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sale/mortgage is given a reduced fee from 2% to 0.01%, according to the cabinet on 4 Mar. 2008. Special business tax reduced


Unit Location 920 Unit No.: Building No.: Subdistrict: Ratchayothin District: Province: Chatuchak 26 Chantharakasem 26/12

Land Position Title Deed No.:

Floor No.:

Condo Name: Chateau In Town, Major Condominium Registration No.:

13/2551 Pahon Yothin 30 Bangkok Metropolis Estimated Space: Square Meters This Deed of Contract is made on the December , A.D. 2008 Bangkok Metropolis, Huai Khwang at the Provincial Land Office of Branch Chatuchak Branch Phraya Panich Property Co., Ltd. Between Mr. Suchart Kiatsinlapin, Seller Age 0 years Nationality: Thai , a child of No. District: Identification Number the person having ownership rights in the land and 0 0000 00000 00 0 and condominium unit 30/200 1 Chom Thong Province: Alley/Lane: Road: residing at House/Village: Subdistrict: Bangmod 16


day of

Putthabucha Prachauthit Village No.: Bangkok Metropolis Tel No.:


Mrs. Mayuree Chana-ngarm 31 And Age years

Identification Number 3 3416 00451 93 6 Buyer



, a child of No.

Mr. Chalerm Mrs. Boonriam 135 Kud Pladuk Tel No.: Alley/Lane:

residing at House/Village: Village No.: District: Province: 10


Mueang Amnat Charoen Amnat Charoen

085-130-4043 Both Parties have agreed to enter into this Contract as follows: 1. The Seller agrees to sell the Unit referred to above to the Buyer, Miss Mayuree Chana-ngarm in the amount of 2,087,889.00 Baht Baht Two Million Eighty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Nine Only 2. The Buyer agrees to purchase the Unit referred to in clause 1 from Phraya Panich Property Co., Ltd. 3. The Seller will take liability for any damage arising from a Unit defect for a period of not less than five years from the date of condominium registration and will rectify the same within thirty days from the date of notification by the Buyer of the same in writing. If the defect is the case where a remedial action must be taken urgently, the Seller will carry out the remedy promptly upon notified, failing which the Buyer is entitled to conduct the action either by itself or through a third party; provided that the Seller

agrees to indemnify for the damages from the same and expenses associated to such action.

4. Not being in arrears of any expenses pursuant to section 18 of the Condominium Unit Act B.E. 2522 (1979), and having had a Certificate of No Debt presented to the Condominium Juristic Person. This Deed of Contract is made in three counterparts of the

same contents, one for the Provincial Land Office, one for retaining by Phraya Panich Property Co., Ltd., and one by the Buyer, ngarm. (This copy is for the Buyer ) Both parties hereto have been aware, and taken full cognizance, of the contents herein contained, therefore subscribed their signature as evidence in the presence of the Competent Official. Miss Mayuree Chana-

Based on POA dated 15/12/08 Seller) IllegibleRepresenting

(Signed by

( Phraya Panich Property Co., Ltd. ) (Signed by Buyer) Illegible( Mrs. Mayuree Chana-ngarm ) Illegible) Illegible)

(Signed by Witness) ( Mr. Chatchai Kachen

(Signed by Witness) ( Mr. Panya Nonthawong

(Signed) -IllegibleMr. Somchai Chimkhueang Competent Official - OFFICIAL SEAL AFFIXED -

Signed: Illegible Writer Mr. Chatchai Kachen Verifier