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208 Household Manager $45K, Live in, great benefits Negotiable Based in Qatar but involving travel to America,

Austria & Switzerland We are seeking a strong proven Household Manager with excellent language skills, manager who wants to be based in Qatar and who can travel with our clients to Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Montreal. Our candidate must therefore speak German Or (and), French as a minimum and any other languages could be useful. We require a experienced manager who can run a very busy household, follow a precise job description and be comfortable with the Arabic culture & weathe and additionally a local and Asian staff being able to monitor and improve standards on a daily basis. Household management to oversee staff duties and standards for cleaning, valeting, housekeeping, purchasing, shopping, estate management, maintenance, gardening, landscaping, security, office management and additional administration such as organising flights, lifestyle requirements, etc We have a comprehensive job description suitable for strong managers, and we will set up interviews this month and early next month to shortlist for our clients next visit to London around March 15th Management of : Homes, houses and transportation such as cars, aircraft and yachts Household cleaning, systems and checklists. Management of day to day household requirements & experience in most tasks. Management of all service to the family and their guests. Management and agreement of Standards and the Training of, Management of all maintenance requirements Management & liason of all staff recruitment and background checking. Management of a small team of household staff, their recruitment, record keeping and Management of meals and service of meals Liason of families likes and dislikes and compilation of excellent records Household budget and costs of supplies Family inventories & par stocks of china, glass, silver, furniture,

Confidential Record keeping, families likes and dislikes and all household documents, like service contracts, insurance papers and all contact numbers. Pets, family zoo, welfare and care of. Care of landscaping and estate management Property management and able to schedule maintenance issues when required Able to report all concerns and action plans into the family to gain any necessary approvals

Skls required Strong Communication, clear, concise and well directed An Effective listener who keeps good records and clarifys the family requirements. Languages 2-3 European languages 5-10 senior Household Or resort management Strong five star background ( experience of exceptional standards) Food & Beverage background Strong knowledge of menu planning, foods, cooking methods, basic cookery knowledge Strong knowledge in formal dinner parties, entertaining and party planning Wines, beverages & cocktails will be advantageous Able to assist with any Creative skills, interior decoration, organising, decorating and refurbhisment, able to liase with suppliers and engineers. Able to pack, unpack and open and close houses where necessary when family are not in residence or travelling. Able to conduct professional staff meetings, to establish systems and schedules, and training and gain respective feedback. Able to write the household book of staffing, management and agreed standards between the staff and employer. Great references from previous employment on management skills and people skills. Knowledge of valeting duties and laundry care of cloths. Good Hands on Ability, able to assist and roll sleeves up when and where necessary. Good knowledge of housekeeping Experience working with Maintenance and gardening departments Strong co-ordination skills and delegation skills, able to get on with people and liase employers requirements when necessary as per priority. Requirements 1. To manage several homes, in Qatar, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia 2. To implement Butler service standards throughout each properties & homes. 3. To manage with a high level of efficiency in which everyone plays a positive part.

4. To oversee a small household staff & their duties, job descriptions, to guide them, council them, motivate and inspire them and to ensure they are briefed and understand the families expectations. 5. To handle any staff dispute and report any problem concerns to the family 6. To take responsibility for all purchasing matters and ensure inventories are conducted so supplies can be ordered so that the family never run out or that service is compromised. 7. To co-ordinate duties between the homes 8. To ensure standards are maintained with packing and uppacking, when ever and whereever the family want to travel in good time 9. To ensure the families likes and dislikes are understand and that their needs and expectations are exceeded 10. To ensure the family dont have to deal with staff briefings, and problems 11. To ensure each household is rostered accordingly. 12. To ensure each property is maintained and that service contracts are in place for each piece of equipment 13. To ensure the highest standards of health and safety and that emergency procedures are put in place to have back up plans for when things go wrong. 14. To establish household standards from scratch 15. Refine & polish present staff by setting up household service structures and domestic staff training. 16. To take care of staff issues, budgeting, finance, inventories, suppliers 17. Policy making authority, to write job descriptions, 18. Able to manage several houses, yachts and private jets, stables, golf course, vineyard and there maybe an involvement in the employers business affairs. 19. To assist the employer in a personal assistant capacity, to keep the family calender, household book and contact details, warranties, guarantees, to quickly sycrinise family requests to the rest of the team along with errands, bookings, special projects, reservations 20. Oversee all household tasks to satisfactory completion 21. Write and establish household standards in agreement with employers 22. Establish a checklist of all household requirements to include cleaning material, linen, food items, maintenance, supplies, grounds, furnishings, decorations, silverware, service ware, cookware, liquour. 23. Private leadership in professional standards 24. Train through leadership, coaching and mentoring 25. Train valet skills, including care of cloths, packing and unpacking, employers personal laundry and dry cleaning, inventory of wardrobes, accountability, tailoring, seasonal storage, correct cleaning, dry cleaning, Household Laundry: Appropriate washing, handling, cleaning , drying, ironing, hanging and folding 26. Household cleaning, develop and perfect a a cleaning specification for every household, yacht and aircraft, include zoning and seasonality, schedules and staffing. 27. Maintaining Household Records such as :- Medication, insurances, contacts, schools, teachers, all staff numbers, suppliers numbers, emergency numbers, stadd recruitment, security & reference clearances, entertainment book, standards book, menu book, storage

schedule,. Special needs, likes and dislikes, special gifts books, birthday book. 28. Occasional duties might include;- Cooking, driving, cleaning, being the do it all person, a person who might travel either with his employers. 29. Assist with travel arrangments, Adding to that which needed: 1- assist or advise other existing office employees in running business and personal errands and running maintaining social agenda. 2- handling all social and some of his business correspondence that comes to the house and converting the home ,personal financial issues (insurance-credit cards,expenses) to house books and records. 3- knowledge of computer ,office systems for smooth running and expansion of the operation. 4- The butler home services would include: selecting,supervising and scheduling service contractors and suppliers . 5- Providing or scheduling household security. 6- Managing construction projects or home improvements,and of course property management which all is our case now and in very near future. 7- Our client has assistance in several offices in Qatar ,Saudi arabia but smart time management, meetings putting priorities between these is lacking as is shown when he arrives at home still working on & by phone calls and papers. Additionally, our client has papers coming to him for signiture hours before he travels which shows a need for better time management.