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The Bermuda Triangle, sometimes known as the Devil's Triangle, is a 1.5-million-square-

mile (4,000,000 kms) area of ocean roughly defined by Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the
southern tip of Florida. Some believe paranormal events occur in this region, in which the
laws of physics no longer apply. Though these occurrences remain an enigma, something
kind of electromagnetic anomaly does occur in this region which has affected ships and
airplanes for centuries. One can only speculate based on reported events.

Major planetary grid points include the Bermuda Triangle. 1/1/2008
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Located on the 80th degree longitude, the Bermuda Triangle is one of the two areas on
Earth where a compass will point at true north rather than magnetic north. This compass
variation can be as much as 20 degrees, enough to throw one catastrophically off course.
The other is the Devil's Sea.

Devil's Sea - Devil's Triangle - Dragon's Triangle

The Devil's Sea is classified by many as having the same paranormal effects is Bermuda
Triangle. It is located in a region of the Pacific around Miyake Island, about 100 km
south of Tokyo. Although the name is used by Japanese fishermen, it does not appear on
nautical maps. In popular culture, especially in the United States, the Devil's Sea is
widely believed to be, together with Bermuda Triangle, an area where ships and planes
particularly often disappear mysteriously. The Japanese, on the other hand, do not
consider the Devil's Sea to be any more mysterious or dangerous than other coastal
waters of Japan.

Contrary to several claims, neither the Devil's Sea nor the Bermuda Triangle is located on
the agonic line, where the magnetic north equals the geographic north. The magnetic
declination in this area is about 6 . As is the case with all things mysterious, there are
many theories regarding the Devil's Sea. One of the most prominent is that there is a large
amount of volcanic activity around the area, and an underwater volcano could obliterate a
ship without a trace. 1/1/2008
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Electronic Fog

Many people have reported seeing portals opening in cloudy skies - strange swirling
lights sometimes accompanied by sounds - temporal distortions - electromagnetic
distortions called 'electronic fog' that can cause a time storm, and the disappearance of
planes and ships. There is something about this fog that is important and gives one the
sense of all things paranormal. Something unexplained is definitely happening in that
region of the Atlantic. This goes back to ancient explorers such as Christopher Columbus
and his crew who experienced the phenomenon.

Columbus and the Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso Sea is located in the east side of the triangle in the middle of the Atlantic. It
houses a few small islands and masses of clumped floating seaweed. A warm water
current within it swirls clockwise, affecting the weather of the area, keeping it calm and
steamy. Having little wind, this area greatly affects unpowered ships. 1/1/2008
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Christopher Columbus wrote in his diary about this sea. In fact, it so fooled his crew that
it almost led them to mutiny. There exists the possibility exists of never leaving this
legendary sea, he wrote. Another fascinating feature he noted is its ability to draw things
in from all over the Atlantic. Some even claim it to be the "catch-basin" of the Atlantic.

Columbus' crew was greatly disappointed when seaweed and land birds were sighted, but
after a few days no land was to be seen. Soon after, Columbus wrote, My compass acts
strangely. I will not report this to my crew because of their deep superstitions about the
area. Days later, Columbus saw a large meteor fall from the sky. He wrote, A large ball
of light has fallen from the sky. It is unsure whether he mentions this occurrence in awe,
because of its great size, or in fright. Later on their journey, in that area, Columbus and
several of his crew members sighted unexplained dancing lights on the horizon. They
wandered around for over a week before finally sighting land.

Glowing Water

Aerial photos taken in 2005 show the phenomenon of glowing water. Whatever causes
this phosphorescence to vent up from the Bahama Bank bottoms - if that is its cause -
remains a mystery.

The Triangle's location in the Caribbean makes it subject to unpredictable weather

patterns. This takes us to Earth changes and the excalation of intense hurricanes in 2005
with more to come in the years ahead.

These weather extremes prey on inexperienced navigators and smaller boats and planes.
Water spouts, sudden electrical and thunder storms, and the like, can cause havoc in the
area. The Gulf Stream can also be brutal in that region and perhaps has swept away
evidence of natural disasters.

