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Femi Qorri Akbar

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Exercise I

1. Psychology is studies the a activities of the individual and the science of human
2. Name some individual activities ?
3. - Motor activities like walking and speaking
- Cognitive activities like seeing, hearing, remembering.
- Emotional activities like feeling happy or sad
4. Yes, it’s, because activities is includes not only motor activities and emotional
activities, but also cognitive activities, like hearing.
6. The diffences between individuals cause of growth, learning, thinking and

Verb Passive
Infinitive Past Past Present
Participle Participle

Help Helped Helped Helping

Think Thought Thought Thinking
Begin Began Begin Beginning

Hal. 5

1. Attention 6. Emotional activity

2. Childhood 7. Investigate
3. Behaviour 8. Cognitive activity
4. Maturity
5. Motor activity
Hal. 8

1. Make his mind up

2. Fellowship
3. Fascinate
4. Conscious
5. Acquire
6. Dealing

Hal. 12

1. Cost 5. Is not being 10. A : Do you hear

2. Is beginning 6. Is fixing I am doing
Waning/Wears 7. Often tutors B : Belive, Are rubbing
3. Owns, Wears Helps A : Do you listen
4. Am looking Not Understand B : Rubs
Writing Working
Bices Look
Is scratching Looks
Stares 8. Having
Seems Have not
Is thinking 9. A: Stands
Do you think B : Talk you
Doing Wears
A: Don’t talk
B : Don’t Know
Don’t recognizing
Hal. 14

1. I had almosted
Was drive
Came , Steped
Just missed
2. were starring
3. Finally faound
Already been
Talked busing
Just that
4. A : Did you hear
B : Didn’t hear
Was thinking
5. I was waiting
6. She weared
7. Steped
Was running
Was stinging
8. A : you break
B : Sleped
Was Crosing
Hal. 21

1. Sympathized 11. discovered

2. Current 12. Observe
3. Suggestions 13. Process
4. Discussions 14. Negative
5. Intimidation 15. Eliminate
6. Naturally
7. Campliments
8. Prefect
9. Opnions
10. Graduating

Hal. 22 Hal. 26

1. sympathized 1. Address
2. Naturally 2. Accuse
3. Compliment 3. Purse
4. Discussions 4. Vowed
5. currently 5. Appetite
6. Prefection
7. Suggest
8. Discover
9. Intimidating
Unit 8 Exercise 5
1.people grow corn in lowa
Answer:corn is grown in lowa
2.peter came here two mounths ago.
Answer:peter came here two mounths ago.
3.somoene made this antique table in 1734.
Answer:This antique table was made by someone in 1734. accident happened at the corner of fifth and main.
Answer:an accident happened at the corner of fifth and main
5.somoene stole my purse
Answer:my purse stoled by someone
6.somoene was making the coffe when I walked into the kitchen
Answer:when I walked into the kitchen,the coffe was made by someone.
7.translators have translated that book into many languages
Answer:that book were translated by translators into many languages
8.jim’s daughter drew the son drew this picture.
Answer:that the picture was drew by jim’s daughter.this picture was drew my son.
9.the judges will judge the applicants on the basis of their originality
Answer:the applicants will be judged by the judges based on their originality sister’s plane will arrive at 10.35
Answer:my sister’s plane will arrive at 10.35. professor rivers teaching that course this semester.
Answer:is that caurse will be taught by professor rivers this semester.
12.when did someone invent the radio?
Answer:when was the radio invented by someone
13.the mail carrier had already delivered the mail by the time I left for school this
Answer:the mail was already delivered by the mail carrier by the time I left for
school this morning.
14.when is someone going to announce the results of the contest
Answer:when will the results of the contest be announ ced by someone
15.after the concert was over,hundreds of fans mobbed the rock music star outside
the theather
Answer:after the concert was over,the rock music star was mobbed by houndreds
of fans outside the theather.
16.ever since I arrived here,I have been living in the dormitory because someone
told me that it was cheaper to live there than in an apartement.
Answer:ever since I arrived here, I have been living in the dormitory because
someone told me that it was cheaper to live there than in an apartement.
17.they are going to build the new hospital next year.they have already built the
new elementary school.
Answer:the new hospital will be built them the new elementary school was.

Unit 10 exercise 6
1.she is a lot of friends(money)
She has a lot of friends,but she doesn’t have a lot of many
2.we paly a lot of sport(tennis)
We play a lot of sports,but we don’t play tennis
3.I lot of rice(potato)
I eat a lot of rice,but I don’t cos many potato
4.there were a lo of trees(grass)
There were a lot of tress,but there weren’t much grasses
5.He visited a lot of towns(park)
he visited a lot of towns,but he didn’t visait many people
6.the bought a lot of souvenirs(clothes)
They bought a lot af souvenirs,but they didn’t buy many otherts
7.I write of letters (report)
I write a lot of letters,but I don’t write many reports
8.they eat a lot of vegetables(fruit)
They eat a lot of vegetables,but tey don’t eat many fruits cook a lot of meat(fish)
You cook a lot of meat,but you don’t cokk much fish
10.he bought a lot of shirts(tie)
He bought a lot of shirts,but he didn’t buy many ties