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“The time is the unique and exclusive singular potency of the Lord creator on whose
directions, the time and its marvels are created. Without time, nothing is the entire creation can
become meaningful or comprehensible by the consciousness that supplies to the universe, its purpose
and abilities to function as per divine design. It is beyond human comprehension and thus does not
need to be pursued for understanding. Vedas have called ‘Time’ or ‘Kaal’ as ‘Sanshaat
Brahman’,meaning another explanation of divinity.”

The great epic Mahabharta records, a fascinating chapter on time. Creation and the destruction of
the created Universe are both religious and spiritual Vedantic philosophy. Dr. Ashok Saxena’s research
work is a solution of the hurdle of the present accepted theories of today’s scientific invention which has
established that the Hindu thought was very scientific.
Dr. Ashok Saxena theory of unification of electromagnetic and gravitational
forces have strengthen the logical perception of Hindu Philosophy. Dr. Ashok Saxena
creative achievement by writing the book “INSIDE A WAVE” has created another history
of pronouncement to Vedic Tradition. Dr. Ashok Saxena is an imminent Orthopedic
Surgeon. The electromagnetic current used for healing the long bones during his Post-
graduation Diploma and in obtaining the Master of Surgery Degree in Orthopedic in the
year of 1976 and from such time, his experience in the outstanding effect that universe is
filled with energy as a primordial soup of big bang in space substance. These particles are
vibrating with a time gap of least time i.e. Planck’s time @1.855 x 10 43 vibrations in one
second. These vibrations provide energy nature to these particles of space substance.
These energy particles occupy the entire universe and symbolize not only space by its
three dimensions but time and energy. Dr. Ashok Saxena postulates that energy is the fifth
dimension of universe.
Hindus scriptures contain matter on the subject including the Special Theory of Relativity of
Einstein by him in the year 1906. Hitherto, it was postulated that TIME was an absolute entity that marched
constantly in a straight line. Indian scriptures explaining the creation and its marvel always held TIME on
earth as different from time in the various Heavens. Even the modern scientists have agreed that indeed
time itself has been relative depending upon the position of the observer in our Universe. It speeded up of
slowed down in to points on earth. The author of Mahabharta explains that as per Hindu belief one year of
the Creator ‘BRAHMA’ equals to lakhs of tears of Time seen on earth. There are several interesting
‘Kathas’ in this context written in Hindu Puranas. Even on earth there are different time zones separated by
4 minutes with each longitude of the globe.
Dr. Ashok Saxena work not only unifies electromagnetic and gravitational forces, it also
explains the basis of all the theories and phenomena’s listed here. By considering energy as fifth
dimension and on the basis of proposed model of universe all these mentioned phenomena have been
explained in the slides that follow and thus indirectly proves the model. What is light :- Planck’s
constant & Basis of Quantum nature of energy. Matter waves & uncertainty relation. Explanations of
“theory of relativity”. Newton’s gravitation and laws & general relativity : Planetary systems.
Principal of equivalence, conservation of momentum & energy conservation. Atomic structure and its
behavior & mass energy relation. What is Electron :- Electricity, magnetism, geomagnetism &
motion of bodies. Thermodynamics, temperature, entropy, gas theory, work & Energy transfer.
Cosmic ray energies and accelerating galaxies. Energy behind Earth quakes, volcanic eruptions,
Twisters and Aurora formation. Behavior of universe and its fate.
The space matrix is interwoven like threads in a sheath of cloth and have multiple layers. These
particles of space substance while constituting five positive dimensions are inter woven with voids which
have five negative dimensions to form the space matrix. Thus these energy particles in flat space matrix is
potential energy of the universe and by deformation of this space matrix (Space) the potential energy
changes to kinetic energy and in this deformed space the time moves differently. In present ear these true
voids are still curled up and slowly uncurling to expand universe. While the particle of space substance
symbolize all types of energy and on their condensation not only all bosons but matter is formed. The lord
asked to fetch some water from the river that flowed next to them. Narad went and dipped his vessel in the
river and without releasing, he was immediately transported to another Divine Time zone. In that zone
Narad spent over 50 years or more. He lived in that zone and begot his own sons and grandsons. His body
stood totally forgotten of his past and the Time simply stood changed. Later in Time, the Katha explains
that once again Narad’s young grandson asked Narad that he wanted some water to drink. On the mention
of the world ‘water’ by Narad’s grandson, Devrishi Narad is said to have forthwith reverted to the earlier
Time and its memory when he had gone to fetch some water from the river that flowed next to where lord
had asked him to fetch some water from. The period of Time that Narad spent with his sons and grandsons
disappeared. Narad stood close to the river as before and returned to the lord with the vessel of water as
was directed by the Lord Creator. The Lord seeing Narad rushing back with water said, “Well done, quick
work”. The Lord Creator smiled and Narad understood the answer to his question of ‘MAYA’. This was the
turn of events caused by the Time that could expand, contract, create or even annihilate the time itself.
