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Answers to all these 101 Questions given below can be found at: 101-questions-answers-for-bank.html

Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD

03 October 2011
Dear Friend, The 2010 Edition of 101 Questions & Answers for Bank Promotion proved very popular and received good response from various quarters. Many questions that appeared in the previous edition are still relevant and I think most of them will be useful this year also. If you want to read the 2010 Edition, you can just click: HTTP://RAMAKRISHNAVADLAMUDI.BLOGSPOT.COM/2010/11/AN SWERS-JUMPLED-TO-101-INTERVIEW.HTML Now, the time has come for the 2011 Edition of 101 Questions. The questions are ready but not the answers. Now, Im trying to find answers for the questions. The answers will be uploaded on WWW.RAMAKRISHNAVADLAMUDI.BLOGSPOT.COM in the next few days, but not later than 08 October 2011. I wholeheartedly wish you all the best in your interview. With regards,

Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD 03 October 2011

Rama Krishna Vadlamudi

101 Questions 2011 Edition

1. What is the interest rate on banks savings bank deposit account? 2. Gold price has gone up several times recently. But why is it coming down now? 3. What are the reasons behind Indian rupees recent fall against US dollar? 4. Why is the US dollar gaining strength against other major currencies of late? 5. How may credit information companies are allowed to operate in India by RBI? 6. What is Indias GDP for 2010-11? 7. What are the present rates of CRR, SLR, Repo, Reverse Repo and others? 8. RBI had recently fined several banks for violation of foreign exchange derivatives norms. Which are the major banks? 9. What is Indias current account deficit? 10. What are the reasons for weakness in Indian stock markets since November 2010? 11. What are the strengths and weakness of Indian Economy as of now?

Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD 03 October 2011

12. What are CDS? 13. What is the capital adequacy ratio of our Bank? 14. What is SBIs BPLR? 15. What is our Banks quarterly profit in June 2011 quarter and why our net profit has come down? 16. What is SBIs Base Rate? 17. What is the Land Acquisition Bill and what are the important provisions? 18. What is our Banks net NPA percentage as at the end of June 2011? 19. What are the reasons for the economic and financial crises in the US and eurozone? 20. What is eurozone? 21. How is RBI controlling inflation in India? 22. Why are interest rates going up in India in the last two years or so? 23. What are Indias foreign exchange (forex) reserves? 24. What are the concerns being faced by banking industry in India? 25. What is an infrastructure debt fund (IDF)?

Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD 03 October 2011

26. Which bank has been awarded the Best Bank award by Business India magazine for 2011? 27. What are the provisions of the proposed National Food Security Bill? 28. What are currency options? 29. What are interest rate futures (IRFs)? 30. Whether nomination facility can be extended to deposits held by a bank in the name of a sole proprietary concern? 31. What is Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)? 32. What is the single operating monetary policy rate of the RBI? 33. Why is the Government of India borrowing an extra Rs 53,000 crore from the market during the second half of 2011-12? 34. The Standard & Poors has downgraded the credit rating of the US from AAA to AA+. Why? 35. What is a credit rating agency? 36. Why has the demand for unit-linked insurance policies (ULIPs) come down of late? 37. Are insurance companies permitted to sell policies online?


Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD 03 October 2011

38. Who is Indias Comptroller and Auditor General? 39. Who is Indias Finance Secretary? 40. How much can be invested by a resident Indian abroad? 41. Can banks charge pre-payment penalty charges for housing loans? 42. What is the share of agriculture in Indias GDP? 43. Since the beginning of this upward interest rate cycle that started in March 2010, how many times RBI has increased its Repo rate under LAF? 44. What are the salient features of the RBIs draft guidelines issued on 29 August 2011 for issue of new bank licenses in India? 45. How much can banks invest in liquid schemes of mutual funds? 46. Swiss National Bank has recently pegged its currency the Swiss Franc to a major currency. Which is the currency? 47. Who is the managing director of International Monetary Fund? 48. What is the name of associate which was merged with State Bank of India in July 2011? 49. What are the highlights of the draft Mining Bill? 50. Why did RBI penalize Citibank recently?

Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD 03 October 2011

51. With which country India faced problems relating to oil payments? 52. What is a self-help group (SHG)? 53. What is National Financial Switch? 54. How do you define a high net worth individual (HNI)? 55. What is solvency margin? 56. What is a warehouse receipt? 57. Why is it important to monitor end of funds after loan disbursals? 58. What is shadow banking? 59. What is an inflation-indexed bond? 60. Why did IRDA impose a penalty on SBI Life? 61. What are currency futures? 62. What is the minimum limit for sending remittance through RTGS facility? 63. What is FDI? 64. What is the objective of KYC guidelines? 65. What are semi-closed prepaid instruments?


Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD 03 October 2011

66. Why is the Government of India increasing fuel prices? 67. What is CERSAI? 68. What is NIM? 69. Why did RBI raise interest rate on SB deposits in May 2011? 70. Which Chinese bank has opened its first branch in India recently? 71. How much money can resident India transfer money as a gift out of India? 72. What is a green channel counter? 73. What is the loan to value (LTV) ratio for housing loans? 74. How do you define a small account? 75. Does RBI collect any service charges from banks for RTGS transactions? 76. What is credit risk? 77. What is a payment in due course? 78. What is the maximum percentage of voting rights in a private sector bank? 79. What are Gilt edged securities? 80. What factors determine interest rates?

Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD 03 October 2011

81. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY BUFFER STOCKS? 82. What is a Floating-rate Bond? 83. What is LAF? 84. What is Secondary Market? 85. What is Yield to maturity (YTM)? 86. What is Mezzanine Finance? 87. What is a dear money policy? 88. What is working capital? 89. What is a capital account? 90. Can an NRI be a joint accountholder in a residents SB account? 91. Can banks issue prepaid instruments to corporates? 92. What is time limit set by RBI for resolution of failed ATM transactions? 93. What is the limit for housing loan under priority sector? 94. What is the revised provision for sub-standard assets? 95. What is provisioning coverage ratio (PCR)?


Rama Krishna Vadlamudi, HYDERABAD 03 October 2011

96. Is it necessary that all nominations and cancellation/variation of nominations are required to be witnessed? 97. Can an exporter liquidate the post-shipment rupee export credit from rupee resources? 98. What is CAFRAL? 99. What are the mobile banking services offered by banks? 100. What is Swavalamban Scheme? 101. Whether Aadhaar letter issued by the UIDAI is valid under KYC Norms?

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