Naming the Devil's Sea and the Bermuda Triangle

The first mention of any disappearances in the area was made in 1950 by E.V.W. Jones 1/1/2008
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as a sidebar on the Associated Press wire service regarding recent ship losses in the area.
Jones' article notes the mysterious disappearances of ships, planes and small boats in the
region, and ascribes it the name "The Devil's Sea."

It was mentioned again in 1952 in a Fate magazine article by George X. Sand, who
outlined several strange marine disappearances.

The term "Bermuda Triangle" was popularized by Vincent Gaddis in a 1964 Argosy

The area achieved its fame largely through the efforts of Charles Berlitz in his 1974 book
The Bermuda Triangle. The book consists of a series of recountings of mysterious
disappearances of ships and aircraft, in particular, the December 1945 loss of five U.S.
Navy Avenger torpedo bombers, known as Flight 19.

The saga of Flight 19 started on December 5th, 1945. Five Avenger torpedo bombers
lifted into the air from the Navel Air Station at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 2:10 in the
afternoon. It was a routine practice mission and the flight was composed of all students
except for the Commander, a Lt. Charles Taylor.

The mission called for Taylor and his group of 13 men to fly due east 56 miles to Hens
and Chicken Shoals to conduct practice bombing runs. When they had completed that
objective, the flight plan called for them to fly an additional 67 miles east, then turn north
for 73 miles and finally straight back to base, a distance of 120 miles. This course would
take them on a triangular path over the sea.

About an hour and a half after the flight had left, a Lt. Robert Cox picked up a radio 1/1/2008
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transmission from Taylor. Taylor indicated that his compasses were not working, but he
believed himself to be somewhere over the Florida Keys (the Keys are a long chain of
islands south of the Florida mainland). Cox urged him to fly north, toward Miami, if
Taylor was sure the flight was over the Keys.

Planes today have a number of ways that they can check their current position including
listening to a set of GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) in orbit around the Earth. It is
almost impossible for a pilot to get lost if he has the right equipment and uses it properly.

In 1945, though, planes flying over water had to depend on knowing their starting point,
how long and fast they had flown, and in what direction. If a pilot made a mistake with
any of these figures, he was lost. Over the ocean there were no landmarks to set him

Apparently Taylor had become confused at some point in the flight. He was an
experienced pilot, but hadn't spent a lot of time flying east toward the Bahamas which
was where he was going on that day. For some reason Taylor apparently thought the
flight had started out in the wrong direction and had headed south toward the Florida
Keys, instead of east. This thought was to color his decisions throughout the rest of the
flight with deadly results.

The more Taylor took his flight north to try to get out of the Keys, the further out to sea
the Avengers actually traveled. As time went on, snatches of transmissions were picked
up on the mainland indicating the other Flight 19 pilots were trying to get Taylor to
change course. "If we would just fly west," one student told another, "we would get
home." He was right.

By 4:45 P.M. it was obvious to the people on the ground that Taylor was hopelessly lost.
He was urged to turn control of the flight over to one of his students, but apparently he
didn't. As it grew dark, communications deteriorated. From the few words that did get
through it was apparent Taylor was still flying north and east, the wrong directions.

At 5:50 P.M. the ComGulf Sea Frontier Evaluation Center managed get a fix on Flight
19's weakening signals. It was apparently east of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. By then
communications were so poor that this information could not be passed to the lost planes.

At 6:20 a Dumbo Flying Boat was dispatched to try and find Flight 19 and guide it back.
Within the hour two more planes, Martin Mariners, joined the search. Hope was rapidly
fading for Flight 19 by then. The weather was getting rough and the Avengers were very
low on fuel.

The two Martin Mariners were supposed to rendezvous at the search zone. The second
one, designated Training 49, never showed up. 1/1/2008
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The last transmission from Flight 19 was heard at 7:04 P.M. Planes searched the area
through the night and the next day. There was no sign of the Avengers.

Nor did the authorities really expect to find much. The Avengers, crashing when their
fuel was exhausted, would have been sent to the bottom in seconds by the 50 foot waves
of the storm. As one of Taylor's colleagues noted, they didn't call those planes 'Iron
Birds' for nothing. They weighed 14,000 pounds empty. So when they ditched, they went
down pretty fast.

