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Current work development The journey thus far is as follows. The splicing of a human and centipede is a topic that has been emulated in a rather peculiar fashion. The gene splice process is one that has not been done properly in that respect so it's must be up to me to right the wrongs of a certain franchise. The first thing I set in stone is my knowledge of anatomy. This is a basis to what I'll be setting half of my final piece on. So here are studies I have put together that work from muscle to flesh.

I continued the study of the human body on other aspects that I ave struggled on. The hands and feet are incredibly difficult and will not always go to plan. Now, however, I can move with a little more confidence than before. Here are the study sheets.

The next thing to do, I should imagine, would be to gain understanding of the creature that I am going to be inexplicitly joined to. For this I set up a make-shift Inspiration map. This allowed me to gather images of my creature onto a stand alone sheet and work from the one instead of the many. From there the only thing left to do is produce a sketch to show my understanding of the creature, this following images will illustrate.

This brings up to my current stage. The splice begins. There are many directions I can go with this and I'm trying out as many as I can. The main trap I fell into was either the centaur approach of the Hero/Protagonist approach. Though the aesthetics are appealing, this is not what I'm being asked to do. Here are examples:

I do love these design paths but I must go must deeper. Further within. I will blur the contrasts of the transitions, in doing so moving away from body horror and towards a new creation. External Reference (OGR):

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Hands Feet

Centipede Exo

Inspiration Skeleton




Essay Preface
Just a quick preface before I commence with the essay. The topic of the essay is one that I had trouble with and from conversation with my creative partner and other students I realised that my confusion was largely due to my over complication of what the brief was asking me to do and my obliviousness to the path that was already set out for me. So without further ado here is my third, and hopefully last, attempt at this introduction.

Essay Introduction
This essay is an investigation into the concept of human to animal metamorphosis and hybridisation. This essay will address the matter from the perspective of what it is to be human. The sources used in this essay will consist of extracts from the 'Book of Genesis' from The Bible (NIV). This will give us a differentiation between man and beast and give a definition of Humanity. Then to explore the topic in more depth a counter argument will be drawn by David Chronenberg's The Fly (1986) to ask the question from another perspective. These two sources will be the main points of reference that will be used. Beginning with Creation to define humanity and the reasons for the definition. Then moving on to the 1980's film in order to give rise to a question of what appears to be a hole in the fore mentioned definition. From there both arguments will be fleshed out respectively. Finally a conclusion will be drawn with a summary of the arguments and the final verdict.

Bibliography The Bible, New International Version, 1978, Published by Zondervan (including others publishers). Link Film, The Fly, 1986, Directed by David Chronenberg, Brooksfilms, USA. Link