after regaining power in 2004, Congress government repealed Prevention of terrorist Activities Act (POTA) the way it had repealed Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) in 1995. Besides, to please pro-Pakistan elements, UPA government is planning to withdraw security forces from Kashmir. But the most vexatious outcome of this capitulation is the demographic and terrorist invasion of India. Demographic and terrorist invasion In their bid to demolish and dismember India, Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence, and its Bangladeshi counterpart are bent upon creating one more Islamic country on Indian soil for which they have illegally sent crores of their nationals into India. AASU leader Sarbananda Sonowal took the issue of Bangladeshi infiltration to Supreme Court. By its judgement dated July 12, 2005, Supreme Court struck down the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983 as unconstitutional; and termed Bangladeshi infiltration as "external aggression" and directed that "the Bangladesh nationals who have illegally crossed the border and have trespassed into Assam or are living in other parts of the country have no legal right of any kind to remain in India and they are liable to be deported." But instead of deporting the infiltrators, on Feb. 10, 2006, UPA government brought in the Foreigners (Tribunals for Assam) Order to nullify the apex Court's judgement. However, on December 5, 2006, Supreme Court quashed this Order also as illegal and unconstitutional, and called for a strict implementation of its earlier judgement dated July 12, 2005 "so as to ensure that illegal immigrants are sent out of this country." Shockingly, despite the Supreme Court's clear directions, no infiltrators have been deported by the government. Rather, thanks to UPA government's policy of soft borders, Pak-Bangla nationals are infiltrating into India every day changing the demographic map of various States in the country. We have rightly pointed out the dangers of lakhs of Hindus getting converted to Buddhism. I see it as part of the political movement to exterminate Hindus and Hinduism. Today's converts to Buddhism are potential Muslims and Christians to make them crusaders against Hindus and Hinduism. Sharing your observation, "The only way to rejuvenate and expand Hinduism is to convert willing non-Hindus to Hinduism", I have to say the following. There is a wide spread false notion among Hindu intellectuals and even the VHP activists that Hindu Dharma is a non-proselytizing religion, meaning Hindu Dharma does not permit a non-Hindu to join Hindu religion nor permits any outsider to merge in Hindu society. So much so that many ardent Hindu votaries believe that there is nothing like a Hindu religion and, so, the question of converting a non-Hindu to Hindu religion does not arise. They even go to > the extent of saying that noninstitutionaliz ing of Hindu Dharma is a great virtue and that an apex body of Hindu Dharma, (forgetting that we had one at Kashi up the medieval period), would make Hindu Dharma a dogmatic faith like Christianity or Mohammedanism. All the above

false notions emanate from Islamic and Christian propagandists. The dictionary meaning of religion is, "Belief
in, recognition of, or an awakened sense of a higher unseen controlling power or powers, (God or gods), with the emotion and morality connected with such rites or worship; any system of such belief or worship". When we say Hindu religion, it means Hindu belief in God (Parmeshwar) , soul, rites, way(s) of worship. There is a ten yearly census on the basis of 'Hindu religion' which alone proves declining Hindu majority in India. There is a separate set of civil laws applicable to Hindu religionists as distinct from Christians and Muslims. It is a different matter that Hindu Dharma is a wider term that includes all aspects of Hindu life, from birth to death. But, that can be said of Islam too. During the Mohammedan rule in the medieval period, not only a Mohammedan could not be taken into Hindu fold, one could not voluntarily give up his Mohammedan faith without inviting a death penalty to him and the converter. In all probability, the doors of Hindu Dharma and Hindu social orders had to be closed on the face of such a cruel Islamic regime which ruled on a large part of India for centuries together. Hindu Dharma had to freeze its mantra of K"rinvanto vishvamaaryam" , (Let us Aryanise the whole world, i.e., convert non-Vedics to Vedic faith & value system). Earlier, with this very mantra, Hindus had converted all Shakas, Huns, etc. who too came as invaders to Indian soil from foreign lands. The truth is that refusal of entry to a genuine seeker of salvation under Hindu Dharma and Hindu society is a self destructive sin. Our scriptural edict is "Atithi devo bhava", (a guest is an honourable person) and Vedic mantra, cited above, "Krinvanto vishwamaaryam" , is to bring non-Aryans of the whole world to Aryan, that is, Vedic or Hindu fold. Our religious preachers boldly say that Hindu philosophy is supreme and is the only panacea for world peace. Granted that, the question is,"What is the use of this panacea if it is forbidden to all those who need it but are not Hindus by birth?" New entries will surely bring fresh blood in the Hindu society which is essential for any growing religion or society for its longevity and good health. We are all victims of the existing degenerate Hindu

caste system. It is because, in numerous successive wars during the

first millennium of the Christian era, most of the real Brahmins and real Kshatriyas were either killed, forced to take up menial jobs or embrace Islam. When Shivaji in Maharashtra and Guru Gobind Singh rose against the tyrannical rule of the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb, they had to raise their armies largely out of the OBCs. They were given the status of Kshatriyas. No attempt was, however, made to make up the deficiency

of real Brahmins. Thus there is a great need of (i) admitting non-Hindus to Hindu Dharma and Hindu society and (ii) augment the ranks of true Kshatriyas and true Brahmins by promoting the OBCs, the Dalits and others on the basis of their ability and aptitude. Swami Dayanand and his Arya Samaj tried to remove the birth based caste system, replace it by actual merit of the person, and admit willing non-Hindus to Hindu Dharma, through a ceremony called, 'Shuddhi'. These, however, have had a limited success because other Hindu bodies either opposed it or sat quiet. There is thus a need to have immediately an apex Hindu religious body who should formulate a suitable simple ceremony or ceremonies to be followed uniformly by all Hindu religious bodies throughout India and abroad. And even before perpetrators of 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai could be

punished, Mumbai faced fresh blasts on July 11, 2006 in trains which claimed about two hundred lives. And these attacks are in the long line of attacks Bharat has suffered since Muhammad bin Qasim's Arab army's attack in 711. And such attacks continue to hammer India due to government's terrorist-friendly approach. 'Settlement' as against 'appeasement' Preceding unsigned comment added by
(talk) 08:58, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

[edit] 7 Valuable Messages For ours Life.

7 Valuable Messages For ours Life. It doesn't matter what people say about you.what is important is what You say to yourself. Every second you spend thinking about someone else's dream you take time away from your own. Every thing is done twice. First mentally ,then physically. The quality of Our thinking determines the quality of ur life. Nothing can beat u unless You beat yourself There are no mistakes in life , only lessons. The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. Preceding unsigned comment
added by (talk) 09:00, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

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