What happened to the missing Martin Mariner? The crew of the SS Gaines Mill observed
an explosion over the water shortly after the Mariner had taken off. They headed toward
the site and there they saw what looked like oil and airplane debris floating on the
surface. None of it was recovered because of the bad weather, but there seems little doubt
this was the remains of the Mariner. The plane had a reputation as being a 'flying bomb'
which would burst into flame from even a single, small spark. Speculation is that one of
22 men on board, unaware that the unpressurized cabin contained gas fumes, lit a
cigarette, causing the explosion.

So how did this tragedy turn into a Bermuda Triangle mystery? The Navy's original
investigation concluded the accident had been caused by Taylor's confusion. Taylor's
mother refused to accept that and finally got the Navy to change the report to read that
the disaster was for "causes or reasons unknown." This may have spared the woman's
feelings, but blurred the actual facts.

The saga of Flight 19 is probably the most repeated story about the Bermuda Triangle.
The planes, and their pilots, even found their way into the science fiction film classic,
'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.'

Where is Flight 19 now?

In 1991 five Avengers were found in 600 feet of water off the coast of Florida by the
salvage ship Deep Sea. Examination of the planes showed that they were not Flight 19, 1/1/2008
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however, so the final resting place of the planes, and their crews is still the Bermuda
Triangle's secret.

Kusche's Research

Intrigued by the number of students coming to him looking for information about the
Bermuda Triangle, Lawrence Kusche, a reference librarian with Arizona State University
at the time of the "Flight 19" incident, began an exhaustive follow-up investigation of the
original reports. His findings were eventually published in 1975 as The Bermuda
Triangle Mystery: Solved.

Kusche's research revealed a number of inconsistencies between Berlitz's accounts and

statements from eyewitnesses, participants, and others involved in the initial incidents.
He noted cases where pertinent but late-arriving information went unreported. The Berlitz
book included the disappearance of round-the-world yachtsman Donald Crowhurst as a
mystery, despite clear evidence that Crowhurst had fabricated the accounts of his voyage,
and that his diary strongly suggested he had committed suicide. An ore carrier Berlitz
recounts as lost without trace three days out of an Atlantic port was actually lost three
days out of a port of the same name in the Pacific Ocean. Kusche argues that a large
percentage of the incidents attributed to the Bermuda triangle's mysterious influence
actually occurred well outside it.

Kusche came to several conclusions:

With this area being one of the heaviest ship- and airplane-traveled areas in the world, the
proportion of losses was no greater than anywhere else.

In an area with frequent tropical storms, the total disappearance of some ships was
not unlikely or mysterious, and the number of such disappearances was exaggerated
by sloppy research, when a missing boat would be reported in the press, but not its
eventual return to port.

In actual disappearances, the circumstances were frequently misreported in the

Bermuda Triangle books: the number of ships disappearing in supposedly still, calm
weather did not jibe with press weather reports published at the time.

Methane hydrates

An explanation for some of the disappearances focuses on the presence of vast fields of
methane hydrates on the continental shelves. A paper was published by the United States
Geological Survey about the appearance of hydrates in the Blake Ridge area, offshore
southeastern United States, in 1981. Periodic methane eruptions are capable of producing
ship-sized bubbles, or regions of water with so much dissolved gas, that the fluid density
is no longer capable of providing adequate buoyancy for ships to float. If this were the 1/1/2008
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case, such an area forming around a ship could cause it to sink almost directly and
without warning. Experiments have proven that a methane bubble can indeed sink a ship
by decreasing the density of the water.

Methane gas can also crash planes. The less dense air causes planes to lose lift. Also, the
altimeter of planes (the instrument that measures the altitude) functions on the density of
air. Because methane is less dense, the altimeter assumes the plane is climbing. Planes at
night or in the clouds, where they can't see the ground, assume that they are climbing and
dive, causing them to crash. Also, methane in the engine throws off the mix of fuel and
air. Aircraft engines burn hydrocarbons (gasoline or jet fuel) with oxygen provided by the
air. When the ambient oxygen levels drop, combustion can stop, and the engine stalls. All
of these effects of methane gas have been shown experimentally.