The modern science following the accepted theory of Big Bang explosion presumes that the space
substance itself came into being after the explosion and gave birth to infinite particle of space substance.
By their own properties, they occupied and determined a distance between one space substance and the 2 nd
space substance. These infinite number of space particles vibrate at the speed of light @ 1.8555 x 10 raised
to the power 43 vibrations per second. The space of the universe is therefore filled with immense energy.
Einstein researched and produced his famous equation ‘E=MV sq’. Energy and Mass are thus inter-
convertible. These energy particles occupy the entire universe and symbolize not only space by its three
dimensions but also time and energy. Time becomes the first dimension and energy becomes the 5th
dimension of the divinely created universe, it has no limit of magnitude in any direction corner or sphere.
This is the modern scientific view. The space particle constitute five dimensions, the time being no. 1 which
supports both Energy and Mass. The energy born first is the potential energy, which supported by time and
on account of vibrations turns into Kinetic energy. Thus force, mass, momentum, distance, motion, velocity
are also simultaneously born with the space and the creation. The modern science taking everything
together gives to another name of earth’s rotation with its effects as what we call and understand as
The Hindu Philosophy accepts the time in the Devlokas (Heavens) being different in measures.
These are believed to be many heavens in which time reckons differently. It further declares that 1 Devyug
or Mahayug in terms of time period comprises of 12000 heavenly years. These are further divided into four
different period of time. The time and the conduct in these time periods is based on what the Hindu
philosophy calls as Dharma. One such Mahayug of 12000 celestial years is divided into four different
periods of time. One Mahayug of time is also called as one Chaturyuga. The Chaturyuga on the earth are
called (i) Satyug (ii) Tretayag (iii) Dwaparyug and (iv) Kaliyug. One Chaturyuga is said to contain 12000
Devyugas (10,000 + 2000 years of what is called the time period of ‘Sandhyas’ of simply meaning the
period of time spent in the preparation of bringing into being the commencement of time in each Yuga.).
A day and night of the Pitrs (manas) consists of 30 days and nights of human beings. Hence the
Full life span of Pitrs would be reckoned at 3,000 years. Even so, a day and night of the gods consists of
two ‘Ayanas’ of 360 human days and nights. Thus the full life span of the generality of gods would work up
to 36,000 human years.
One-half of Brahma’s life is called ‘Parardha’. The first Parardha has already expired and second
is now running (has commenced from the current Kalpa). The first Parardha opened with a momentous
Kalpa, the Brahma Kalpa, in which appeared Brahma, whom the wise recognizes as Veda personified.
This egg-shaped universe, constituted as it is of the eight causal principles (viz., Primordial
Matter, the Mahat-tattva, the Ego and the five subtle elements) and the sixteen evolutes (viz., the mind, the
five senses of perception, the five organs of action and the five gross elements, none of which evolves
further), has a breadth of five million Yojanas (or forty million miles) is covered outside by seven sheaths
(viz., earth, water, fire, air, ether, the Ego and the Mahat-tattva), each of which is ten times larger than the
one is surrounds, that cause all causes. In this universe, with all its covering sheath looks a ‘Paramanu’ and
which comprises myriad of other universe. He is called the indestructible Brahma; and that is the
transcendent reality of the most ancient person, Lord Vishnu, the Supreme spirit in embodied form.
Lord Krishna being approached first desired to examine and test the veracity of Bakin’s claim who
was asked by Lord Krishna to first produce his three divine arrows gifted to him by Goddess Durga. Lord
Krishna also desired Bakin to demonstrate the strength of the three divine arrows. The lord told Bakiri that
right in front of him stood a large Oak tree with uncountable number of leaves. Demonstrate the worth of
your arrows by considering the leaves of the Oak tree as your enemies, said Lord Krishna to Bakiri. While
Bakiri got ready to shoot his first divine arrow. Lord Krishna placed one leaf of the Oak tree under his own
foot. He hid the same under his left foot in order to test the divine strength of the arrows. The gathered
Pandavs, Bakiri and Lord Krishna saw the great divine potential of the arrows, when by divine
arrangement, the arrows duly surveyed all the leaves of the Oak tree and further reached the left foot of the
lord himself under which was hidden one leaf of the Oak tree. The 2nd and 3rd arrows similarly performed.
