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(New) Debates on Belonging
Hosted by

The Graduate Center Immigration Working Group

The Graduate Center—City University of New York
Friday, October 14, 2011

The Graduate Center Immigration Working Group 365 Fifth Ave New York, New York 10016

(New) Debates on Belonging
The Graduate Center—City University of New York

Starting at 8:15 a.m.

Registration (ROOM 6112)
8:45 a.m.—10:15 a.m.

Session I

Music and Art (ROOM 9206)
Discussant: Dr. Mary Taylor Naomi Leah Strum: Lo haces un poco así y switch: Carving out New Spaces in a Cosmopolitan Cultural Economy Alison Mc Letchie: Taking the Plunge: The Experience of Recent Immigrants in New York Samuel Byrd: El Sueño Gris: Music and Politics in Latino Charlotte Danielle Goonan: The Remix: Immigrant Experiences and the Question of Integration within Hip-Hop Culture

Refugees and Asylum Seekers (ROOM 9207)
Discussant: Dr. Holly Reed Sweta Madhuri Kannan: Exploring Experience: Pakistani Asylum Seekers in the UK Bernadette Ludwig: ―Little Liberia‖: A Place of Refuge in Staten Island Melissa Alvarenga: The Salvadoran Diaspora: A Comparative Perspective Bogumil Terminski: Development Induced Displacement: Theoretical frameworks and Current Challenges. 10:30 a.m.—11:15 a.m.

Keynote Address (ROOM 6112)
Dr. Richard Alba
The Graduate Center—City University of New York

(New) Debates on Belonging
The Graduate Center—City University of New York

11:30 a.m.—12:30 p.m.

Lunch (ROOM 6112)
12:45 p.m.—2:15 p.m.

Session II

Social and Economic Networks (ROOM 9206)
Discussant: Dr. Maritsa Poros Richard Turner: Hispanic In-migration and Economic Outcomes in Rural Destinations Virginia Tangel: First-Generation Immigrant Communities: An Egocentric Network Profile Geoffrey Schwarz: Formation of commercial sex networks among migrant sex workers in South Texas NaLette M. Brodnax: Mexican Migration, Acculturation, and the Decision to Remit Leander Kandilige: Socio-economic inequalities, migration experiences and development outcomes in sending communities

Boundaries and Assimilation (ROOM 9207)
Discussant: Dr. Peter Kwong Jessica Sperling: The Contextual Basis of Difference: A Comparative Study of Perceived Social Boundaries in Diverse Receiving Societies Tina Shrestha: The everyday immigrant-integration: Nepali refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers in New York City Kerstin Duemmler: The assimilation paradigm in processes of boundary work between ‗natives‘ and ‗foreigners‘ in Switzerland Sun Kim: The Strategies of Immigrants in New York City: Four Configurations of Assimilation and Political Participation

(New) Debates on Belonging
The Graduate Center—City University of New York

2:30 p.m.—4:00 p.m.

Session III

Immigration and Europe (ROOM 9206)
Discussant: Dr. Nancy Foner Elitsa Molles: The Myth of Belonging: The Experience of Polish Workers in Dublin Marta Burgos Gonzalez: Building Intercultural Cities in Catalonia Elan Jones: The Great Divide: Understanding the Disconnect Between Migrant Perceptions and Realities of Target Destinations Erik Vickstrom: Complex Trajectories of Irregularity among Senegalese Migrants in Europe

Family and Gender (ROOM 9207)
Discussant: Dr. Naomi Spence Saideh Saidi: The impact of civil society on the situation of migrant women in Canada Paoyi Huang: Wife or Slave? Chinese Immigrant Brides‘ Lives in Taiwan Anna Jaysane-Darr: Reproducing Citizens in America Sebastián Ramírez Hernandez: Love in the Times of La Migra: Marriage as Legal Conundrum and Immigrant Opportunity

(New) Debates on Belonging
The Graduate Center—City University of New York

4:15 p.m.—5:45 p.m.

Session IV

Education (ROOM 9206)
Discussant: Dr. Philip Kasinitz Danielle Grigsby: Dimensions of Difference: Developing an Anti-oppressive Approach to Services for Refugees and Immigrants with Disabilities Diana Budur: The Myth of ―Real Gypsies‖ – Case study of Rroma and Calon subgroups in Brazil Cassie DeFillipo: Learning to Cope: The U.S. Educational System‘s ability to serve resettled African refugee youth who have experienced trauma Raluca Bejan: ―Policy without Practice‖: Barriers to Enrollment for Non-Status Immigrant Students in Toronto Catholic Schools. Fatma Rebeggiani: Study Motivations of Second Generation Immigrant Youth in Germany

Immigration Policy and Undocumented Immigrants (ROOM 9207)
Discussant: Hector Cordero-Guzman Julia Gelatt: Legal Status and the Health and Well-Being of Children of Immigrants Kelly James: Trends in Immigration to the United States from the Middle East and North Africa since 2001 Luis E. Torrens: Protocol Development for the Standardization of Identification and Processing of Undocumented Border Crossers‘ Bodies along the U.S.-Mexico Border Bilesha Weeraratne: A Micro Data Based Approach to Identify Unauthorized Immigrant in USA Paul Lagunes: Documenting the Undocumented: A Review of the United States‘ First Municipal I.D. Program