Freak Wave Theory

Research has shown that freak waves up to 30 m (100 feet) tall, capable of sinking the
largest ships within moments, can and do happen. Although these are very rare, in some
areas ocean currents mean they happen more often than the norm. Such waves have now
been hypothesized as a cause for many unexplained shipping losses over the years.

The book was a best seller, and many interested readers offered theories to explain the
nature of the disappearances. The list includes natural storms, transportation by
extraterrestrial technology, high-traffic volumes (and correspondingly high accident
rates), a "temporal hole," the lost Atlantis empire from the bottom of the ocean, and other
natural and supernatural causes.

- Additional Notes Wikipedia

Paranormal Theories

Atlantis - Edgar Cayce

In 2005, as part of a Sci Fi Channel documentary on the Bermuda Triangle, researcher

David Childress explored underwater artifacts called the Scott Stones which he and
others believe is linked to Atlantis - one of its locations being the heart of the Bermuda
Triangle. No one is certain what the 'stone looking' formations are. Chisel marks would
have to be found for them to be determined as manmade, not to mention dating their age.

Edgar Cayce said that the Bahama Banks were the last part of Atlantis to sink, and the
last place where these glorious advanced electromagnetic machines went below the
ocean. He prophezied that elements of Atlantis would rise in 1968 and 1969. The Bimini
Wall or Road was discovered off the coast of Bimini in 1968. 1/1/2008
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The electromagnetic anomalies in the area, Childress states, are linked to advanced
technologies under the water in the Bermuda Triangle that are still active.

This goes to ancient mysteries, and perhaps ancient astronauts, about powerful Atlantean
crystal technology developed being buried beneath the ocean floor when Atlantis sank
into the sea due to cataclysmic events over 10,000 years ago.

Dr. Raymond's Brown's alleged experience

In 1970, Dr. Ray Brown, a naturopathic practitioner from Mesa, Arizona, went scuba
diving with some friends near the Bari Islands in the Bahamas, close to a popular area
known as the Tongue of the Ocean.

During one of his dives, Brown became separated from his friends and while searching
for them he was startled when he came across a strange pyramid shape silhouetted against
the aquamarine light.

Upon investigating further, Brown was surprised by how smooth and mirror-like was the
stone surface of the whole structure, with the joints between the individual blocks almost

Swimming around the capstone, which Brown thought might have beenmade of lapis
lazuli, he discovered an entrance and decided to explore inside. Passing along a narrow
hallway, Brown finally came to a small rectangular room with a pyramid-shaped ceiling.
He was totally amazed that this room contained no algae or coral growing on the inner
walls. In addition, though Brown had brought no torch with him, the area was well lit by
an unknown source.

Brown's attention was drawn to a brassy metallic rod three inches in diameter hanging
down from the apex of the center of the room and at its end was attached a many-faceted
red gem, which tapered to a point. Directly below this rod and gem, sitting in the middle
of the room, was a stand of carved stone topped by a stone plate with scrolled ends. On
the plate there was a pair of carved metal bronze-colored hands, life-sized, which
appeared blackened and burnt, as if having been subjected to tremendous heat.

Nestled in the hands, and situated four feet directly below the ceiling rod gem point, was
a crystal sphere four inches in diameter. Brown tried to loosen the ceiling rod and red
gemstone but neither would budge. Returning to the crystal sphere, he found, to his
amazement, that it separated easily from the bronze hand holders. With the crystal sphere
in his right hand he then made his way out of the pyramid. As he departed, Brown felt an
unseen presence and heard a voice telling him never to return.

Fearing, rightly, that his unusual prize might be confiscated as salvage-treasure by the
American Government, Dr. Brown did not reveal the existence of his strange crystal 1/1/2008
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sphere, nor did he relate his experiences until 1975, when he exhibited his crystal for the
first time at a psychic seminar in Phoenix.

Since that time, the crystal sphere has made only a very few public appearances but on
each occasion people who have seen it have experienced strange phenomena directly
associated with it.

Deep inside the crystal form, one gazes upon three pyramidical images, one in front of
the other, in decreasing sizes. Some people who enter a deep meditative state of
consciousness are able to discern a fourth pyramid, in the foreground of the other three.