Causing holes to be made in each and every leaf of the tree. The divine arrows also came to pierce
the left foot of the foot of the lord himself. It is said and believed that by the use of lords’ own YOU MAYA
he averted the pierce of his foot to be made available later for causing his own death in his Manushya
Rupa. It is believed that Lord Krishna ultimately passed away from this earth when in a jungle thinking
Lord Krishna sleeping in a bush and exposing his foot shot an arrow that had been earlier surveyed and left
unharmed by the divine arrows of Ma Durga.
The first arrow was meant to test and survey the strength of the enemy of Bakiri and the 2nd arrow
was meant to mark the number of opponents of Bakiri. The 3ed arrow was meant to bring the death of the
surveyed and counted enemies of Bakiri. The arrow behaved and exhibited their potential perfectly, which
meant if Bakiri was accepted as a starting comrade of the Pandavs who when and if victorious becoming
stronger then the Kauravs would immediately lose Bakiri who would than join the weakened Kauravs and
fight against the stronger Pandavs. Lord Krishna understood the dilemma of the situation and further heard
the insistence of Bakiri praying that the earned boon by him from Goddess Durga was the sole and only
purpose of Bakiri pleasing Ma Durga. He was even ready to die in their cause as he desired to watch the
totality of Mahabharat war. It was fought for 14+4 days. The Lord Krishna to Bakiri that if he agreed to
stay himself and caused his dead body without its head hung on a nearby hillock from where the lord by his
‘YOG MAYA’ could cause his body without head still watch the whole of 18 days battle of Mahabharat
fought at Kurushetra.
The above katha continues further since through YOU MAYA, Bakiri witnessed the fullness of
Mahabharat war. On its conclusion some of the surviving warriors discussed amongst themselves as to who
could really be named as the first foremost and most outstanding warrior in the 18 days war Mahabharat?
They could not decide this between themselves. They agreed to approach Lord Krishna to settle this point.
On being so approached, Lord Krishna pointed to the headless body of Bakiri still hung up at some distance
away on the hillock. They all approached the headless body of Bakiri who by virtue of lord’s You Maya.
“None in that bloody war was higher or bigger than yet another participant(death), who
continuously and with out stoppage, devoured the endless number of bodies of the humans and the animals,
horses and elephants. He was that divine body holding in his four hands, lotus flower4, discus, sudarson
Chakra and an open palm with three divine arrows. I saw him the only superior most warrior engaged in
this war throughout present, yet never himself fighting but still living in the body of each and every warrior
engaged in this war.
The surveying warriors cleared of their doubts, returned to their camps all the time
repeating the name of the lord in their mouth.
Dr. Ashok Saxena has asserted that now this becomes a circumstance deformation of space matrix
and the ultimate limit of load, which can be propelled by deformation of space matrix at the speed of light.
With increasing quanta and with decreasing wave length the deformation of space matrix changes form
longitudinal deformation in EM waves to a limit of circular deformation is gamma photon. On further
increasing load above 1021 quanta energy the deformation of space matrix while increasing in transverse
direction forms the De Broglie’s waves. Now the inertia sets in by wrapping of space time on this shed off
condensed energy which constitutes micro particles. This micro particles can be propelled only at sub
luminal speeds by space matrix.
Dr. Ashok Saxena research further suggests that on increasing the energy to three quanta in
photon packet this photon folds thrice to reduce its wave length to ( 1.855 x 1043) /3. It forms 3
layered coloumns of supporting space matrix and the each coloumn supports ‘ photon particle
density’ (A2) of 9 particles over its entire wave length. Thus with folding of photon packets by
integral number of folds the wave length of photon packet reduces but the height of supporting
coloumns increases according to the “ photon packet density”. Thus whole spectrum of EM forces
forms, from Radio wave, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, X-rays to Gamma photon.
The deformation of space matrix at the load of gamma photon of 1021 quanta energy, having wave
length of 1022 particles distance and supported by kinetic energy coloumns of 1021 layers height.
The height of coloumn is equal to frequency = amplitude= speed of rotation of photon packet per
second = it magnetic momentum of photon packet.
These gravitational waves lifts these masses to convert them as symbolic point mass, and the
planets move in the gravitational coloumn of sum in a particular Solar circular gravitational wave
according to this position of planet in solar system. The position of planets in solar system (a
deformed space) is according to their molecular configuration based on the potential and kinetic
energy ratio of its molecules. Speed of revolution of planet, direction of rotation and its tilt is
according to its position in a particular gravitational wave of sun. what ever may be our vision about
our self the fact is that we are “inside a wave” of solar gravitational field on a small planet named
This universe, in truth, is nothing. There were no heaven and no hell, nor the same in existence at present.
Every action has it’s own repercussion. This was the comedy of the error with an amplifier, having the co–
incident, that the life is originated in this universe. There was no sign of existence after the creation of
earth. The sun was having its radiation on the newly created planets after disintegration. Thus the earth was
also having the turmoil of uncertainty in the process. Gradually the heat transmitted in the atmosphere.