Reality is metaphoric. 3 or pyramid = third dimension. 4 = time. The colors red and
brown symbolize the physical plane. Electrical - reality is created by electromagnetic

Perhaps the positions of the three pyramidical images in the crystal sphere hold the long-
sought key to finding a fourth, as yet unfound. Looking at the crystal sphere from the
side, the internal images dissolve into thousands of tiny fracture lines. Brown felt that
these may prove to be electrical in nature, like some form of microscopic circuitry. From
yet another angle, and under special conditions, many people have been able to see a
large single human eye staring out serenely at them. Photographs of this eye have
allegedly also been taken.

Elizabeth Bacon, a New York psychic, claimed, while in trance, that the crystal sphere
had once belonged to Thoth, the Egyptian God who was responsible for burying a secret
vault of knowledge in Giza, near the three great Pyramids.

This theory at best is metaphoric in content, but the archetypes of pyramids, crystals, the
ocean, Thoth [the scribe of our reality] and the Emerald Tablets, alchemy and other
related files on Crystalinks, can help explain the metapohoric content of Brown's
experience and perhaps some of your drams and visions.

Metaphors :: Rays = sun, sun gods, the eye - and on and on we go until one understands
the nature of our reality as a virtual experience created through the mathematical
blueprint called Sacred Geometry that repeats in cycles - spiral loops of consciousness
called 'time' that is about to shift in frequency.

This links with current Earth changes across the planet.

Is there a core crystal - generating power to manifest our grid program in physical
reality? Does it link to secrets hidden beneath the Great Pyramd and Sphinx - [chambers
and caves are archetypes for the mind that experiences virtually] - crystals in time - the
alleged hidden akashic records of our experience in third dimension - the core crystal
about to burn out at which time our grid program evolves to higher frequency - and 1/1/2008
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related theories that help humanity awaken to the nature of its creation?

One can only imagine discovering Atlantean technology, such as those found in the TV
series 'Stargate Atlantis' - and learning the secrets of the Atlanteans - which - if they did
exist in our physical reality - or perhaps a parallel grid that merges into ours - would
bring answers sought after by alchemists through time. How ironic would it be to
discover the fall of Atlantis as our reality sinks into the 'sea' of consciousness.

Comet Theory

The Comet Theory proposes that a comet, of unknown composition, crashed to Earth
11,000 + years ago and embedded itself in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, beneath the
ocean floor. If such an object exists there, it could still possess electromagntic properties
that we don't entirely understand causing the anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle. 11 goes
to metaphors about 11:11 and 12 Around 1.

Conspiracy Theory and Government Cover-ups - AUTEC

The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center is allegedly located in the Bermuda
Triangle and is sometimes called Underwater Area 51. This US Navy Research Center is
a top-secret facility whose exact mission statement is not known to the general public. No
one is allowed to visit there or film in or near the facility. Conspiracy theorists suspect
they make have created or reproduced these electromagnetic anomalies.

This theory takes the viewer to the events of the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 - rips in
space-time in the Atlantic region - government secret projects and more.

Could UFO activity - witnessed by millions across the planet

be the explanation of the Bermuda Triangle 1/1/2008
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linked to the area as a vortex, if you will

indwells and outwells for space travelers, since the beginning of time?

Skeptical Responses

Critics have charged that Berlitz, and others have exaggerated the "mysterious" aspects of
some cases (Berlitz himself did not advocate any supernatural explanation), and argue
that the Bermuda Triangle sees no more "disappearances" than any comparable area of
the oceans. Of note, Lloyd's of London has determined the "triangle" to be no more
dangerous than any other piece of the ocean, and does not charge unusual rates of
insurance for passage through the area. Coast Guard records confirm this.

It is said that within this area a number of ships and planes have disappeared under highly
unusual circumstances. The United States Coast Guard and others disagree with the
assessment of paranormal activity, arguing that the number of incidents involving lost
ships and planes is no larger than that of any other heavily traveled region of the world.

Skeptics comment that the disappearance of a train between two stops would be more
convincing evidence of paranormal activity, and the fact that such things do not occur
suggests that paranormal explanations are not needed for the disappearance of ships and
airplanes in the far less predictable open ocean. 1/1/2008
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