There was the creation of the gases.
The nitrogen, helium and ozone gases were emitting from the earth. There was the nuclear fusion and
nuclear fission. The molecules were disintegrated into the hydrogen particles and likewise there was also
the creation of oxygen from the ozone gases. After unification of the molecules of oxygen with hydrogen,
the water came into existence in the form of the gases. There was a period of transmission of energy in the
atmosphere. However, gradually the preservation of the heat could have only been regulated. The coverage
was provided to the universe from the outer periphery of ozone layer on the outer side of the atmosphere.
Thus by getting the protection through the outer radiation from the infrared and ultra violet rays, there
was the cooling effect in the atmosphere. This process has gradually converted the steam of the water
particles situated in the atmosphere to the condensation process. By having the rain of the water and other
chemicals from the internal surface of the atmosphere, there was the accumulation of the water everywhere.
However, subsequently due to the emission of the particles from the lower surface of the earth, there was
again the vapor formation. These processes remain operative for thousands of millions years before when
as a mere co-incidence, the water was accumulated in the ocean of the earth. There was no such rain as
were in existence, but the mountains started from where the process of evaluation generated. There was the
alga formation on the mountains and ridges and similarly there was a jelly formation in the water due to
friction of the molecules. Thus the live molecule was created in side the jelly like substance in the water
and thereafter the formation of the ameba taken place on this earth. The theory of evaluation of life is the
subsequent process.
The vital question for consideration for our human being is to the effect as to whether the same process is a
mere co-incident at the time of the birth of an individual. There is the generating of the heat in the process
of life when the idea is exchanged. These ideas ultimately become the process of reproduction. There is the
combination of the molecule again in the similar process. Thereafter the creation of the zygote inside the
ovary of the female. Thus if we consider the life being originated from the ocean, whether the penetration
of the sperm in the egg is also the starting point of the theory of reproduction. Ultimately the life is
converted into a reality when the living organism took place in the process. We forget that the existence of
our life is similar to the creation of the universe. Thus we start thinking for our survival. The struggle is of
no significance because it continue for some period and thereafter it vanishes from its origin and thereafter
the human being realizes that his existence is for the time being.
This was a mere co-incident that a particular ‘Y’ chromosome was penetrated in the egg and meet with ‘X’
chromosome. Thereafter the process of life started. The shape and the identity of the person are
concentrated on particular genes. When our existence is of such a small molecule from where we can get
ourselves being recognized with some identity. This is the illusion of life when we claim for the recognition
of our existence. The creation of the false existence is a direct assault on the identity of the power that has
created our life. Even if we deny taking into our identity, the very existence of God, but still the value of
the life cannot be put to any doubt for always being a controlling factor over the living being.
This is the starting point of our wisdom. The moment we give up to our intelligentsia through logical
perceptions by converting it from analysis by observation, the reality of truth comes to the memory. This
process ultimately lead to an individual from committing any sin as the repercussion of the same may be
detrimental to one’s own existence. No body will like to loose his own existence for the mere satisfaction of
his egoistic nature. Thus ultimately we use to connect ourselves from some controlling power and thereafter
the existence of God comes to our conscience. This is the ultimate truth of life.
History of man is one long search for God. However, we cannot subscribe to the theologian’s theory of
God. Life is the image of God, which is essentially a spiritual being. If the equation of life is taken into
consideration, there can be no doubt that the man cannot eternally remain forgetful of his spiritual nature.
Then he will find out his self.
Time is having three-dimensional Picture, in which, there are certain memories of the past having it’s
permanent impact on the way of thinking; the present as we have visualized it from such angle; and the
future with our expectation to be fulfilled. Thus in this process, we may sidetracked from our inherent
characteristics and may start challenging the time-honored customs. The reckless spirit of defiance of well-
established sacred principle becomes the way of life. There is the open crusade against the religion. There
is no religion equal to it’s potential, in which, there may be compassion for the animals and birds,
truthfulness in the behavior and love for the fellow being. Thus the religion is based on the philosophy of
brotherhood and spiritual cult of life. The places, where there is the program organized to slaughter the
animals, as that of giving the sacrifices to the deity, these are not the places of religion but these are
I have known the truth, but you can not know it. This is the preaching of every prophet. There lies their
greatness. Thus they bring down the highest truth to the door of every man but never allow it to reach to
such man. This is the religion of life. The true religion, which may be achieved through spiritual
knowledge, seeks the truths of the inner world.
Bondage is of the mind, and freedom also is of the mind. A man is free if he constantly thinks and feels: I
am a free soul. Life and death are in the mind of the man. Thus one should have a burning faith in God. He
may feel that he has no bondage .He will fellow the instruction of the God.

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